1. M

    Street Fighter Online - Trailer
  2. Phobius

    Street Fighter IV GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE! This looks hot and I'm glad their sticking to mostly 2d with a bit of 3rd cause thats what street fighter needs to stay as in my opinion. Also Yoshinori Ono talks about people online not having to worry about new players fighting the expert players...
  3. M

    Street Fighter ****ing IV

  4. M

    Street Fighter IV - Debut Trailer

    Yes, the trailer is great, but I would have liked to see in-game footage, which is nearly impossible since the platform for this game is undecided/unknown. Whatever system it's on, I hope it will be a 2-Dimensional game.
  5. M

    Freestyle Street Basketball

    Source: Anyone try this game out yet? I'm downloading it now but I want to see if anyone else played it.
  6. Slofreak


    Need for speed pro street is coming out and by the looks of the videos and pics it looks amazing !
  7. M

    Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter

    The first two were posted here some time ago but I'll post the links anyway. The 3rd episode was just released recently. Episode 1: here Episode 2: here Episode 3 Don't bother with the dialogue, just skip to the fight scenes.
  8. ~*Logan*~

    A new Live Action Street Fighter movie

  9. H

    street fighter advanced melee

    I haven't been monitoring ESF for ages (like a couple of years) so i'm not sure whether the advanced melee you've got right now is final but i had this idea for a while thought i might get some opinions on it. Obviously most of you guys know what street fighter is, or heard of it at least...
  10. ZeroNightmare

    marvel vs capcom 2 / street fighter sprites?

    anyone know a good website where i could get some quality sprite sheets for either of these games?
  11. ZeroNightmare

    street fighter online anyone play? i have a hell of a time understanding why just because you play more that your character is slot stronger, even though you can be getting pummeled beyong reason, just to get hit with a special and lose half your health, even...
  12. Mr. Satans

    Ohhh, Street Racing :/

    [BACKGROUND] Ever since I was little I loved watching racing on TV and after I got my drivers license (3 or so years ago) I have had a mad passion for driving fast. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- So here I am, 19 (almost 20) years old, no job (aka no...
  13. J

    Street Legal Forums!

    *POST EDITED TO REMOVE ADVERTISING AND WAREZ* This is a place for hiphop and music alike, Here you can freestyle battle, Download Full Albums, Download Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Fruity Loops, and More! Graphics Tutorials, and alot of other graphics things! Use that referal...
  14. I

    Street Legal dirtbikes??

    hey guys.. I'm intrested In buying a dirt bike, however i want to be able to ride it on the street. Ebay isnt helpn too much.. and i am new at this dirt bike thing. So if any of you got any suggestions to give me on how to get an on/off road dirt bike for at most 1500 $ And how old do you...
  15. X

    Street Fighter Alpha Generations

    New Street Fighter Alpha anime (lol, someone on Orochinagi forums said Gouki has a huge ass... Anyway... yeah). ** EDIT ** Please Do Not Post Links Leading to other forums. If you need to show something please post a direct link. thank you EDIT: I edited the post in my forum, I added the...
  16. B

    Good street fighet image refs?

    I'm looking for some good street fighter fan sites, where i can find some descent quality pictures or sprites. anyone know?
  17. X

    Street Fighter Battles - Vote

    The Poll is Multiple Choice because I want you to answer the outcome of each battle & who you think can beat who. Violent Ken is still a Capcom character even though he only made an appearance in an SNK game, then again if you wanna count him in from the Animated Movie... Go ahead, but he showed...
  18. Kaination

    Red Hadoken in Street Fighter

    Anybody know how to get Ryu's red hadoken in Street fighter II: Turbo? (SNES). Yes its possible because as a child I've done it once or twice, maybe three times on accedent. Anyone know? -- EDIT!!! I dont have my snes anymore (sister took [better yet stole] it to college with her, but im...
  19. D

    Street Fighter Mod

    mod for hl i started a sf mod maby someone whant's join me we need coders mapers modelers and sound artist ill be the graphics artist and the spriter if interested post here or mail me
  20. X

    Street Fighter III vs. Garou: Mark of the Wolves

    Alright, so which one do you like best? SFIII has more to offer than Garou but just by a little bit... And Garou has a huge similarity to SFIII which you may already know... Im goinna list the diffrences between Garou and SFIII just incase you donno. Although my vote goes out to Garou because of...