1. L

    to Zero, Dj Ready, or any good mapper

    hey i was wondering if someone can edit or make the map esf_BattleArena to have a invisiable wall in the middle say u cant cross side because im gonna make a beam wars only no crossing sides and no melee i was just wondering if someone could help.
  2. Lethal_Vegetto

    How To Get Your Comp Ready For HL2

    CS.S screenie of how to get your computer ready for HalfLife 2
  3. PiXel

    Be ready

    ...sSprites! Like After im back i will make screenshots and u see new sprites wich will be MAYBE RELEASED! Because they all r for UtF.... :laff: *edit* I will not post these sprites if nobody write here somethin! :]
  4. Goten-son

    Who is ready for spider-man 2?

    Hey who all is ready for Spider-man 2 the movie? I AM! lol i got my ticket to the midnight premiere on tuesday! ^_^!
  5. S

    well my models are ready

    yep i,ve upload them on esf-world after i had to fix them because my little bro fuked them up i,m relly getting pissed of with him ;(
  6. S

    Well were ready to start making new models!!!!!!!!

    Yep we are know all waiting the arival of esf 1.2 which i,m sure will be a great success! (as always it is) when finaly it does come out i,m all ready to make new models for esf 1.2 like 100% frieza which i have released for 1.1 on esf-world hopefully it will be up soon i,m making a new one for...
  7. T

    Are u ready Kakorate!

    my new cell shaded vegeta and black line like budokai 2. Steal not done hope u like it. ;)
  8. S

    chibi trunks done and ready to be skinned

    credits to Xstortionist for the nonssj hair, neon and elemantal4q2 for the sword. i went on ahead and skinmapped it. heres the link to the model. please post your work here.
  9. Kreshi

    Goku SSJ ready for skinning

    The Goku SSJ model is done and in ESF playable!!!!! I just have to skin it :smile: Here an ingame pic of the "not skinned" model: The pic quality is very bad, and the parts of the model aren´t regrouped and cleared :smile: It will look much better ingame and will be "battle damage"...
  10. S

    Trunks model - ready for skinning

    ive finished the non ssj of trunks. its my first pbp model and my first skinmap. if anyone wants to skin it catch me on aim or pm me. and if u skin it u can alter the skinmap anyway u want. heres a pic of my attempted skin (its my first :fight: ).
  11. CM

    Muscle Tutorial (Skinning) (Not Zereth's)

    well, i use a different style thats not like the one zereth uses. theyre both good in my opinion, but for starting skinners this is easier. i wont make this based on a skinmap since no skinmap is l33t enough for my skills (yeah right) this is ONLY for photoshop users (i dont have FFD4B2sp...
  12. Z

    Arctic Goku ready to compile and load!

    Ok I made an Arctic SSJ Goku I skinned him myself (Chest from arctic from CS) I compile it crashes.... Need someone to compile it Forgot who made the SSJ Goku Model so please tell me. url deleted by s-bolt-- because of 56k unfriendly
  13. Bryggz

    Back on the modeling scene, with a lil sumpin' sumpin'- wip's a chest....but i made it entirely poly by poly, i'm working on the arms, this character will be completely original, and I'm releasing it to more than just the esf community, I'll also be skinning it, when i'm ready, anyways, Crits? I'll update this thread with new pics whenever...
  14. K

    hmm... strange...

    am i the ONLY one who has trunks' sword go back in his sheath and STAY there? BUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  15. I

    I got a texture problem

    Guys i wanted to remake the ESF vegeta skin cuz like i want green colours to suit my name and stuff... but i opened the texture using modelviewer, i then exported the texture into adobe photoshop and attempted to alter the texture, i changed the colour settings to RGB instead of indexed and...
  16. S


    the first time i wsa actually serios about modeling somthing, and i didnt make the textures, i used the same photo i used for reference for them i know the tip of the blade is a ll messed up but other than that it seems fine to me as of now comments and crits please update below
  17. Messiah Daz

    Im Back And Ready To Go!

    Yep Im back into mapping. Im sure my old friend Dj-Ready will be there to help like he used to. I need some ideas on a map to make. I am thinking of my own city version? Well cmon people IDEAS!
  18. G

    Some good water map

    :p Does anyone know some high water map with some air space??? And sometimes I can't submit reply to thread!!! Goodie,the crown of yewels...
  19. B

    Yay At Least!!!!!!!!!

    i did it now i know how to make a model from now on all that i will do is making some so be ready all (damn i cant belive i did it!:devgrin: !!!"
  20. L


    nc_riverside like esf_riverside where it has the river going down the middle off the map and has mountain things around it. has waterfall and stuff... Screen shots,