1. Eacos

    Sprite Pack

    Hey guys I just needed to upload my sprite pack to esf-world and just how the hell do I do that? Ive got a total conversion for Gallit gun including the aura.. beamstart etc. Just wondering do I need to be registered or something.. I submitted mines yesterday but nothing happened.
  2. LionHeart

    advance melee sprite

    so could anyone make a code or a amxx plugin something like that i can put in esf so that in advance melee a spark is between the 2 players (like 2 models with swords fighting both hitting and spark is between them that goes on and off, i'll just take care of the animations so both fighters...
  3. M

    Sprite Question

    I was thinking, is it possibly to set up a trigger to start a sprite? If so, then will the sprite disappear after it was triggered (if you had it triggered once)?
  4. J

    sprite sig... kazuma

    What cha think?
  5. Sutekh3

    Help with Cell Charge up sprite

    Does anyone know where I can get the stock cell power up sprite? I don't know which file to delete; which one is it?
  6. TigerGEO

    Newest sprite

    ^_^ I just made my first Powerup sprite ^^. Believe me in Game looks much better than in the pic. RATE PLZ
  7. Vegeta

    Ravendust, Pixels, whoever - Help with Sprite Wizard

    I just need a quick hand with Sprite Wizard. I've created two images in Photoshop which were (8Bit, Bitmap, 256x256) - I opened one in Sprite Wizard and it loaded fine, then when I tried to import another to the list it said: Palette, huh? I was told to try saving one of my palettes...
  8. M

    Sprite Question

    How do you add sprites into a map?
  9. ZeroNightmare

    new sprite zero sig

    was bored, and was messing with mugen today so i thought i'd whip this up
  10. S

    Generic Beam sprite

    Is there any way that someone could take the generic beam and remove the trail? So that it would look like the blast used in the anime? Would would also be cool is to get sounds that they used for brolly's attacks. If anyone feels like doing it, that would be great. Because i have no idea how to...
  11. S

    Sprite Help needed

    I saw that there isn't a sprite Area here. But i always get the same error when i want to make a sprite animatede :( How can i make the sprite animated, i know how but that error is keeping me away from my goal :'(
  12. O

    How Do You Make A Sprite Video?

    i see on newgrounds people make these flash videos that are pretty awesome and i jsut wanted to know how they do it. Or what program. I have the sprites i need the program to make the video. Can someone relatE?
  13. M

    Sprite Explorer Issues

    Whenever I try to make a sprite on Sprite Explorer, I get an error that says this: "Exception catched in Sprite Explorer Message: Stream read error Type of error: EReadError Address: 0041C3EB" I have no clue what this means and I've had no better luck with any other sprite making...
  14. S

    Supernova sprite

    Here's Cooler's supernova attack sprite: Crits and comments are welcome:)
  15. GoldenBlade

    Kame-Hame-Ha Sprite

    I saw these pictures of a nice kame-hame-ha sprite the problem is that i cant find a place place to download it. If someone knows where i can download these or who made them plz say.
  16. Dark Templar

    Sprite error spritewizzard

    i made a new sprites i tryd to compline the 8 bmp filles in to spr but every time i get a *Dimension not Muitiple of 8* not loading is there a way to fix this i use Jasic Paintshop pro 9
  17. S

    missing sprite file?

    im missing a fusion.engage.spr file, anyone know where i can get it.
  18. S

    missing sprite file?

    I just fixed the potora model problem, and now it says i need a fusion.engage.spr model file now, could someone plz help i really want to play EVM
  19. S

    Sprite Viewing Utility

    Hey. i was wondering if there was a tool to view a sprite. like a hlmv for sprites rather then models. Thanks.
  20. ZeroNightmare

    Funky Zero Sprite Sheet

    i was bored, decided he could use some sprucing, its nothing advanced i'll fix the flame attack later,