1. M

    ESF ECX RC2 Problems

    This looks like a fun game, but I'm having some problems with it. First, ordinary Open Beta Final seems completely unable to find servers on the in-game browser. Is there a way to fix that? On private servers that I start for myself, it crashes whenever any bots are created. On ECX RC2 the...
  2. FalconFury

    FileFront problems: Cannot download ESF 1.2.3 files

    I am unable to download Earth Special Forces Swoop Trail Plugin and the Swoop dust from FileFront. Can you guys please reinstall these 2 files? and the bounce plugin? thank you. and this to. The ESF powerlevel changer (Hint: Put this file in...
  3. G

    Problems with ECX... oh dear.

    Ok, I find this very, VERY odd, and this has happened a lot, mind you. :rolleyes: I've been trying to get ECX working on ESF for a while now. First few attempts had me confused, as nothing had changed in the game, despite me installing ECX into the ESF folder, as my friend, who has an...
  4. MrDJSilva

    Server Problems for Windows

    im getting this on my server the server is windows esf Game dll version mismatch dll version 140, engine version is 140 the game dll for esf appears to be outdated, check for updates
  5. Dawntilldusc

    problems with steam

    Anybody here every had and updating error from steam? somthing like Error: Unable to open bin/friendsUI.dll for writing (errno.... cause i got one today. Can't seem to fix it either. I even checked the support page...nothing. Anyway..tell us all about your steam related problems and what-not
  6. R

    Problems with ESF 1.3 open beta final

    As I can do to combat the esf 1.3 open beta final? in the stable version appears a way to combat that in 1.3 I can not use, I can only give a blow, can you help? thanks in advance greetings!
  7. Dzamija

    Bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse, experiencing problems.

    Well, I just bought a wireless keyboard and mouse from a guy for 12 €, pretty nice price if I do say so myself, but as expected, something's amiss. Namely, they work perfectly when I'm not using them at the same time. But, as soon as I try to use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously, I...
  8. C

    Problems with steam and the open beta

    When installed I don't see the Open Beta in steam, I only see the 1.2.3 final.. What should I do to see it? :p
  9. Z

    Help A Noobie Out with Install Problems

    I Just got 1.2.3 version and i have halflife installed but everytime i try to do a LAN match with bots everytime i click create game it pops up with a half life window saying "could not load from library C:/SIERRA/Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll" can anyone help me i used to play a long time...
  10. Sicron

    Windows 7/Vista installation problems

    I have posted this on the forums, the type of machine I am trying to install windows on is a Samsung R510, t5800, 9200M GS, 4GB of RAM. Now, in the mean while, I have been able to install Windows XP, and have been able to update the BIOS. Yet the problems with installing...
  11. MrPlow

    Help an idiot solve simple math problems

    A small brick of text. If you don't wanna read just look at the bottom of the post there is the question. Well there is this "new" thing my beloved country of Croatia came up with for students who finished high school and want to go to college called "State matura" which is basically a series...
  12. C

    ESF 1.3 Open Beta Final install problems.

    hello i followed the instructions to install ESF yet im still having trouble. i dont see esf iin my steam list of games nor can i find an .exe to run the game. if anyone can help that would be great
  13. J

    Problems with HL and ESF RC2

    !!Quick reply please!! Hi guys, i'm new to this esf game.. i Love dragonball and checked out all games for DB in the world to find one for pc.. and this is probably the only game made for pc.. ^^ Well.. i got these problems.. First of all I've bought and downloaded Half-Life through steam...
  14. NehuIII

    Two problems with models and players (512)

    This is the problem: Reading bot_names file... done Reading bot_chat file... done Reading bot_personalities file... done Reading sbot.cfg file... done Reading skill.cfg file... done L 04/24/2010 - 13:15:20: -------- Mapchange to sdbz_earth -------- L 04/24/2010 - 13:15:22: [AMXX]...
  15. MikeOfHeaven

    problems with maps

    on this video: you will see on 1:07 those are bigger maps (openbeta) i installed the openbeta but i got the old namek map from esf 1.2.3 where can i get that big namek map??? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 02:47 PM has...
  16. C

    bigpack 8.4 problems

    im having alot of trouble with bigpack, fight i got bigpack from both links on the site but i cant seem to be able to run the exe(application) i extract with winrar and when i extract the logo just extracts no application could someone help me with that i would really appreciate that.
  17. N

    trouble making a lan game

    hey yea wen i try to make a game on lan it always says it cant find the ipx file or somthing and the problem was wsaensock. eny one no how to fix this?
  18. h4wkforever

    esf problems

    hi i got some problems with esf . 1. Every time i load a map and i start to play i add bots. If i add a bot it always crashes and gives this error : MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed (this problem is with the open beta final) 2. I just bought another half...
  19. limbachiyavishal

    client.dll problems

    I'm having problem with client.dll when I run esf 1.2.3. it says me could not load directory /half life/esf/client/client.dll.... how can I fix it and play esf?
  20. C

    Problems with Installing

    Hello i am having problems with installing ESF 1.2.3. I have downloaded it and now i am installing it. When it comes to the part where you have the change the destination, I choose browse and find my path and then I highlight Half-Life and the OK button at the bottom is still grey'd out, as...