1. Zero12

    How do i go majin in big pack 8.4v

    Well like the title says how in the name of hell do i go majin in big pack seriously its impossible i use pl changer put it to 70mli i damage my self til 10hp (emo move there)and no button or icon of some sort and i tried transforming and nothing so can someone help me.
  2. D

    Help skill

    Hi all.sorry when i combat online...a lot of people do a combo...and after.. catch me and put me away...how i can do this?
  3. SG_SSJ!

    Can I put the crosshair used in 1.3 in 1.2.3?

    Can I put the new crosshair in 1.2.3?
  4. H

    I didint know where to put this but...

    i know there is other mods beside esf but i dont even have esf yet but just for future refrence how do i make a mod work on half-life1
  5. W

    Where do i put patches?

    I downloaded the patches but i dont know where to put them. Can someone direct me please. Thank you.
  6. Deanio^

    ok i was told to put this thread in here

    ok so i got a cool pic for my signature(im getting somewhere i think) so im tryin put bubbles round my pic but i 4got how too i did it before but forgot someone tell me?... im usin photoshop CS2 btw
  7. G

    How put models to play?

    hey everyone, how i can play with the new models? where i have to put the archives?? somebody hellp thx
  8. Solent

    How to put sound in animation

    Hi all... sory for create a post for this question Somebody knows a form to add a sound for some animation?.. Example: the brolli of SS and Kama when hi run or when hi strikes EDIT: ANDD....? =P... somebody knows?
  9. I

    How do I go about creating my own skin to put on a model

    I want to create my own skin but I haven't the faintest clue where to start. Could someone please help me out and give me some clues as to what I should do. thanks
  10. S

    where to put different stuff?

    Look i downloaded model for super buu. thers alot of differnet stuff and i dont know where to put what?? its so confusing.. theres gfx. some descriptions that say character: super buu transformation: Gotenks buu or sumthin and attacks and so on and then theres models. and so on so on.. man wut...
  11. S

    Where to put the mod?

    I downloaded a Raditz model but where do i put the files?
  12. [F.co]Kirby

    umm yeah i dunno where else to put this

    i dunno where else to post this question but what type of 3d modeler do you guys use like (CRAP i forget the higher end one all i remeber is the lower ended free ware version) o well since i can't remeber what its called who uses gmax? lol cause thats pretty good at 3d modeling if you don't...
  13. T

    how do i put a cel shaded model in esf

    i think its cell shaded at least... can put it in esf? if yes...then how?
  14. T

    Cover in colour

    Ok I coloured it but I'm not quite satisfied with the beam maybe I should lose it? Or does someone know how to do them properly.
  15. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  16. Gogeta91

    edit model to fit esf trunks

    theres a model i found that sux and could sumone edit it to fit the original esf trunks. put on the capsule corp skin with a sword i doesn't hav a sword. and when it does b attack f buster and ki beam he does sumthin wierd if u could edit it tnx. here it is...
  17. I

    Buu Saga Vegeta WIP

    it started a while back when i was making goku... well i decided to make goku and vegeta from the buu saga... then i said... forget goku he's no good character anyway... so i did Vegeta TADA! Ok.. Ok... Ive accidently deleted my goku model when i was cleaning out of my "My Documents...
  18. L

    any maps to give

    if u have maps give me the shortcut to download them thanks u know were to put shortcut i hope see ya thanks
  19. Optional

    Finding And Fixing Errors with Your Log File

    When you compile a map in the source directory, it will leave several text files. In one of them, you will have a log of all the text that was put in the compile. This is how you can fix errors. Example errors: MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES Max_leaf_faces Leaf portal saw into leaf === LEAK in hull...
  20. S

    How Im New To This Game

    how do i get the models such as gotenks,vegetto,etc to work in the game
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