1. Sting

    Which one you prefer

    It has been almost 2 years ago I have tryed to set up a league for esf. But not many where intrested back then. Now that ESF: Final is on its way I am busy again making the league possible again. Been working a little bit on it for example new logo but also diffrend theme's. I have been working...
  2. Greenberet

    I prefer cats then dogs...

    Cats are able to climb...dogs not... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
  3. Phobius

    What do you prefer?

    Sitting on a cold toilet seat doing your business or a nice warm seat where somebody could have sat on it in the past 20 mins or so and done their business? I vote cold knowing nobody sat on it in the past hour or so and plus the shock sitting down helps it to exit faster then sitting on an...
  4. -Blaze-

    what dbz version do you prefer?

    What dbz version do you prefer and why? I prefer the japanese version, becouse i like voices, especially Vegeta.
  5. imkongkong

    which new console do u prefer?

    ps3 nintendo revolution xbox360
  6. D

    What do you prefer in a game?

    What do you prefer in a game you will most likely buy? Graphics, Gameplay or a good story? I myself, prefer gameplay over graphics, I can enjoy a 2D RPG or a 2D Fighting as much as a 3D RPG or a 3D Fighting game, I do not really care what kind of story the game has got, I can be quite...
  7. P

    Suinaides wallpaper (my anime) (not complete)

    this is a wallpaper for the anime im makin. its not complete but i thought i'd show anyways. some mild crits r accepted if u cant see it copy and paste this
  8. Devion

    new background.

    <img src=""> Made a new background for my pc srry for the high resolution but my pc has this resolution.
  9. sexyasian86

    Omg Goku!!!!!

    don't ask why i'm doing this for you guys. i got bored, and i still love you guys. but i dunno. is this model as sweet as an angel or what. i found a reference picture somewhere on so i decided. OMG i should do it! a blue version of this is available, but i was too lazy to make...
  10. Z

    new pics..

    heres some new stuff i made while i was away, crits please
  11. Z

    Making Skins

    where can i get a program that i can make skins in? do i have to be a good painter/drawer to make a good skin?
  12. B


    u know that goten that god gundam made well it sucks Its even better if there is saoud included that model
  13. X

    Request for a freiza model replacement

    I aint saying to DO IT or im not demanding anything. I cant model myself. But if someone would be as of so kind to make two zarbon models? I would prefer it any time over freiza. And come to think of it Zarbon was pretty much a cool villian. cept I almost lost interest when he turned into a...
  14. M

    req. drawing tuts

    can someone please give some tuts of learning how to draw manga's and stuff?? i've already got but i dont get it, i would really like it if it was a dutch site 2 or an english.
  15. Ryoko

    POLL: Which sig and avatar should I use?

    I'll add to this thead again if I make some more bu the question is this: Sig and avatar a) or b) My current one.
  16. C

    I need a SIG !!

    hi ESF peeps, i have a question who want to make for me a TEKKEN sig. i want a TEKKEN sig because i'm a huge fan of TEKKEN :yes: i hope someone will make that for me ! if you want to sent me an e-mail this is my e-mail adress: [email protected] :notice: :D
  17. Megasaxon

    Bask in the glory that is......

    ...nevermind that, just have a gander at my new avatar and sig :) and stuff :p
  18. X

    New Background

    Hey wanna see my Little New Background?? then contact me at AIM: Xsisthedj the background file is about 700 kb so its to big to upload..
  19. D

    Completed Work

    Use this thread to post your stuff that you have completed. I'll have some stuff up VERY soon, and please post your stuff here as well.
  20. P

    New Sig =)

    Hi, im new to the forums, just thought id show you guys the sig i plan to use =) tell me what you think