1. elNarr

    3 new sigs i can't choose which one should i use, so which one is the best? c&c plz :)
  2. Nuttzy

    anyone here good with animated sigs? (smith?)

    i made me a little avatar/sig set, kinda plain ones but funny to me. i had a lil problem though, though i managed to create a gif under 100 kb for my avatar, when i went to upload it. it fell back to a static image, but i kinda like the way it looks so oh well, out of boredom though i would...
  3. Eon

    Post your older sigs!

    simple ;o
  4. elNarr

    some new sigs

    [pics removed]
  5. TigerGEO

    Some of my sigs

    :] ^_^ Ok guys here are some sigs I made. And if someone likes em he's free to use em. Another one: And another this one's :P: And the last:
  6. C

    2 sigs + 1 orb

    1.Orb 2.[sig]Venom 3.[sig]Gohan comments and crits are welcome
  7. C

    11 sigs !!!

    1.Gangster 2.Godfather 3.Celestial 4.Trunks 5.Gohan 6.Captain America 7.Iker Casillas
  8. Taran

    a few sigs i have done

    what one is the best 1# ssj3 kid goku <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by" /></a> 2# ssj4 goku <a href=""><img...
  9. Ryeko

    CoH/CoV Sigs.

    I got bored, that background is the same for both, I wanted it that way.
  10. Growler

    Some new sigs-

    C+C - Current -
  11. yopyop

    the last few sigs i made.......

    well here are the last few sigs i made: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. rate them plz....they're bad i know xD
  12. ZeroNightmare

    anyone want some sigs?

    i'm kinda bored, and i found some nice nintendo images to work with. anyone want a sig? wont be anything insanely complex, but it wont be bad. i've got some cool link and samus pics, uh, and some other stuff just try to hook me up with a above average - high quality pic, and your name.
  13. buculie

    new sigs!

    here are my ultimate sigs :P 1.Sub-Zero 2.Iron Man 3.Vegeta rate , crit & comment plss
  14. E

    Some of my previous sigs

    Hey. New to this forum, thought I'd start off by showing you some of my previous Signatures. So far textless. Not working on it anymore :P Made it for a friend pretty long ago. So far WIP, hasn't got a border/stock/text yet.. A finished Cobra one. From FMA. FMA...
  15. Synth

    Getting back into Sigs

    I figure I'd theme it on what my first sig was based on, Hwoarang from Tekken. or Only problem is I can't decide on which BG color balance to go with. What do you think?
  16. Gama


    Well im kinda brushing up on my PS so i can get ready to make a BG for the esf group 2005 pic so i made these anyone can use them if they want just give me a shout and ill change the name on it ohh ya i know the ed is cut bad got lazy =( sig one: sig two: Sig Three:
  17. E

    2 sigs for a friend

    I made these sigs for chinchan/Diablo today ( the guy is not on this forum I think >_O ). c&c plz.
  18. Kaination

    Mortal Kombat, Guild Wars, and Rainbow six sigs o/

    Well, tell me if you like them or not. Also, any idea how i can blend the MK sig together?
  19. Kasey

    My sigs suck...

    I made a new sig. I need to make it the BG smaller though so it doesnt look huge like it does now.
  20. Robby

    My sigs

    Before I show 'em heres the creds: TS- For the game and such And the Model Creators for TS ^.^ Alright Sigs: These are relatively... big so I don't use them much hehe. Anyway enjoy me leet photoshop skillz ><