1. The Deco

    Need a pc spec

    Well the mum's needs a PC for office use and some hd movies. We are talking FULL computer except for a screen, operating system, no graphic card if we can watch HD movies with those intel x4500HD cards. Budget is 400 TOPS. Thanks!
  2. Uindo

    Low spec pc?

    I tried running esf 1.2.3 on another computer yesterday and it had 5 fps, and while paused it was 10 fps the hardware was 512MB ram, 2GHz processor and 64MB graphics card. Then I also ran half-life and it still had low fps (but more than esf). Could it be that having multiple accounts even if...
  3. Mr.Lukyas

    The Ulduar, the dual talent spec, etc.

    So, when are you gonna raid Ulduar?
  4. Super Veggeto

    Need help with spec

    Hey guys =o long time no seen... I'm here to ask for your help. I'll be getting into the gaming/movie industry soon and I need a pc that can handle that. My current one is not able to do **** anymore =[ I want a PC that can also run the latest games on more than medium settings. I'm not...
  5. sub

    Fix the Spec Mode, Let us see what they see

    Please, fix the spec mode by letting us see as the person you're specing see. It may not seem like a big deal or seem like it's worth the effort, but spec mode is one of the most used features in the game. It's a real shame not being able to see from the same point of view of the guy your specing
  6. N

    First person spec improvment

    I think the title speaks for itself. As it is right now, you get to see what they see, but have no info on things such as ki, weapon selected, PL, etc. I think their personal HUD should show up when spectating them first person at least, if not in all modes. I realize it's nothing big...
  7. MONXver2.0

    Scouter,auto punching, spec

    My idea is simple. Make the scouter customizable. Maybe be able to highlight certin players you want to keep track of. Like a lock on system. Also the mixed mode needs a better refresh. Once you take crosshair off the enemy it should go back the map like that *snaps fingers*! If you could...
  8. Marauder

    Lions and doggys a spec OH MY

    well,im in to the animal drawings now..heh hes another www.NOTWORTHETHECRIT.com abit messy around the wiskers...was hard for me ;_; if anyone has the skills for it and would like to color it idd be greatfull :P turns out they are all traced btw...as linda says
  9. Mr. Satans

    <MINOR> v1.2.1 Spec Bug

    When typing chat in spectator mode, the chat input thingy is up in the "black" area like the deaths used to be.
  10. KilledWithStyle

    1st person spec bugs

    Go to a server. Spectate a person in first person. Eventually hes going to melee a person. If the melee is prepunches, the camera stays still while the character you were following moves forward (invisible BTW) and you can see that someone is bieng pre-punched without someong doing it...
  11. Mr. Satans

    Bugs (Inc. Spec)

    1) Seems people are still able to fight as spectators 2) Despite mp_characterlimit being 1, I sometimes see 2 people playing as the same character (I think they were always on the same team, not sure though) 3) In spectator if you "double tap" any key you're virtually paralized unless, I...
  12. G

    Ssj2 Goku Edit Release

    Well I wanted an ssj2 goku so it can go with the ssj2 Vegeta I have so I made an edit of Smo's Ssj Goku.Here it is I added more hair spikes to sides and he has 3 bangs in front just like Goku in Ssj2. Download Link : http://www.freewebs.com/vegetto91/ssj2goku.rar New Link It Works Now.
  13. Suh Dude

    latest bryce work

    Crits are welcome
  14. TeKNiK

    My First Wallpaper..Matrix :P

    Ok I decided to try and to make a Wallpaper and since it was going to be my first i went wit something easy like the matrix so i decided to see what you guys think I kept things simple and I think it doesnt look too bad...
  15. Marauder

    Space station

    might need to copy past... well, the bg isnt gonna be there..gonna colab with someone that really kicks ass in space wp's. the only thing importent here is the space station. now i gotta know what u guys think i should improov..b4 i send this to the guy. /Spec
  16. Suh Dude

    What?Slim made a dark picture?comehere and look!

    this time crits?
  17. Marauder


  18. Z

    First bryce pic

    its become my little project to make space crafts from a planet called Xan, a water planet far away from earth, with aliens on it (of course..) well anyway, hope you like crits?
  19. Wangster

    w4ngst3rs bryce pics...

    well, sorry, i DO have the pic, but my lycos is down, so i cant get it hosted, can someone host those for me? so i can show the 2 pics i made? ( BTW: i wil thank opty for the inspiration...)
  20. stiffdog

    drawing of goku

    many of you may already have seen it but here it is im working on some more as well.... remember to copy and paste! if it wont load heres a link directly to it : http://www.geocities.com/stiffdog87/goku1.jpg
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