1. Painkiller

    DB96 sigs.

    here is a little sig i made and i want you guys to say all about it
  2. Mr.Lukyas

    Lukyas' sigs. SEASON 2

    Let's open the season. Critics and comments welcome as usually.
  3. Kaination

    Batman sigs!

    I know I didn't really *MAKE* them, but I found the posters and cropped them into what you see now. And as you all know, resizing and cropping takes a lot of effort and skill.
  4. MinioN

    Rate my new sig(s).

    I know it isn't perfect but i am improving. I will post more as soon as i make new ones. EDIT: I wasn't using tutorial.
  5. VirusMC

    a few dbz sigs

    the first sig is my newest, what do u think.? the other 3 alot older, I like them a lil more..
  6. I

    A couple of sigs.

  7. |Xiphos|

    3 sigs

    time to pop my head here again (in a non-X rated way) and bring up some sigs... c&c would be appreciated
  8. Viper

    Rate My Sigs V2

    Rate my new sigs :). These two have 2 different fonts: and Edit: Slow forums, baaaaaad.
  9. Dokutayuu

    Other Sigs Behind Me

    Evening all, I've made a new sig. I hope you all like it. It was amazingly hard to find a good image for the sig part but I hope it will suffice. Isn't the title pun great? (Don't respond to that, I'll assume no.)
  10. dan_esf_fanatic

    Some of my best sigs ever.

    Yeah, since I've been away for a long time, my siggin' skillz have improved a bit. Here's three of my little biatches: CRIT!
  11. elNarr

    2 sigs

    C&C ?
  12. elNarr

    4 sigs

    Now that i got out of diablo for a while, i did 4 sigs. What do you guys think?
  13. elNarr

    2 sigs

    So... What do you guys think ? I'll get more Brushes when i'm not lazy. :P
  14. Punishing

    Sonic sigs

    I was bored out of my skull so i decided to make some sigs:
  15. Deathshot

    Latest Sigs =D

    What ya think?
  16. Deathshot

    Few Not So Great Sigs

    Remember I have a broken monitor right now ( due to a 9 year old and a Magnet.... ) So if the colors are off done go crazy on me lol
  17. Deanio^

    what program do you use too make sigs?

    any suggestions?
  18. H


    well wat do u think any tips will help me alot.
  19. Arsenovicius

    2 new sigs

    one And second
  20. Gama

    Xmas Sigs

    Just making this thread to see who can come up with the best Xmas sig for 2006, so gogogogo and make an xmas sig, remember that you are not limited to just anime. I myself wont be making one other then the one i currentley have cuz i got the ESF group picture to take care of.