1. Dr.Killer

    Scouter Suggestion

    Hi guys:D, ESF is really a great game:smile:, here is a new suggestion about the scouter : as we know, the scouter works on esf 1.2.3 like a radar that senses the enemies or friends even dragon balls, and it presents them in the scouter's screen as squares with different sizes and colors. but...
  2. C


    You know how in the series the z fighters could detect eachothers ki, not only how big it was but also who it was? Well i think its cool how we can spot eachother on the scouters we have on esf 1.2.3 But can we get it a bit more specific? like colour co-ordinate the red (enemy blocks) to Orange...
  3. W


    hi i wanted to ask could you make scouter show when somebody is building an attack like warning sign it would be great. so what do you guys think?
  4. O

    Player colours on scouter

    It's a really simple idea for free fighting mode, but it might be useful. On the player list (TAB), each player's stats will be written in their own colour - just like Ricochet. Then, instead of seeing red dots appearing on your scouter, each dot will have the colour if the player it...
  5. O

    Scouter suggestions

    I have two suggestions concerning the scouter (Open Beta 1/5/07) Add a cvar for the scouter's scale. With such a cvar you'd be able to set the scale as you wish, and get higher/lower "resolution" in your scouter. I believe the circles in the scouter should be adjusted to actually have their...
  6. M


    I noticed the new scouter feature which points to where a player is, and gives off a reading of their name, class, and power level. Well, this is my suggestion: As you know, whenever you place your crosshairs on another player, their information comes up - name, class, and power level. The...
  7. D

    Scouter Problems

    Hey folks... When I started out, my scouter seemed pretty opaque. This was good, because I could actually see it... Now it seems to have turned translucent.When looking at the sky, it becomes impossible to look at, and it now disappears when I'm blinded. What is going on? Second...
  8. john_volkov

    Scouter sugestions.

    can you make the scouter to explod if you see a big PL like 10x biger then your, your scout will explode or set a PL to explod
  9. SA_Gohan

    Scouter improvement.

    There are a couple of times in battle when I lose track of my opponent visually, check the scouter and find him off to my left, unfortunately I don't have a clue as to whether or not he's above or below and end up guessing, and guessing wrong means I'm likely to die. My suggestion is to add...
  10. MONXver2.0

    Scouter,auto punching, spec

    My idea is simple. Make the scouter customizable. Maybe be able to highlight certin players you want to keep track of. Like a lock on system. Also the mixed mode needs a better refresh. Once you take crosshair off the enemy it should go back the map like that *snaps fingers*! If you could...
  11. Shuyin

    Scouter Detection

    Just a small suggestion to decrease hiding beam spammers and make running/walking a little more useful. Increase the range the scouter has, to pick up the whole/nearly whole map. When you are using ki you are picked up on the scouter. When not using ki you are not picked up by the scouter...
  12. Herms

    can you turn off scouter

    is there a command where you cant turn it on no scouter makes for a more fun db hunt that is all
  13. S

    Sprite pack beta 2 - new scouter

    Still no new hud yet, I cant find a theme that fits, but ive made a new scouter, inspired by the screens from the latest budokai game. Powerup aura, crosshair and explosions have all been improved in quality scince last time, next release i hope to redo some attacks and have the hud done. you...
  14. Chakra-X

    Scouter Font?

    For some reason, when I goto look at someones pl with my couter, it's in scrambled text, and the video is set to OpenGL, and it just started doing this. Any ideas?
  15. E

    scouter stuff

    being that, scouters cover one eye of the character in the searies... this results in the warer haveing the scouters readouts transpossed onto their normal vision.. so... why not have it this way in the game.. what i mean is like in mixed mode it will outline or point out atleast where the...
  16. D

    Ki and Scouter Suggestions!

    Ok, does anyone remember in the early episodes of DBZ, where Raddiz was using his scouter against Goku and Piccles, than got stunned when they charged up and their Ki rose, and was even more stunned when Gohan's Ki exploded? Well, this just accounts for the scouter part for my suggestions, but...
  17. I

    Scouter Animation

    Hi There Have you notice that been talking about spites and animation lately You know press F9 the comes up but it show on your character. When you press it will come up on scene and character. Captin Ginu dosen't count its a permanent model. It would look kind wierd for Piccolo, Buu and...
  18. D

    Scouter Suggestion

    I dunno if this follows the show or not, but i think it'd be cool if the Scouter showed the Enemy's HP as well as PL. Maybe how much Ki thay have also? What do you think? o_o
  19. The Taco Man

    Broken scouter

    Lets say if you are powering up, and then you put on turbo and it doubles or more your current power level, and you're opponent with a scouter on is looking directly at you, his scouter explodes doing a little damage and he only gets it back when he respawns. Also when you go super it would...
  20. M

    Scouter Masking?

    Hey all, might i say, ESF is by far the best DBZ mod i have seen out :laff: Now anyway, i thought of an idea for Scouters. Scouters should really only detect someone IF they have their Ki to a certain %, so people with no ki left shouldn't be shown on the Radar, and perhaps give a false...