1. S

    HUGE sketchbook dump (slight nudity)

    Lots of studies here, its all about learning! I try to do as many studies as possible these days, not only does it broaden my knowledge but it makes it easier for me to get more confidence in my linework. I haven't done nearly enough stuff from imagination I'd like to, I really feel like I have...
  2. J

    Humour thread!!! (slight political jest, but its meant as a joke, no insult meant!)

    To the citizens of the United States of America, In the light of your failure to elect a suitable President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchial...
  3. _Goku_

    Slight help

    So can anywone tell me how to change my crossair? plz ?
  4. Mr. Phonso

    slight spoiler - Naruto [WIP]

    this is the naruto from the late manga hair isnt welded
  5. 1

    slight problem

    ok i have a little problem here. i have the current version of half life and esf but for sum reason wen i try to go into multiplayer it says i dont have the current version so i click chech for updates and it says i have the latest version. plz tell me wat is going on thx
  6. Sicron

    "Half Life 2 funniest home pictures" (Slight chance of spoilers)

    nuff said, you just post pictures of weird, funny, dumb, stupid...whatever of things that happend to you (or other people) in Half Life 2 "Zombie: OMG IM LIKE....STUCK IN HERE....HELP!"
  7. Jonesdaniel

    Got a new pc, but theres a slight problem....

    Well, my dad bought this new pc, sounded awesome. 2.5 ghz, 512 ram, 80gb hardrive, radeon 9100 IGP and a flat screen monitor. (with windows XP Home Edition) Anyway, installed a new driver for the video card, and then installed counterstrike. Well, whenever i run it, it stays at about 80fps...
  8. GMan

    I'd say combos need a slight adjustment.

    Right now, only one of the attacks needs to hit for a combo to activate. This seems a bit overkill, personally. I think it should need at least two. Thoughts?
  9. S

    how to make ur models glow

    if u want ur models to glow without an admin then read this. this is all done in milkshape. first u select ur whole model then u duplicate it. select the duplicate and go to tools fatboy. type in .1 then press ok. then assign the duplicate to a texture (skin). select duplicate again and go to...
  10. A

    Map slopes

    I was just wondering, how come on some maps (e.g. esf_guru) when you run on some slopes and hit a slight change in the slope, it sends you into the air?
  11. CM

    ESF Goku Reskin (Slight, Also a question)

    this is really just a small difference, he now has a logo on the back of his shirt. I just dont know how to compile it into a MDL file... help. Screenshot: HELP! Credit: original ESF modellers and ME
  12. owa

    Slight HTML/Dreamweaver Proplem/question

    Hey. Well I'm working on my new site layout but... I have a proplem. I wanan make it with Tables but I want a table that goes liek this: Not like this Is it possible to do it my way and if so anyone wanna share how, I wnat it one table not two or morem idn you.
  13. Super_Vegeta.LE

    SSJ3 Gotenks model WIP

    like the title says :)
  14. D

    mah siggy

    Definatly not my best work, but i figured, hey its Christmas Eve, Time for a sig. so i came up with this... (It was like a 5-15 min job lol (not including cutting the gogeta image out :P) I know. It kinda sucks. But some crits would be nice :) [Edit: Made a few slight changes :P]
  15. K

    senzu beans?

    I have a major problem with the senzu beans...they always show up just below the ground. You can still grab them, but can't see them. How can I fix this? I have already tried making the ground 1 unit thick and I am also using the hullfile. What gives?
  16. S

    Want lagless water? all mappers read

    Alright ever notice how when you create a map with lots of water you get a nice drop in framerate and some increase in ping? well its because the waves are being rendered constantly, and they are rendered everywhere on the map, now do you want a solution? ok download wally, search for it on...
  17. S

    Skinning models

    Hey I'm kinda a new skinner (least char models) I'm pretty good with weps but I wanna try a dbz model (since I love the anime) and some of the skins I've seen are quite hideous (not pointing fingers but someone said to me "You try and do one better" and I intend to try just that :) ) anyways if...
  18. Z

    wallpaper contest!!

    ok rules : Has to be 800x600 Can be related to anything Edit ur post if u want to change anything, or take a new wallpaper. contest ends this monday or sunday it has to be your OWN WORK ... i think thats it .. anyway , here is my entry:
  19. U

    Slight Kamehame sound change suggestion

    I've noticed that in the series, after a Kamehame is charged beyond the minimum extent, the person using it simply raises the pitch (and intensity) of their voice. For ease of use (I'm guessing) the current version of ESF simply says the first couple of syllables then *stops* and...
  20. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Photoshop special TEXT!!!!!

    I was just wondering how the hell the guys using photoshop , making those specially text tipes , like SPIN , look at the Banner on the banner is made with photoshop i think , but what about the text? I can only write with text tipes like "Times new Roman" or soething ...