1. Zeonix

    Random Ideas

    So I don't have an internet connection at home atm, so I've been playing with bots. Yeah, yeah, bots are horrible. I already know that, but they give me the opportunity to think while I play, and for that reason I love them. 1) The ESF Team is trying to make 1.3 an entirely new experience for...
  2. SA_Gohan

    Beginning's End: Random Fantasy Fic

    I started on this story along time ago in the name of a roleplay I used to be a part of. It started off being based loosely in the Dragon Ball Z world, but the story itself, and the backstory driving it has developed so far along on its own that I think its too far from its origins to be called...
  3. M

    Random Facts

    If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!)...
  4. Delusional

    Random Crashes and Disconnections?

    Well i recently started playing again (weee i love it) and everytime i join i server after about 30 mins i either crash...or disconnect...I have no clue whats going on but it's pretty annoying (resetting score/PL or even full server i was just in) *EDIT** All my drivers are updates No error...
  5. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Random failures when booting..

    I had to perform a format today due to a nasty little virus (got rid of it, but damaged critical .dll files from Windows).. Ohwell, no problem, fresh Windows install couldn't hurt.. Now, everthing is OK, all drivers are in place and working.. But the weirdest thing happens when I try to...
  6. [SAS]Orion

    Speaker Problem - random frequent "Popping"

    The title says it all really. My speakers have recently started popping, very frequently but still randomly, whenever I turn them on. This occurs even if I play no music, or do anything. I've reset the cabling, and they still do it, and i've also noted that it seems to be my front ones...
  7. Kaination

    Random restarts --> diskboot failure

    Well, if I leave my PC idle for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) my compute rrestarts and when it loads up, i get some error messages. Two out of three are Disk Read Error. and second one is Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected boot Device and press a key...
  8. ZeroNightmare

    Archive of Random Cool things!

    why dont we start a thread of cool things youve made in photoshop or whatever. i just downloaded some brushes cus i havent messed with ps in a while and i figurede eh why not, havent seen what other people can do for a bit either. post some of your stuff. i'll post mine later use imageshack...
  9. Ravendust

    Random Signouts?

    Is anyone else getting signed out randomly? I find after ten minutes or so I have to re-enter my username and password and it's really annoying. Another feature of the new server? The database errors have cleared up but now this is bugging me.
  10. T


    Ok i hope to get the ball rolling again in these dusty parts of the forum. Therefore i'm launching the: "MEGA COOL ULTRA RANDOM DRAWING THREAD"!!!! ... ehm yeah. for all your drawing and artistic needs. If you want to draw something, anything at all, grab your pencil, do it and post it...
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    random metal gear wallpaper

    i didnt do much to the overall image and im not ganna claim i did a whole lot with the background, a couple scratchy grunge brushes and there ya go. wallpaper is here if ya want to use it enjoy
  12. P

    random melee teleportation

    My idea is that when in advanced melee, the two people engaged randomly teleport around the map as to avoid being blown away by someone just waiting for you to get out of it. the teleportation is automatic, and doesn't cost the two engaged any energy.
  13. Wolf Devil

    Random Question - YAY!

    Ok, I know this is a weird question, but I didn't have anything else to do at this point time, sooo... Why not ask you people? Does anybody know if exposure to moon light actually makes you paler? I've heard it has, but I kind of doubt it... Is there like such a thing as a MOON TAN...
  14. J

    omg, name a random thing that sparks a random thought!

    well, i was browsing a thread and i read this: and i INSTANTLY went and played Metallica's "Creeping Death" since it has the line: So let it be written So let it be done, I'm sent here by the chosen one. So let it be written So let it be done, To kill the first born Pharoas son. Im...
  15. X

    Random mouse locks

    While I'm playing, sometimes the mouse will lock and no matter how much I move the mouse the crosshair and such don't budge. After a second or so it unlocks. This happens randomly and I have no clue why, help would be appreciated. :fight:
  16. KilledWithStyle

    Random homeing of Kametorps and Scatterbeam -- REASON

    I dont know if this will help the team, but I would like to expand on the bug of (mainly) the Kame torps going to unknown "entities". First off, I have figured this out after spending much time in my own server and realizeing that this bug isnt only in riverside. I have seen this bug in many...
  17. Guru_San

    more random stuff... o.O

    just some randoms i found floatin on me laptop.. blue variation -SaN
  18. )V(-=Vaelaar=-

    Just a Random Sketch...

    Vegeta Sketch Yeah, nothing special here. Not intended for any future use in particular, so keep crits to a reasonable level. Any and all are welcome though, comments included. I'm sure you can figure out who it is... :S
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    random naruto lineart

    so i got board and was just drawing after watching some naruto so here is the result. at this point i draw 50 times better with a mouse then with a pen
  20. I

    A really random Gif movie I made

    I was looking at jp's gif movies and wanted to try my own, well here goes...