1. Theoboy

    Cell games arena spikes?

    I'm making a map for the InstaSaiyans clan and the map is based on the cell games. So the map is almost done I just need to fix the light and then there is the arena and that is what my question is about. How do I make those spikes there is in every fourth corner? You know, this:
  2. F

    Game "spikes"

    I'm not too sure how to explain it. But I'll do so the best way possible. First of all. My computer never did this back in Rhode Island. Not to my knowledge. But here is the problem. When I play any game. Any what so ever. Whether it be ESF, Doom 3, Max Payne, or even just Half-Life. Every...
  3. A

    Semi-random ping spikes are IRKING ME

    For the past two months I have been getting pretty random and rediculous ping spikes...I'm talking from the 40-50 range up into the 400-700 range. When it spikes, it is almost always when I am radiply pressing keys(i.e. during melee), and only spikes for a couple seconds, but it is making it...
  4. I

    Vegeta Thread II

    dont know what happened to my other thread ;/ i think it just went dead all together... well im re-opening a thread... check it out *critz*
  5. H

    Glowing Smo SSJ2 Goku

    Heres an edit I made a while back.. complete with glowyness... A few people wanted me to edit my SSJ2 Goku from a while back. Said the hair was messed up. So here it is: <BR><IMG SRC="http://images.deviantart.com/i/5/d/2/Glowing_SSJ2_Goku.jpg"><BR> Hope you like. Credits go to Smo for making the...
  6. S

    WIP: Beelzebub from Sandland (my first poly by poly)

    here's what beelzebub looks like: he's a character in Sandland, son of the devil, its written by Akira Toriyama, here's my model so far, its my first so go easy on me: i gotta make a cape, any sugestions how?, the hands arent too good but like i sed its my first try, any crits?
  7. J


    take a look at them apples yes its battledamaged (duh) and id like to say the ssj3 hair looks loads better smooth ^_^
  8. darklord_avalon

    Videl Model (needs skinning)

    :devgrin: check it out my videl model needs skin....:laff: (uses head part of body and legs of trunks) creds to esf and creator of trunks
  9. Black Saiyan


    if i went and edits lets say cell by adding spikes or somthing(after decomplied) would i have to edit like the death roll ki blast ect??
  10. Bryggz

    Ssj longhaired trunks re-make (mostly hair)

    hey guys i guess i kinda went for an ussj look but i was hoping that i did the hair better for y'all, gimme some crits on it so i know how to make it better (i dunno i just got weird feelin bout it) click here
  11. Bryggz

    I made ussj brolly's hair, give comments

    hey guys i love brolly but honestly im sick of seeing all the crap hair on the brolly models, and since im trying to make saiyans looks the best they can i been workin on hair, and thanks to mr smos advice i took a crack at brollys, give crits click here
  12. DaKD

    New (hopefully improved) SSJ3 Goku

    I decided to make one last attempt at SSJ3 goku. this time im going to model each little hair spike myself not from one big sphere lol. crits plz updates yay
  13. S

    another 1 from me but with a little brob...

    i drew a pic of gohan...but the thing is that i dont want to remote link the pics. so i was wondering, can i post the address to my site and from there ull go to the pics section, or i can just post the links to the pics here?
  14. Bryggz

    My gokussj3 model edit WIP

    Hey guys check out my gokussj3 wip, im working on the hair since everyones seems so grisly, perhaps i'll be more fortunate? tell me what u think so far, keep in mind that the hair is a lil more than 1/2 done (hasta go past his waist/butt) so more will be there, + the top of his head isnt done...
  15. N

    How about a different looking aura for powering up?

    The current powerup aura is kinda doesnt look right i dont think anyway you could like use the turbo aura but make it bigger when powering up? Just a random thought from a noob.
  16. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Yusuke Model

    Another DMT2003 Model made by MaggeM...1 error is one it but no one will notice it...he put the lil hair spikes on the wrong side but w/e here you go
  17. S

    Nature map WIP for Beta 1

    Hello all I'm new in this forum, but i really love esf, great job on the beta esf team :yes: I'm working on a map for the beta 1 and its gonna be a nature map, i know that you whont see much on the pics, but i just started it, and i whould like to have feedback for the ground...What do you...
  18. fatmanterror

    Well, why not.....

    i see alot of gohans floatin around lately so i gave it a crack.....
  19. SA_Gohan


    Just like the topic says. It's normal form Gotenks. Sor far I've done the upper arms, torso, and head, plus the fusion jacket. It's about 1,088 so far, and I have a poly limit of 3,000, but I'm kinda hoping to keep it low enough to be used in Half Life, but that doesn't look like it's going to...
  20. V

    My Janemba Model

    I decided to make my own Janemba model since it wont be around in ESF at all. All I have done is the head so far but I have some pics on one of my sites. is the home page. is the one with janemba head pics. If...