1. Ryoko

    POLL: Which sig and avatar should I use?

    I'll add to this thead again if I make some more bu the question is this: Sig and avatar a) or b) My current one.
  2. [SAS]Orion

    Newest simple sig

    I'm using it in agct now :D edit: looks like i'm using it here too oO
  3. Ryoko

    Catgirl Ryoko

    You heard me! Cg'ed and all! Comments always welcome. Same with critism's.
  4. T

    OMG Ryoko and the Stinger double team

    Well heres another nice line art pic of ryoko for you guys. Made by no one other then Ryoko himself :D And whats a picture without out colour eh. So heres the cged version by me :D yeah and i know the hight lighted parts on the hair don't look to hot.
  5. Ryoko

    Newest Ryoko drawing. No cg

    I'll probably redo the shading at a later date and cg it, to see if the quality improves.
  6. Ryoko

    Tales of Phantasia wallpaper

    Doooh it's hard to find images for these. O_o Oh well, since I love this game soo much heres a wallpaper about it. Teleport! Ha! Soul wave! Pwned! *ahem.. *
  7. Ryoko

    Red Dress Ryoko

    With a microphone! Critisms and maybe some comments please!
  8. Ryoko

    Ryoko with energy sword

    Well, my latest drawing is complete (nearly) If I add to it, i'll just edit this picture. Comments and crit please!
  9. Ryoko

    Latest wallpaper (Ranma 1/2)

    Well here it is. I'll be putting a Ryoko wallpaper onto this thread when I create it 2morrow. It'll be in a similar style to this. Comments!!
  10. Ryoko

    My latest Artpiece (Ryoko)

    Well, I really liked that drawing Evil_Trunks did ( http://www.esforces.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7497 ), so I decided to try my hand at it. Please don't compare the two because they are different. Cnc on this one here please!
  11. Ryoko

    W00t, omg another Ryoko Wallpaper (last one ^^)

    This one is a differnet style, but it turned out well. Kind of plain, but I like it.
  12. Ryoko

    Well, shucks to this, New Ryoko wallpaper for me!

    Btw, this isn't spam, I just created another Ryoko wallpaper :p Better than my other one I did imo. Lets see what you guys think. It is a work in progress wallpaper, and may change.
  13. Naz

    My first wallpaper

    Hiya I dicided to make my first wallpaper, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result :) The pic of Gohan is by AZN_Dragon all credit goes to him any c&C + suggestions is welcome grtz Naz-
  14. Ryoko

    Yet another Ryoko wallpaper (800 x 600)

    Well, heres another one from me! Tell me your opinions on it. If you are getting bored of my work, don't comment.
  15. Ryoko

    New Ryoko drawing

    Ok, I scanned my latest drawing up. Its my best yet, but it isn't 100% accurate ~_~
  16. Ryoko

    New sig I created

    Can I have some juicy comments please.
  17. Ryoko

    Ryoko Wallpaper [wip]

    Can you post CnC here please? Kthxbai!
  18. Tyrael

    where do you get ........

    those nice pictures in the signatures for instances like -{gF}- Trunks or Majin Gotenks i wanna have that to :cry: :\
  19. Ryoko

    New sigs (similar ones)

    Ok, heres a new sig from me. Which is better? I have been told my current one is better, but i'll let you all look anyway.
  20. D

    Completed Work

    Use this thread to post your stuff that you have completed. I'll have some stuff up VERY soon, and please post your stuff here as well.