1. d3vak

    1.2.3+ECX+Big Pack Server :s

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the Forums and recently installed the ESF 1.2.3 (which is awesome btw) plus ECX plus the Big Pack that are published on the ESF site....and they run correctly on Steam and everything.....but only on LAN games... because when I enter to an online server everything...
  2. Deverz

    Cheap Solution?

    Since earlier today I've been experiencing Graphical Tearing CS: S Specifically atm as I haven't played anything else today My GPU temp reaches 140+ Thermals were replaced approx 8months ago since my fan fell out There's a fan on the side of my case, Fan still appears to be working on...
  3. N

    Dental Crowns – Solution for Tooth Decay

    Dental healthcare sector is growing to new heights with the advancement of technology. Nowadays damage or decay to a tooth is not at all a problem; there are numerous ways to get out of the ailment. The patient can consult a dentist and take his advice and treatment to correct the complaint...
  4. The Deco

    People want big sprites people dont want big sprites solution?

    I thought about a solution for this so let me hear you (reply, no I won't use exclamation mark because people will start throwing curses at me with no reason and it didn't happened to me before but for others it did, what is so wrong, it makes the title more bold, same for capital letters)...
  5. john_volkov

    Here is a simple solution

    Here is a simpl,e solution so save ESF : Just change all the name of the players and modles just make a ESF whit no Goku base on the dbz story but not DBZ let's Say Vegeta will be John_Volkov Trunks will be Greaga somethink like this Transformation maybe not only just strenght and a biger life...
  6. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Two big questions: one's the problem, one's the solution

    Okay. So since yesterday my internet has been crapping out. Even as I type this my normally 750megs a second cable modem is struggled to finish loading the smiley icons. It seems to do this fairly often, and about every three months I have to call the comcast guy here, because they're idiots...
  7. M

    Lesser know solution (works some of the time)

    If you still happen to have problems (i.e. flickering graphics or glitching), open up your Task Manager, click on the Processes tab, and look for the program "LVComS.exe". End that program and window back into your game. This has worked for me in the past and maybe some other person out there is...
  8. Ravendust

    A Solution To Transkilling

    I know the ESF team have got a whole new system for 1.3 in place whereby you're invinicble on the first transformation and after that you're killable, and as far as I know it's still in play, but I would request that this thread is kept open for discussion. My idea is simple, it provides a...
  9. Shuyin

    Solution To Lame Beam Explosions (right clicking beams)

    Proceed to post five. ~Boyster Ignore This Post Problem: One big thing that makes beams lame, is having beamers that 100% of the time right click the beam and explode it in your face. Which leads to never getting to powerstruggle :/ Now i imagine that the true purpose of right...
  10. I

    The Maps Problem with WON + Solution

    I have seen so many threats about this problem and i had enought replying people's threats for this problem so I will post it once and i hope it will get sticky :rolleyes: Maps Problem - If you don't see ESF maps, only Half-Life's Maps.. + Solution...
  11. CS-LAND

    Bugs in map solution here | New version suggestion

    Um, maybe this was said before, maybe not. You know, when the player reaches the side, bottom or top of the map it can view through the walls, etc. The solution is to add an invisibile wall to the top and sides of the map. The mappers should know what I'm talking about. Ok, that was for the...
  12. P

    I got the solution for the chitty peformance when playing mp3's in game

    Don't use the in-game mp3 player, just run windows media player in background. That's it. The sound quality is better and the game runs smoother 8)
  13. Viki@killer

    Umm,evm and solution Z???

    WHAT IS EVM?WHAT HE WILL HAVE?When you install it you can update your esf(I mean ESF beta 1.3,1.4...)?I have tons of questions.God damn,why my animated sig doesn't wants to show??? New sig coming soon...I guess...
  14. M

    A registery solution , please help me out

    since no one answered my previeus thread I think I came up with a sulotion. I think that the fact that I am running ESF from another OS XP of mine that doesnt include the registery of ESF and HL all I need to do is to back up the specific registery that has the data of ESF if someone please...
  15. M

    more questions lol

    alright, i fixed my tournament map, but esf is crashing when its loading. I only get one compile error thats saying tournament.pts not found. also what does pts stand for and what is it? =/\/\C
  16. GoldSaiyan

    The solution against Devil.

    Gentle men and Gentle womans. I have a theory, that may stop Devil's crashing. He is using a lame flood script, that is VERY easy to resist. All those who are running a server must download and install a Anti-flood plugin, unfortunately, I barely have any information to locate the plugin...
  17. Brim

    Solution to boring PTF

    So I was taking my history 102 final today, and as my mind wanders so, I had what one would call an epiphany... I remember about a month or so ago there was a thread complaining about the perfect transformation, it is just too bland, and never happens in the series. While I agreed with this...
  18. E

    problems with compile

    i've got 2 questions here: why does the compile destroy my beautiful mountain by causing all the terrain blocks to change shape and create holes in the map? and is there a way to prevent this? u see in hammer editor, the map is nice smooth with no holes. it compiles fine but in game, the...
  19. M

    Rosat map problems

    Ok whenever i try to run this map, the character's in character select screen are all greyed over, and like EVERYTHING is grey on the actual map. Can't see ANYTHING at all. Whats the problem?
  20. Brim

    Solution to explosions

    Hanging around the forums I hear a lot of complaining about how explosions aren't that great because they get spammed and nukes kill u for no reason. So the other day I had a revelation...while I'm not sure how feasible it is I shall present it anyways. While I enjoy killing hoardes of people...