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Jan 19, 2006
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Hey. New to this forum, thought I'd start off by showing you some of my previous Signatures.

So far textless. Not working on it anymore :p

Made it for a friend pretty long ago.

So far WIP, hasn't got a border/stock/text yet..

A finished Cobra one.

From FMA.

FMA again...

That's all I have right now, I lost most of my older ones. :(
Any new ones will be posted though. :)

No need to C&C really, since I won't improve any of 'em. Except the WIP one maybe.
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Mar 29, 2003
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The Netherlands
1. Is too busy, the background I mean, I don't really like it.
2. Don't really like the background on this one either, nice quality stock though.
3. I like this one, nice colors, could use a border as you said though, best of all.
4. Like this one aswell, looks like it has some kind of bloom on the bright colors. Hard to read font though. Second best.
5. Background is nice, also a nice font, but stock lacks quality.
6. You overdid the blending on the stock here, but as with the last sig, the font and background are nice. 3rd best.

C&C doesn't only mean to improve your current sigs, but also to improve your future work, so I gave it anyway. =p

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