1. S

    here is my FINISHED vegeta. READ BEFORE U CRIT!!!!!!!!!!

    well, this is my finished vegeta. before u crit my drawing PLS READ THIS FIRST!!! ok, as u know i posted a goku a few weeks ago that i made during math class and it took me about 5 minutes. so u said it sucked. true, it did. a few days ago i posted another goku which u said was gr8 but...
  2. Ryoko

    Ryoko is ill again

    I guess im ill again.. right now I have a really sore throat and thats about it, plus I didn't sleep last night, which is always a sign for me. Anyway, im bored, noone on irc is talking to me so im creating this thread for people what would like to talk to me to be able to =] (btw i tried to...
  3. Phobius

    Phob's new look.

    Well check out my new sig and avatar done by the one and only Ryoko my best buddy. :D /me snuggles up to ryoko and never lets go.
  4. Ryoko

    Ryoko - Chilled Perception

    Latest wallpaper. Didn't spend too long on it and I kinda got stuck with what to add ~_~ Comments or critism welcome.
  5. Ryoko

    Happy birthday Ryoko and Orion!

    Sad I have to create my own thread for this =[ Happy Birthday me!
  6. Ryoko

    Ryoko's signature thread.

    I had an idea. Instead of me creating loads of thread for every sig I make, I am going to use this topic and this topic alone to put all my sigs in. Seems like a good idea other people could follow too... Anyway, pick a number, which one is better? Could you say why please?
  7. G

    My personal favorite, Gohan!

    Well more of my work as promised, Yep my favorite character in DBZ, and I like the way he looks here, the pic looks a little tilted cause I scanned it in a weird angle anyways here it is (Copy and Paste), tell me what ya think http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/gohanmsx/Img00007.jpg
  8. E

    Who likes Ryoko? I do! I do!

    Hot off the presses guys. Here is a drawing of Ryoko I hope you enjoy.
  9. Ryoko

    Minagi! Pwns!

    Big pic ~_~ What'cha think? Edit: Lineart up.
  10. G

    Mai DBZ Pics

    Alrighty, i did this pic kinda in a rush but this is a small example of what I can draw hope u like (Copy and paste) http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/gohanmsx/Img00000.jpg
  11. Ryoko

    Ryoko is sick!

    well I am.. and i still can;t type very well but im getting better (a little) get well soon all you peoiple who are ill ( hsu and bruno) =]
  12. Ryoko

    Ryoko in a bikini

    More Ryoko \o/ Sensible comments only please.
  13. E

    Guess who

    I decided to do a drawing without a reference pic. So this is more of an artists rendition. I assume you guys can tell who this is...if you can't, I suck at drawing. Enjoy.
  14. S

    Ryoko: The Demon

    I just made a Wallpaper a sort of 3dish/Grunge mix. I hope you guys like it... If you wanna check it out go to http://www.deviantart.com/view/896322 though, if your too lazy to go there look at it or comment just check it out here.. I rather your comment though :\
  15. E

    Drawings in color

    Greetings everyone. I haven't posted any art in a while. So I went back and found a couple drawings I did about 3 years ago. And as the thread subject suggests, yes, they are in color. I used colored pencils. Enjoy.
  16. Ryoko

    Ho hum 'nother art

    I didn't like my other one too much, and I had 30 mins spare so I did another Ryoko drawing. Don't reply if you are fed up of my art, I don't care for that, just say if you like it or if you think anything needs changing :) Ryoko is currently listening to: No Use For A Name - Why...
  17. Ryoko

    Booya, latest Ryoko drawing (no cg yet)

    Comments? Hit me with the crit!
  18. N


    What is the most common used art program that you guys use? I don't mean to be so intrusive but, PSP7.0 (Paint Shop Pro 7.00) is making it hard to work with the sigs I'd like to make. So please let me know what are some of the programs that let you do some of those meshes and lighting...
  19. Ryoko

    New wallpaper (shock its samey)

    I made this wp for my desktop and decided to show it because it's good enough imo. Don't dish it because I used my old style, just tell me if you like it and why :o
  20. Ryoko

    Latest ryoko art (cg'd)

    This is the cg'd version of my art. Please don't look at this when you vote in the art competition as the arp compo is for lineart only. My best yet ^^