1. Kaination

    Computer not shutting down after skins

    Well, I'm sure you guys are familiar with windowblinds. If not, it's a customizable UI. It makes your **** look pretty. So, after installing it, I installed Windowblinds, Iconpackager, and CursorFX, and now I can't shut down my PC. Do you think one of these had a virus or it's just bugging...
  2. God Gundam

    GG skins models too sometimes!

    Posted this on the nnk forums, but yup, learning to skin ><, its a pain in the ass. That and I had to pick a character that was white too =( As far as what im gonna do with this model i have yet to decide. Thanks to Kama for his teachings, much more to learns, hope to see more from me. Enjoy...
  3. G

    How do i change skins or add classes or whatever?!

    Helo everybody i am a big esf noob! what ive been wanting to do is add models to my game. i have the ecx rc2 game. the one that i want the most is the one in this link i know put it in the corresponding folder in my...
  4. B

    Trunks af skins

    I join a server with some af trunks skins that seemed ok but the last one seemed totally out of place... moving on i wanna know where i could find these sort of stuff
  5. E

    Help|Player Skins and selections skin screen

    Hello, I have a question. why my player skins are old?and the selection Screen? i only have ammm 8 charectars(Buu,Cell,Vegeta,Goku,Freeze,Gohan,Trunks,Krilin) here is a picture of Goku: Before i formated my computer my skins were diffrent,i...
  6. G

    Excuse me, how do i add my skins to esf?

    Can someone explain to me how to put in skins :D thank you btw im new :D
  7. ssj3Viper

    Cool skins

    How can i make cartoonish skins I'm looking for a tutorial for skinning, but i like to think big, so does anyone know how to make skins like those made by Kreshi, davidskiwan (more cartoonish).
  8. Suh Dude

    Wow, my old skins are still alive.

    Ha, I went through ESF-World, and I still see my old skins on there. Its been converted to 1.2. Ha, people still love me. =P Both models are by Kreshi. I...
  9. imkongkong

    1.3 Character Select Menu and Diff Skins

    Question Will the team implement someway for 1.3 when you have custom skins selectable, when you add a bot you'll be able to choose which custom model to use?
  10. Skyrider

    Want new Steam Skins?

    Every since the new steam skin update, no more skins have been created after that as far as i know. Because i never got any Skin submissions, until a few days ago. Perhaps if you guys are interested, you can check out & d/l the skins, it looks pretty awesome to me. Half-Life 2 Stick's Blue...
  11. yopyop

    several skins

    well i just wanna know how to compile 1 model with 2 or more skins... (lika an aura)
  12. O

    New skins

    If you're going to be re-skinning the people then can't you use the skins from the Dragonball Z Budokai games to your advantage?
  13. D

    destructable skins

    first, love the mod very fun.. brings me back to my days as a dbz head in middle school.second,have you guys looked into this? in all the dbz games out now not one of them has destructable clothes /skins...not even the newest for ps2.why not? i think it would be so cool to have models that...
  14. S

    SKINS HOW TO????????????

    i got a skin pack and everythign is working good.. but the only thing is i cant get super syain goku turn super sayin 3?:(:(:(:( like use the skin does n e one know how to do this reaper if u can see this can u tell me
  15. [Zio]

    first models and skins (a escene)

    first serious models and skins (a escene) I did this in 3dMax, i was getting bored in class (i just finished the chair) so i decided to do something diferent, what do you think? hope you like it i made every model you see there, and skin it too, there are custom skin and mine skins...
  16. NOTnamedTREVER


    Umm Does anybody know where to get skins for ESF? I had it but then i lost it, (the site or link ) so can anyone help?
  17. §lipKnot

    how to re-edit, export and import skins

    This thread is to show How to import and export skins using Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25 1 down load Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25 link: 2. use program to load model MLD 3. after loading model click texture...
  18. G

    Goz and Mez - skins done

    Credits to DarkSniper for the Goz and Mez models ..... So good to have 3DSM again... me made a quick Goz and Mez skins, just for fun. critz to improve my work are all welcomed Goz skin [ real style ] Mez skin [ anime style ] NOTE: The sign is HFIL coz FUNimation...
  19. Deathshot


    Can anyone help me with skins.... like how to get them to work plz!!!!
  20. S

    Help with model and skins

    I need help importing skins and models into esforces can some1 help :cry:
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