1. Logan4434


    I made a Tapion,but when i try to compile it MS3D crashes here are some pics: if anyone can help my SN for AIM is XXMOnkEYmaN289XX
  2. USSJ3-Vegeta

    Bebi Vegeta (Re-Skin)

    **EDIT** Try Links Now Hopefully they will work! Anywayz first off i like to give all credit to Ersens for making the model for ESF...He made this model I just Re-Skinned it...well anywayz heres the Bebi Vegeta I Did...only a 35 min job and plus I couldnt find any good pics of him so I did...
  3. Y

    DakD isn't this your Ssj3 goku?

    hey DakD i think some dude stole your goku ssj3
  4. Logan4434

    Bebi Vegita reskin

    I have a reskin i made if a vegita i dled here just needs to be hosted
  5. Kman3252

    Gohan In Piccolo outfit Reskin WIP

    This is my first reskin. The ears are big because i cant model so i cant edit them.Tell me what you think and what i should change. Well heres a pic. sorry had to take off pic
  6. B

    Mystic Gohan in ssj form This yall i made!SO THIS DOEN"T MEAN THAT I NEED TO GIVE THAT MODELER CREDIT WELL I AM SOON I GONNA him GIVE 50$ Bucks
  7. E

    Normal Goku

    Can Someone make or post a link to an old post, to a normal model good reskin please??
  8. E

    SSJ Bebi Vegeta

    I've seen the cool model of bebi Vegeta so I thought what would happen if he transforms into a SSJ so I've created this guy: <img border="0" src="" width="903" height="598"> <a href="">SSJ...
  9. Wuying Ren

    WIP Future Goku reskin

    I made a reskin of the Goten model by God Gundam he get credits and stuff. This is future Goku he appears in a dbz/dbgt special 100 years after dbz he is the grandson of pan. Here is the skin: notice I don't changed the face only the bandana on his head (I say this because it...
  10. .FM.

    rs vegeta?

  11. TehMuffinMan

    bebi vegeta reskin

    *cough* anyways, tell me wat u think! >>UPDATED PICCY<<<
  12. Wuying Ren

    Reskin of Styreta Armor Trunks

    Hi I downloaded the new Trunks by Styreta and made a reskin. I give him all rights. And the ESF team too.
  13. Vegito1180

    SSJ4 Vegeta

    I am working on a ssj4 vegeta skin here's (the pic quality is crapy beacuse of paint) is the link to it and i am planning to redo the chest using adobe photoshop and jasc phototshop pro.tell me what you think?(Oh This Model Isnt Mine I...
  14. D

    Gohan new skin !!! <==

    Hi i made a new skin for Gohan this is it please give me a comments here can u download him.
  15. TehMuffinMan

    >>>first Aura!!!<<<<<

    Thats right guyz, the first totally new aura, model and everything! heres a piccy: trust me, youll love it, it looks much better in game >>>link<<<
  16. Vladdie

    can someone help me

    i'm making a reskin for myself of ssjvegeta but i cant put shadows on his hair. can someone please help me
  17. S

    Majin Vegeta Reskin

    To download click this link: MVegeta I only have Ssj Version for now I'll upload Regular form in a bit.. Enjoy,
  18. |Da|K|

    Reskin of majin veg.

    butt i dont know how to show the screen shot of him can some one tell me plz?:cry:
  19. USSJ3-Vegeta

    Reskin of AZN's Majin Vegeta!

    Ok this is my first time doing this so dont go flamming me or dissing on was 5-10 min job because i wanted to test it only things i did was add some nonrealistic blood ;/ some weird looking dirt stuff and a couple of rips in clothes...but next time i will spend more time...
  20. S

    Reskin of ssjgoku

    i editted the original skin from the ssjgoku model that comes with esf, lookie what i made (i did NOT make this model nor the skin, i only editted it)