1. catfish

    Outer space arena map

    I'm not one to talk about bad maps because I've tried mapping before and it's a hard task. But i have some suggestions about the esf_battlearena map. 1. Make it higher a bit - you come out of the arenas and hit your head almost straight away, it feels claustrophobic. Just a suggestion. 2...
  2. C

    a problem with the sig

    í don't know how i can get my sig under my tekst ;D O_O :p :tired: :cry:
  3. J

    Sonic Blue (contest)

    Nazghul said something about a contest, can someone fill me on that? :o just posting this:
  4. Phobius

    WP Contest Voting

    Wallpaper Contest. I've decided too do some artwork contests. For the first week it will be a wallpaper contest, then we will do some scanned art image contests and go from there. Their are some rules I wanted to go over before we start this. All images need to be posted by Sunday, Septemeber...
  5. Ryoko

    Well, shucks to this, New Ryoko wallpaper for me!

    Btw, this isn't spam, I just created another Ryoko wallpaper :p Better than my other one I did imo. Lets see what you guys think. It is a work in progress wallpaper, and may change.
  6. suicidal_maniac

    A new sig I made.

    I just finished a new sig. I was gonna give it to anyone who wanted it but first I want to get out any flaws so I need some opinions.
  7. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?
  8. S

    Atmosphereics .V 01

    Hey guys, I jsut finished my new wallpaper. Enjoy * By the way, Celestial Designs is my clan* Some C n' C please :)
  9. I

    Remove Krillin? Add more bad guys?

    I was just thinking, eventually there will be level 3 super saiyans and such powerful characters that little krillin will be easily surpassed. I'm not trying to dis Krillin, but I don't think it would be that kool to keep him as he has no natural transformations. There should be more bad...
  10. I

    NEW MODEL ryuno check it!!!

    my latest model just finished it!!!!!! it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!(i think it is) feed back plz
  11. Big Bang Attack

    Im trying to put a pic up

    title says it all
  12. S

    Gosh My Face Is RED!

    lol look at this... its my ACTUAL SKIN WITHOUT THE SKINMAP BACKWARDS... My Real Skin Of Brolli
  13. S

    remove power levels

    Some ppl dis agree with me on this but the problem with the power level thing is that when there is a server that has been up running for, x amount of hours, when a person joins, It would be like boom, he's gone. Also if someone gets 36 kills, and soneone else only gets 8 kills, it will be...
  14. NeOn LimiT

    Models to look at!

    Here is a site (by me) of models i been making. feel free to look around and find out more information on "more info". and tell me your getting better. I am starting to skin my models and they are turning out well . please visit>>> 3dsolids -NeoN :p
  15. D

    My Kooler And Metal Kooler Skins!!!!!!

    I made some really bad ass skins, these will replace Frieza of course, Kooler and Metal Koller!!!!! So if you want em' get em here or at the home of the [SSJD]! All credit goes to me and and our Clan. Thanks! I think you'll like em! Kooler-