1. Cold Steel

    I hate my own sigs.

    My signatures are bad, there's no denying it. So instead of going through the process of creating another one. I hereby request a signature. The theme I'd like is Berserk. The signature needs to have either Guts or Zodd in it. A dark colour scheme is preferred.
  2. Grundig29

    How do you show your sigs? Help

    how do you show your sigs?
  3. J

    sigs i made

    well, heres my photobucket gallery of all the sigs/gfx ive been making, ill be updating it alot...
  4. D

    Rate my friends sigs

    He says he signed up to too many forums but none really have a sig section,so he asked me to post it here,just c&c and ill contact him about them. Btw sigs were made by a different person then who made these.So i know its alot but just c&c on what you feel like.(rate them if you wish)and he...
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    latest sigs

    what ya think
  6. S

    One of my very first sigs ever!

    what ya think?
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Sigs for other people.

    I made these for some friends at was just messing around with some new stuff i hadnt done before, they are.. fair, i was cutting with the pen tool but the background was dark, so the bottom ones... eh, he had dreds, but i tried to make it look like he had a fro...
  8. Graive

    Apologies About Sigs

    For those who have Pmed me about making signitures. Im not doing requests anymore as i had to format my computer (wipe the Hard Drive) and now im taking a break from sigs. I apologise to those that wanted sigs from me maybe someday ill do it again but for now thats it Thanks all. :(
  9. Suh Dude

    Request sigs here!

    Well, I've been bored lately and I guess I can do signatures for other users. If you wish to request an signature, you must tell me what picture you want on it, the colors (analigous, complementary what ever.), how big you want your signature to be. I'm not going to make a 800X600 wallpaper size...
  10. Cenie

    long time no see again, new sigs!

    Ok made these after seeing the new starwars! OR (made by a friend of mine, asked me to post) C&C please thnks v much
  11. X

    Requesting Sigs+Avatar

    Avatar Size: 100x100 Signature Size: 425x115 Text Readout: Angel-Sama Font Size: Small Color Scheme: Use a Color Scheme that matches the stock... Stock: Please make the sig exactly how I mentioned it above... Usually when I request a sig its not made the way I describe it... Also im...
  12. ZeroNightmare

    My Sigs of Today...

    I was messing around and i was trying alot of stuff, so i got alot of jpgs and psds... A background i made and didnt use much, just as an overlay for the next image A failed experiment, it looks descent, but the beam and zero just ruin it, Its very nice without it though, i saved the...
  13. Growler

    New sigs, help me decide...

    which one do you guys find the best out of these 3?... 1: 2: 3: and also tell me what you think of them
  14. |Da|K|

    New Sigs

    made some new sig from the last one i posted on here i hope these are better then the last 1: 2: 3: what one is the best? C&C plz
  15. S

    new sigs

    wow havent posted work here for ages....anyway some of my latest sigs... This one needs some fixing with the cutting of shikamaru: C&C anyone?
  16. Growler

    new sigs

    New ones, what do you think?
  17. ZeroNightmare

    My Gallery - Sigs, Avatars

    yea, here it is too many images to place it at this site
  18. Guru_San

    SnowMountain Sigs

    My new sig and a black variation.. -SaN
  19. D

    How do u get sigs?

    I've been wondering how did you guys fget those sigs. I am in a clan [email protected]=- and they have sigs and all that. Can omeone please tell me how to get dbz sigs? :cry:
  20. []Kirby

    where'cha get the sigs?

    man iv been looking around and i see some awsome sigs i just want to know if you guys created them or had some one create them for u?