1. TeKNiK

    Random Penning h4x

    The pen tool, once my arch nemises, and myself have came to terms so to speak, or maybe I just learned how to use it. Thus, I've shifted my style from a abstract brushing style to teh Pen for teh win. ( Some of the lines are kinda pixelated for some reason, They weren't like that in...
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    random lineart by me

    yeah just random illustrator moments
  3. T

    About random crashes

    I noticed that the random crashes that happens disappeared when I installed amxx and I thought that hl.dll could be the causing this random crash bug cause you disable that when you add the metamod.dll line in liblist.gam. I haven't tested this on any other comp than my own so it's possible that...
  4. Guru_San

    Random Old Pieces

    Yo i found an old old sig sitei forgot bout, but i found these things i made for my old PFX site, check it out lol C+C if ye want but i dont have them anymore lol... many many years of formatting! -SaN Man..oO- The old legend amoung.. only you forgot me, im in there...
  5. Guru_San

    Random Anime thing oO

    just found it, tis old lol but check its like some little person!! -SaN
  6. Diablos

    Some random stuff from my sketchbook.

    College has been over for me now for about 2 weeks so untill september i've got loads of time to mill around and look at my stuff. Today i decided to sift through my work done over the last year and i found one of my older, more "fun" sketchbooks. I scanned the pics in for a friend but i decided...
  7. R

    For superhero fans!! (Yes, another random thread)

    This and my other thread donald duck are very .. random.. Anyways I am a HUGE super hero fan, but the ones I want to talk about now are Spiderman, and Superman They both lead normal, mild mannered lives. Then when trouble arises, they rip open their shirt and poof, their a superhero. My...
  8. A

    A random thread yey! Where do u ppl live :o

    Where do you guys live? What city do you live near? I live in california and I live near burlingame and redwoodcity :o
  9. Soulicro

    Random sig

    I made a random sig... anyone who wants it can take it... just post here first if you are. If you want me to add/change anything to it i can... thats it. Here it is:
  10. R

    Random everytime..I say cheater

    Ok I got it when everyone did..and I am pretty good. Well I ran into a person named Tenacious D and he was good but something was really itchin me and the reason is for that was. he in melee alone was almost ALWAYS (maybe one hit would land) flawless its was a trip at first I thought "wow hes...
  11. W

    Random Arrows and throws

    Now I'm not sure if this is actually implemented or no, but eh... Would it be viable for the percent chance of a random arrow popping up in melee to be higher the greater the PL advantage one had over another? So if one person had, say, 2x the power of another, then there would be a greater...
  12. D

    random arrows

    Is there something that you can do to cause your attacks to come up as random arrows for the person your attacking? Like does the random arrows apear randomly during the adv. melee or is there something you can do to influence if random arrows will apear for the other guy? I have been told that...
  13. G

    General random 1.2 melee question

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, I know you forum admins are like Vegeta when it comes to closing posts :) Just a simple question, when characters are thowing their punches and kicks, will there be sound effects for the character thrusting their arms and legs in the air hitting the...
  14. Zeth

    -=A Random Visit=-

    Hmm. Err... howdy? Can't believe I finally registered. Umm. I hope to have a bit of fun arguing randomly with people ^_^ ~Zeth
  15. M

    A whole bunch of Random suggestions...

    1. Taunts - there should be a button that makes your character shout out some dialogue from the series - they sure talk enough! 2. A new move for Buu/possibly Cell - A sort of grid laser that instantly kills and is very fast, but uses up a lot of power and needs to be accurate. Cell used it...
  16. Sunslayer

    Just a random story i thought of

    High above the cold gray structures, high above the worn tiles and dust, the sun was shining. It was so hot today, that even the sky seemed to have a shade of yellow. Terrible day for a mission. Time will not rest however, and neither will the sun. Running from one wall the the next I soon...
  17. E

    random 2d abstract

    my artwork thread ___________________________________________________________
  18. F

    random crashing(new)

    for some odd reason, when ever im playing a game on esf, it randomly gets out of esf and takes me to my desktop.... i dunno what it is becasue it JUST started doing this. it started yesterday. and i dunno whats going on. the last things i did to esf is install evm, and change my resolution. any...
  19. R

    Random thought I had....

    OK, my bro came back with his DBZ DVDs and well, I decided to watch them because early DBZ is the shiz but thats not what I'm gonna suggest like Yajirobe mode where you cut off Vegeta's tail D: ---- What I was thinking is turning a beam at a 90 degree angle in an INSTANT. Now it people...
  20. S

    3 Random Fusions

    Well i was thinking about random fusions, and i did a few doodles, im hoping to model one of em (no promises, and if i do it'll probably be crap), i put a request for a random fusion in the final request thingy, and i said i'd draw any refs if anyone needs one, but heres a few idea's i was...