1. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Suggestion for SSJ3

    my idea is like this : make the ssj3 consume lesser ki but make it consume stamina aswell ! cuz after goku fought fat buu in ssj3 when he became in his normal stage he was exhausted!
  2. Tenzo

    goku ssj3

    when i go ssj3 with goku even if i stay still(don't move at all) my ki decreases dramatically. i know that in dbz when goku was ssj3 said that his body used twice the amount of energy that the old one but ingame the ki dercreases to fast. Please comment!
  3. acira

    SSJ3 Vegeta

    I ma a big fan of Vegeta and i aways wanted him as ssj3 so i tryed to make him :) But i have a problem with it i cant connect the hair with the hair bone so i connected it with the head bone.Can someone help me i will be verry greatfull :) here is a link for the model model Credits to...
  4. dudmoraes1

    Vegeta SSJ3 Model

    Someone Have a ssj3 vegeta to download?! the link of kreshi's vegeta ssj3 is corrupted:( i need this model to complete my modelpack:D i'm brazilian and have only 16 years old, sorry for my bad english:S
  5. Teddy

    ssj3 gotenks

    anyone know where i can get a ssj3 gotenks model?
  6. Dokutayuu

    SSJ3 stronger than SSJ4?

    You know you could really never tell. Goku never said about it being more powerful. He was also a child in GT (not as good as DB or DBZ) and could only be an adult as SSJ4. He was weaker as SSJ3 as he was a child. Vegeta never went SSJ3 so he couldn't prefer it over SSJ4? Strange isn't it?
  7. A

    At ssj3 i can't see the caracter

    at ssj3 in counter 1.2 i caan't see caracters appearrence only red blocks:(( why??? i mean the head is a geometric fihure, the arms, legs........what should i do ???pls help me every first time i transform into super sayajn 3 i can't see then how it suposed ......i instaled esf123, evolutionx...
  8. kenny-DK

    Gotenks ssj3?

    I'm looking for a ssj3 gotenks model? I allready have a normal and ssj gotenks, but I'll like to have the ssj3 model to... sow if there is some one out I'll like a link please to it :)
  9. ssj3Viper

    SSJ3 Viper's brand new Goten

    What do you think of this? This model and mny others will be included in the Wish for Supremacy addon for esf...
  10. U

    ssj2 Vegetto vs SSJ3 babi

    who's gonna win?
  11. A

    Help ssj3 vegeta

    okay want I become ssj3 with vegeta something is wrong there is some kind of block from kingdom heart. So I was wondering if someone can give me their ssj3 vegeta file.
  12. X

    SSJ3 Gotenks

    Hey could somone edit Kreshis gotenks model or somthing so it has SSJ3 Hair :) thanks
  13. W

    My first edit -- SSJ3 Gotenks

    (<a href="">Clicky</a>) I've never worked with a modeller before -- always preferred more technical, logic-oriented tasks, like, uh...math and logic! But I wanted an SSJ3 Gotenks, and didn't find one. So, I thought to myself, Hmm...
  14. Super-sayain300

    hi! i need gotenks ssj3

    hi! if u have gotenks ssj3 model send it to me on msn
  15. F

    DBZ confusion[ssj1 and ssj3]

    when you become ssj3.... your hair grows longer than the original hair that u have... ex.) Goku but what about raditiz.... if he did somehow reach the ssj level... he would look like a ssj3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone plz explain this to me.... is this an error or did akira make a mistake...
  16. TourPallanen

    Transforming to SSJ3

    i got an idea and i think that this one will work when you transform to SSJ3, the hair should grow instead of just appearing outta no where.
  17. B


    hy i am new by esf i am playing this mod for quite a long time now and i cant turn in ssj3 i know how to go to ssj1 but that is it. :cry:
  18. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Reskin Kreshi Ssj3

    Well i do have permission to reskin him from the readme file as long as i give creits so CREDITS GO TO KRESHI FOR THE MODEL okay here he is im going to reskin the flesh, im not really digging that pink tone :P
  19. S

    A few ideas on USSJ, Trunks, and SSJ3.

    I know this has been talked about and I like the USSJ being a power up were you use it to increase power at the cost of speed. However I would like to add that all Sayia-jins should be able to go USSJ. In the show (manga) they all could, it just happened that Trunks used it to the fullest...
  20. M

    An ESF mod with new transformations like SSJ3?

    Yesterday i joined a server, but as i did it started to download several new models, sprites etc. like goku_ss3.mdl which i did NOT have before. How come it did? I mean, i DO have the latest version of ESF (1.2.3). Is it a mod or something to host a game with these models? So i can play with my...