1. Super Veggeto

    Mario's Buu Skinned

    almost done, just head left. guys dont be harsh, i havent skinned realistic style for a looong time :p crits are welcome ^_^
  2. Super Veggeto

    Krillin Skinned

    this is german_boy's krillin not mine.. well i finished skinning it if you have some crits i'll be happy to hear them ;)
  3. G

    vegeta needs to be skinned.

    hello again. ive made a vegeta model. credits to turk for the hair. tell me if u want to skin it and ill send it to u. critz?
  4. S

    chibi trunks done and ready to be skinned

    credits to Xstortionist for the nonssj hair, neon and elemantal4q2 for the sword. i went on ahead and skinmapped it. heres the link to the model. please post your work here.
  5. Suh Dude

    Ssj Goku Skinned

  6. Goten-son

    Tweek's Goten being skinned ^_^

    well im a noob skinner but for a first skin so far i think this is turning out great. even tweek said he likes it so far ^_^ any way here are a few progress pics <img src="httP://"> <img src="httP://"> <img...
  7. Suh Dude

    Kreshi's Gogeta -Skinned by me

    Well um kinda bored so here Credits:Kreshi Crits?
  8. Nuttzy

    boredom again, heres bebi

    you can crit if you want i wont be changing much, i may or may not put him ingame, depends how the next few hours go,i started this ysterday, modelwise all thats left is detailing the ars, and jointing the knees, and attaching the hands to the wrist, they jus sittin there atm
  9. A

    CC trunks

    critz, coments, and.. yea.. Pikkon is being finished, hes being skinned. :D
  10. Vashusa

    Link model what happened

    about a month or two ago there was a thread about a link model by solidu and i think gogetenks but it hasnt been updated or posted in for a very liong time. does anyone know what happened to the model team or if they are going to release or is it now for their private use only because of a flame...
  11. J


    yay im unbanned and now i can post da bender :D for whoever did not see on sos, just a quickie model i did when i was bored. 850 polies w/o accessories :D crits, comments?
  12. M

    making tien model: need skinner

    Hey ive made a tien model and i need a skinner. If anyone is interested in skinning this mode reply... thank you and ill really appreciate it :laff:
  13. T

    Suprise! kina.. ssj2 gohan skinned !

    im really realy sorryfor the delays so i did it all yesterday, tell me what u think, sry for the bad quality pic
  14. B

    want your model skinned ??

    if anyone wants to get there model skinned i can do it for you. you have to give me links to reference pics (atleast one of the face) just send the model and if you've started the skin to : [email protected] i promise i'll make it a good one. i can also improve things on the model if...
  15. freeportpretz22

    Compiling/Decompiling in gmax

    How do you decmopile and compile in gmax? I got a bomberman waiting to be skinned and I cant get it out of gmax! Someone please help me, I'd appreiciate it! :devgrin:War Hamster:devgrin:
  16. S

    NoN ESF, Optimus Prime

    Hi guys, just posted the new Optimus Prime skinned model for Rivalry of Legends, Check the potw for a full screen render!!! Thanks for your comments and critz Showster
  17. U

    a skin i made

    okay this is a begginner skin okay i just made it
  18. L

    robotic model im making need skinner/ animator

    im in the poccess of make a robotic model for esf, ive done the head, neck and upper body... its a really simple deisgn but looks nice. it you want screen shots someone is gonna have to host them for me.. i need a skinner and animator if possible cus i dont know how o do it... i plan on...
  19. G

    gt model pack!

    hey, i'm making a gt model pack. It'll include GT trunks reskin of short-hair armor Trunks by Styreta reskin by me! Chibi Goku/ssj reskin of Goten model by god gundam reskin by me! Adult Goten reskin of Yamcha by brollman RESKIN BY ME! Shenron (REPLACES SHENLONG IN CAPT DB MODE) reskin of...
  20. D

    i want to skin does anyone has a GOOD model

    does any one have a GOOD model that we can use for esf, that i can skin it. i am very bored