1. B

    How can i become a SSJ3?

    Hi Grils :D How can i Transfrom by Goku too Level 3 i have 5.000.000 Ki and cant transform too too the next station. How can i become it?
  2. Mr. Phonso

    SSJ3 goku WIP

    its almost done, once i merge the 2 mirrored sides then i will just make it look more un-symetrical. also i used the latest body flick made :yes: ok here is the pic:
  3. A

    SSJ3 Goku Sound!! :D
  4. E

    SSJ3 Goku wip

    never really post on these boards but been around for a while, used to be called yugo if anyone remembers. anyway, got bored today and started work on an ssj3 goku model :rolleyes:
  5. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    SSJ3 Goku Sound

    Ok so this is my SSJ3 Goku transformation sound wath do ya think?? I wanted 2 put a POLL here but I don't know how :(
  6. Soulicro

    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    Im in the mood lately. Another WIP. Again, got a pretty good idea of where Im going with this, but I sure do love to hear what you guys think.
  7. E

    SSJ3 Goku - WIP

    Havent really done the body yet, thats just the basics for it. I havent found a ssj3goku i truly like so i figured id make one (hopeing that i could do a better job ;p)
  8. P

    can u turn ssj3? im a newb

    can u turn ssj3? i was wondering
  9. M

    SSJ3 Goku version 2.0

    Well, now that I'm back, I might as well finish off where I left off. Anyhow, I'm just gonna complete the set of goku models I planned for UTF. In case you've forgotted, I re rendered it. <img src=""> <img...
  10. H

    Re: ssj3 goku

    Why'd you close it i already posted the proper credits up there. i just editted my first post.
  11. H

    ssj3 goku

    heres slim's goku model except i made him ssj3 original skin by: slim original creator: Kreshi
  12. M

    ssj3 goku

    critz? the hair freaken added 900 polies, it's now 3100 polies edit: nvm it's 2910 polies, but u get my point. <img src="">
  13. W

    SSj3 Vegeta

    SSj3 Vegeta - Request has anybody got or can make a ssj3 Vegeta. or anyboady got a realy good vegeta ssj4 needs to work on 1.2 :) thanks
  14. broli

    Goku SSJ3 wip

    well here's a wip of my still got to get longer and wider
  15. X

    SSj SSj2 SSj3 with goku

    i played on a server. there i played with gohan and i whent ssj then when i got 5mil in power i got to ssj2 and when i got 12mil power i transformde to mystic gohan and now i whant to know how i can make a server like that!!
  16. Soulicro

    SSJ3 Hair... <--Whack!

    Okay, seriously. I get it, ssj3 is all powerful and fast and what not. But the guy needs a damn haircut? Imagine having THAT much hair growing out of your head. 1st, it would be heavy. 2nd, it would get in your way while fighting wouldnt it?! Also, why DOES the hair grow like that? Cant he go...
  17. D

    Gotenks ssj2 and ssj3

    I was wondering if these models were ever made
  18. M

    I need a real ssj3 model

    hey im looking for a "real" ssj3 goku model. I've been through the forums for a little bit and i cant seem to find one that actually works straight. I have esf beta 1.1, i dont know if maybe thats the reason i cant find one that works, or at least one that really looks decent...... At any rate...
  19. M

    Goku to SSJ3 Goku

    I downlaoded a model from but i don't know how to get to ssj3. Do i have to make a new folder in esf/models/palyers or do i just put the mdl file for ssj3 goku with ssjgoku
  20. ssj_perfect

    any good ssj3 goku models ?

    i am looking for an ssj3 goku model i am wondering if there is any good 1's out there that any of u may know of