1. Mkilbride

    Egyptian couple names baby Facebook, in honor of the role it played in the revolution
  2. Synth

    Fable III = REVOLUTION!!! This video will make you cry. GUARANTEED. Damn you, Peter Molyneux! I hope that (as King) you can free your people from the pitfalls of modern civilization.
  3. Pain

    wtfux a revolution?

    Not really. I've been seeing some posts about people being unhappy with the moderation staff. So here's a thread where you can live on fantasy island and pick your own moderators. Now I figure since there's so few of us left that 3 or 4 mods would do the job. Post your reasons if you...
  4. J-Dude

    The Memristor: The next computer revolution Ever complain about your slow computer? Hate having to buy RAM and graphics cards and processors every year just to keep up with standard content? Want to play Crysis on max graphics with no fps loss? Ever wished you could own a computer so powerful...
  5. sub

    Revolution renamed meh
  6. Promiscuous Girl

    Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 -- Revolution

    It's un-believable, Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 for the N-Revolution.... And oh's on the PS2 as well i guess. Anyway's, anyone looking forward to it ? I simply loved the first one and can't wait for this one. Although, it is abit dissapointing not to see it on the PS3.
  7. Hash

    Nights on Revolution?!

    According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the sequel to NiGHTS Into Dreams could make it's way onto the revolution. I dunno how many of you every played the original...
  8. Hash

    First Revolution Screenshots

    Well first off, it appears the next issue of Game Informer has an exclusive 11 page cover story on Ubisofts new Rev game called Red Steel. And what's this? Leaked scans of the magazine? If this is the real deal, then no...
  9. L

    Nintendo Revolution to be revealed at E3 Discuss.
  10. sub

    Revolution Controller... Like or Dislike?

    Like the title says, do you like the Nintendo Revolution Controller or not?
  11. Promiscuous Girl

    Matt from IGN posts Revolution Specs

    Let me say this first, i pray to god, that this is an early april fools joke, because if so, he got me good. I don't really understand numbers that well, but im sure this can't be anymore powerful then the xbox, and not by much at that. If this is the final specs, I would be very...
  12. Hash

    Genesis and Turbografx games on Revolution!

    You heard me, during Iwata's Keynote during GDC today he announced that Sega and Hudson have partnered with them to bring the best games from the classic Genesis and Turbografx systems. I'm totally stoked that people other than Nintendo are putting their classics up for grabs, and I hope even...
  13. Suh Dude

    Nintendo Revolution renamed? Wow, Nintendo Go!
  14. Hash

    Twilight Princess to use Revolution controller Rumors have been flying around for a while now about whether or not Twilight Princess would take advantage of the Rev's ability to play gamecube games, and incorporate the Rev controller into it's design, and now its been confirmed! I...
  15. Hash

    Nintendo Completely Unveils Revolution Info To All..........

    ..........At there pre E3 press event next may. (Mwaha, tricked you didn't I?) Anyways, it seems we're gonna have to wait till the next E3 to get all the rev info. Not surprising, I was expecting it to be around then anyways, i'm just glad we have an official date now. Oh ya, the link...
  16. clen

    Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo revolution.

    Just a simple poll asking what console(s) your going to buy (if any) for me, I plan on buying the revolution because im a nintendo fan.
  17. Enix

    Nintendo Revolution LIVE!

    Its gonna be on gamespot in a little but, but they already have some pictures of it up on there site: Looks sexy...
  18. G

    Nintendo Revolution

    This is a must see video. Some people say this is the actual product some people say its false, you be the judge but its amazing and would be a great experince. Let me know some of your views on it if you watch it...
  19. Mr. Satans

    Casshern, Cinema Revolution?

    It seems a new era in movies has begun. Making a live action movie based off of an anime has never turned out quite right, until now. The movie is called "Casshern" and is based off of the 1973 anime Shinzo Ningen Casshan (Casshan: Robot Hunter in ENGLISH). Casshern takes everything good...
  20. -=SSJ 4 Goku=-

    Super Saiyan Pride Revolution?!

    Recruiting is not permitted on the ESF Forums. Please refrain from doing so in the future. Best of luck on your project. ~Majin_You
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