1. Ryoko

    New Wallpapers (Both 800 and 1024)

    I entered these into that (now closed) wallpaper competition and got no comments, so I'm asking here, what do you think of them? http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/R1024.jpg Don't forget the other 1024 version, they are a little different.
  2. D


    Tell me what you think I should add as well as shading to be applied, this ain't the final so it's dirty If it won't load click here Jet Black sketch preview
  3. H

    2sigs combined!

    because im just that spiffy... O_O
  4. Ryoko

    Another Ryoko wallpaper

    I made this image, and liked it so decided to create a wallpaper in a very similar style. Can I have opinions please? ^^ Btw, =SAS= is my clan tag for most of my online games. http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/Newwall.jpg
  5. Ryoko

    New style for m3h

    This isn't a sig btw, its my attempt at a custom style creation. Which one do you like better, 1, 2 or 3? They are very similar, just have a different centre image. http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/Rything.jpg http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/Rything2.jpg...
  6. Ryoko

    CnC on this Ryoko Wallpaper

    My oh my, these seem to be all the rage nowadays. Good job my forum nick represents my favourite anime character ^^ http://members.lycos.co.uk/tomaholt/Ryokopaper.jpg Can I have Comments and Critism's please. Bear in mind it isn't finished yet.
  7. P

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    im messing around with efx in adobe, cos im a newbie at it, so i made this ryoko wallpaper, what do u lot think?
  8. S

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    Opinions? If you want I can upload the 800x600 version. By the way, The text sucks I already know!
  9. Chimpbot

    I finally decide to show off some of my work..

    Well, here ya go guys. Proto Man without his helmet :D I get bored at work, so I tend to sketch. Keep in mind that this was done with a pen in roughly..10-20 minutes at the VERY most. Well.....enjoy! :D
  10. Ryoko

    A Ryoko Drawing and CG

    Here she is! In all here glory. Opinions now! -_-
  11. Ryoko

    N00b with some drawings

    I cooked these up recently, can I have opinions?