1. B0Bmaster40000

    Mappers Needed for Project:FW

    im a lone mapper bearing a heavy load at the moment with all the maps being planned for Futora Warfare. I would appreciate any help. For more information, go here: if u wish to join, pm me here or leave a post in our forums
  2. Cold Steel

    My new map.

    Owk just as i said i was going to create a new map. Well here it is. Give some constructive critisism.:p btw you all know the deal just copy...
  3. M


    Ok, on esf_city, there are good road/building textures that i wanna use. i cant find them. what are they called when u add the esf.wad to valve hammer? >.<
  4. H

    Dolphin WP

    Dolphins kickass but get no respect i tell ya
  5. H

    New Map????

    Is anyone working on a map for when vegeta and goku first met like in the mountain's, and if has all ready been made can you give me the link
  6. D

    Link Fixed

    The link works just remove the dot at the end of the link for the slow minded Whoops, wrong button should be a reply to A Mystic Gohan? Sorry O_o
  7. J

    Valve hammer

    I have a problem with valve hammer every time i try to compile a messgae comes up saying couldnt open wad and so i i remove wad from texture screen and use another one and same message pops up
  8. Morrone

    Sounds- The Basics

    Alright, I have gotten half a dozen PMs asking how to make sounds ever since I released my first soundpack. So I decided to make this thread to teach everyone the basics on how to make sounds for ESF. If the mods want they can sticky this. First you need a sound program. I suggest Goldwave...
  9. D

    Where can i get a mystic gohan model??

    I saw the one at red saiyan but i dont want one that is like bruised up or ne thing so is there one that is just like that one but just not bruised up? Thanx
  10. Marauder

    Specter's Wallpaper Thread

    Wp thread ok, so i wont start floding the forums with threads, ill make one ^.^ here is my 2nd wp, i will post more when i make em^^
  11. T

    i need new piccolo skin

    Can some one make a new piccolo skin with him more buff looking not so skiny he looks really weak in the game he needs skined!!!!
  12. GotenksOwnz

    PSP little bit of help

    Hi i want to know how do i remove the backround from a pic so i am left with the person or oject i want to work with. I am using PaintShop Pro thanx for any help.
  13. mysticssjgoku4

    Mao Problems

    ok Heres One Thing Ive Found Out Wrong About Map Creating For ESF. I tried making four cameras in my map and they did not work. i followed the totourials for it over and over but they still didnt work. plz help
  14. B

    A rare pic Model

    i seen this rare pic but i didn't knwo this model i found it when i was online so i didn't make it i found it one sort of utDBZ who cares It cooL! And its for halflife for all those noobs like Blood_Rain
  15. |Da|K|

    my sigs tell me...

    hello here are some of my sigs over the weeks that i made..... sorry cant show you my homepage of sig then you see all my futre ones :D :talk:
  16. D

    what do u think about my Signature ?

    yeah is it good or not and any comments ?
  17. Grim`


    do you like my crappy pictures ? :/ ( crappy ) i think they suck :/
  18. Vegito1180

    SSJ4 Vegeta

    I am working on a ssj4 vegeta skin here's (the pic quality is crapy beacuse of paint) is the link to it and i am planning to redo the chest using adobe photoshop and jasc phototshop pro.tell me what you think?(Oh This Model Isnt Mine I...
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    i need a critque

    well my first 3ds max/photoshop sig what u think? any suggestions for future? fonts/ 3d design/character ect..
  20. Ryoko

    Sig (crit me!)

    Yeah there they be. First sig since thread shut down! Crit me!