1. ZeroNightmare

    Multiple Sprite Suggestions

    Explosions. I think each signature move should haev a unique explosion sprite, that way my kameha/gallit gun doesnt have to share wiith blue / purple gen beams. Deathball. One, make the attatchment point a little higher, sort of like spirit bomb, so its not in the way. Make the ball...
  2. S

    Sprite problems. Need help!

    Ok, I made some new rock sprites and they are alphatest type, so the last pallete colour is transparent. I edit the palette, so the last color is black, but it isn't transparent in game. Here's a pic: I really need help and if you solve my problem I'll give you my 3D explosion sprite...
  3. G

    Sprite downloads.

    Hey guys I know how to download sprites and all but how do it get them to work on ESF?
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Zero Nightmare Sprite Pack

    ok. i'm working on a kameha sprite. the charge has ben reduced, but its still large at 80px. edit -zOMG explosion sprites! edit - more explosion sprites, might just recolor the yellow one and copy it. i've got some pure gradient "bubbles" in there too. bubble sprites...
  5. D

    any1 got a good kamehameha sprite?

    i got a real crap spr atm any1 got a good 1 i can use?
  6. ZeroNightmare

    OMG PoS Sprite Wizard. Sprite Request.

    Ok will some1 make a sprite for me if i send you the frames, sprite wizard is being *** and saying they are the wrong pallet when they are.
  7. S

    Shadershi sprite help

    Ok, I opened this threat to help Dor become a Sprite Artist. Dor, if you're here, post something :)
  8. S

    Sprite suggestions/requests.....

    atm its hard to edit some sprites because for some reason there are things done so you have to follow certain... "rules" while editing them. Mainly, i find 3 things that I think the sprite coding should be changed for. 1) hud The current hud will only let you use normal sprites, no alpha...
  9. S

    Sprite pack beta 2 - new scouter

    Still no new hud yet, I cant find a theme that fits, but ive made a new scouter, inspired by the screens from the latest budokai game. Powerup aura, crosshair and explosions have all been improved in quality scince last time, next release i hope to redo some attacks and have the hud done. you...
  10. ZeroNightmare

    My Current Project - DBZ Sprite Battles!

    My friend Nick and I are converting megaman sprites into dbz sprites, and were gonna pose em and stuff with beams... pwoer struggleing and what not. Heres my megaman + vegeta sprite transing. Heres some beams i have, nicks working on the sprites. final flash wip... I'm happy with all...
  11. Mattman243

    Sprite Making Program?

    I've been wanting to try making sprites for a long time now... I was wondering if anyone knows of a good FREE program I can use! P.S. If this is already a thread then plz direct me to it! :)
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Big Bang Sprite! Whats wrong with it...

    Whats wrong with it, no1 will post, and i uploaded it to esf-world and it isnt there, it was a few days ago. http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=53850 Its all animated and it looks good in game.
  13. ZeroNightmare

    New Big Bang Sprite 04/03/05

    Heres my new big bang sprite. Its similiar to my old yellwo sun one. The main ball spins around. There are these spinning crescent moon looking things that go around the tail, and the tail is a small circle with a cutout in the middle, like a ring. I think it looks quite nice in game...
  14. S

    Davidskiwans Sprite Pack, beta

    DAVIDSKIWANS SPRITE PACK BETA - click me to download - Danke to DJ ready, and teh rest of the ESF-World team for the hosting =] Right this includes the following updates to spites; - New Explosions - Edited the way the old ones were, made them more bubbly and more manga-esque (new word)...
  15. ~*Logan*~

    2 sprite problems

    1) Why is it that any deathball sprite other than the original sprite charges in the middle of Frieza's body and grows a good 2x bigger than it should? 2) I have a new Destructo disk sprite from ESF-world but it doesn't seem to work. I tried other sprites and they aren't working either. I...
  16. R

    Sprite errors,Please Help me Please.....

    1st off all i would like to say esf is a good game and i've been wondering it for about 4 to 6 years.... and today... i finally have it complete installing it :] but when i create a game,it saids "Mod_NumForName:sprites/voiseicon.spr not found" O_O can some 1 help me out with...
  17. ZeroNightmare

    Big Bang Sprite Budokai 3

    Uh yea... it spins, i couldnt get a good screenshot because it moves fast and all, but i made a gif, it looks pretty good in game, i thought it looked kinda like budokai 3 big bang so i was like eh cool. http://img215.exs.cx:81/img215/1583/bigbanggif4mq.gif things are messing up and it...
  18. Ashur

    New sprite..

    K ... New sprite.. I mesed a round a bit... So tell me what you think.... P.S Its a kamehameha charge..... Comments... o_o
  19. crazykorean10

    Sprite Thread

    Yea since the down fall of episudojo you can go here for sprites http://www.dbzonps2.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16605 http://www.dbzonps2.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14329 Post your sprites My personal favs(made by me) *edit* hey can a mod. pin this?
  20. M

    Please Help, Make a powerup sprite the turbo aura

    So, the title says it all, I found this powerup sprite that i really want to use for the turbo aura, its lightning that circles around the person, and that would be cool, cuz i already have a powerup aura that looks exactly like the show, so im wondering if its as easy as renaming it, and if so...