1. Son Gogeta


    Alright so I'd like someone to make a Gif for my signature. It has to be Gogeta. No GT bullshit. Like in that scene from Fusion Reborn.
  2. DiebytheSword

    Son of the Sword

    8 lbs 8.2 ozs, 18 inches long. Say hello to Marcus Gregory
  3. hleV

    [Old PotW] PotW: Gohan Pod

    Gohan in Spacepod
  4. Mephisto

    Bleach Fans pissed off at Gene Simmons' son

    SHOCKER! Gene Simmons’ son, Nick, is a total prick! I can’t believe it. I have no idea how that ever could have happened. I mean, he had such a good role model growing up. I have no idea what that means, so I trust the translation :p : And about the similarities to Bleach, check for...
  5. Pain

    Some nice deals going on

    Toys R Us is having a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on. Normally they don't allow pre-orders to be used in these kinds of deals, but their website is allowing it right now. No idea if they'll fix it, but if anybody is interested in some upcoming big name titles like FFXIII or GoW3, you can use...
  6. S

    Theme song

    I wanted to ask, where can I find DBZ theme songs? Like the one used on the ESF menu, that one is epic, I tried to google it, but the first one had broken links, the other were Burst Limit songs.
  7. Damaera

    My Dragonball Z Fanfic!

    Okay I'm just a beginner so don't be harsh! -- Ok well I was reading the DBZ story someone made, and I was like..... What the hell, I should make one too! So here it is: The Saiyan Battles Characters: Goku Vegeta Gohan Goten Trunks...
  8. Mr.Lukyas

    GBD The 2nd Son

    hello, I remember you... HBD man
  9. O

    father and son kamehameha

    I think ssj2 gohan should have extreme ki costing and more powerful father and son kamehameha.:yes:
  10. Dokutayuu

    2nd Son's first skin edit

    Hello all, I believe this is the first thread I've ever made in this section but here it goes. I decided to do some skin tweaks on the 1.2 Goku. Thank you ESF Team for the original model + skin and the Krillin's symbol used on the back. Oh and Darktooth for animating them. I also redid...
  11. TaGmAn

    Google, Son Goku

    Go to Google and type in 'Son Goku', at the top you should see this image: I just thought it was kind of cool =)
  12. G

    Goku and his son (Buu saga)

    I did Goku just for fun, from my old Gohan model. The head and hair are made from scratch. Here it is how it turned: Mystic Gohan and something special Goku polycount 1960 Gohan polycount 2136 Modeling is way to easy... I'm going back to mapping... bye
  13. J

    smile son, your in the marines now D:

    thats right, i passed my second interview, i just need to pass the physical exam, and i can rejoin the royal marines and enter physical training :yes: physical exam lasts 3 days. day 1: 0600: reveille, time to wake up, and smell teh hummas. 0745: opening address, course officer...
  14. S

    Son Gokan! >;o the next generation lives

    omg Davidskiwan modeling >_> has the world gone mad!?! no, i just decided i wanted to learn properly, so im starting with a dbz model, but i wanted to be a little more original so im using my own design of gokan from Dragonball NG, yeah that fanmanga i made 2 years ago. I hope to make a bruce...
  15. EricW

    Son Goku WIP

    Credits to NeD for the reference drawing.
  16. D

    Son GOku WP Remake

    Okay, I have sorta remade it, to make it un busy, and I put him on the other side, I'm not done though. (Yes the same Goku.)
  17. X

    Son Gokou Wallpaper

    After 8 hours of work, I have finally finished my wallpaper! Critz please. Or veiw it in your explorer. Son Gokou Wallpaper Sorry for the poor quality. I'm trying to fix that.
  18. X

    Son Gokuo's Hayday!

    I got to spend 2 1/2 hours being teamed up on by ~{ape}~Majin Saiyajin, ~{ape}~Kami Sama, and |::Z::|Kakarotto. I got a few hits in, but you can imagine what it was like :D. And if none of you belive me I'm putting together a zip file with screenys in it.
  19. X

    Son Gokuo-ESF Elite-(rusty) is Back!

    Ingame ESF, I am known as "Son Gokuo". I have made many rivals and companins*wish I could spell*. But I left ESF for a period of time to create a website. Well, I have finished that website - - and I am returning to ESF. So, any promises I might have made...
  20. E

    Son of an unmountable boot volume

    what the hell kind of error is this, i just got my geforcefx4 and i dont want CS messing my comp up, BUT i doubt thats why i get this error so frequently, anyone got any ideas or past experiences with this peice o' crap error...