1. E

    Piccolo WIP

  2. Chitenga

    Piccolo's Scatter Shot

    Well im suggesting this because the current scatter shot works like a Renzoku (sp?) (You know Rapid Ki blast). All you need to do is hold both Primary and secondary fires to kill your enemy in a hail of ki blast. What i want is so piccolo's scatter shot is more like the KameTorpedos exept im...
  3. Shao

    Piccolo Suggestion

    Unless the ESF Team is planning to model a new superb Piccolo, may I suggest a look at this?
  4. Shuyin

    Piccolo Suggestions

    Special Beam Cannon : Really needs to be attached. Instead of exploding on players it would be better to pierce and perhaps continue to pierce players in the way of it untill it hits the wall/floor/sky. Scattershot : Was near enough fine in 1.1, but seems to have degraded in 1.2 The...
  5. D

    Piccolo new move

    For 1.3 i think piccolo should have new move. the which he uses on cell Chobakuretsumaha[
  6. H

    Piccolo's attack

    I found a attack that piccolo has that isnt in the game called Makosen, and no I didnt misspell masenko . take a lookie here http://100megsfree4.com/abcsofdbz/techniques.html heres another page http://www.myfavoritegames.com/dragonball-z/Info/AttackList/0-B.htm you can never have...
  7. H

    piccolo remodel for upcoming evm release

    I remodelled the 1.2 piccolo model to make piccolo's form 3 and form 4 for the evolution mod. form 4 has the red eyes
  8. G

    My first skin ever (Piccolo) after a Goku skin try, u curios to see how it turns?

    hello is me again. First of all I didn't made this Piccolo model, a member from the team named D2 build it ^^ Here is my first skin ever after a Goku skin try out (working time: FORGET IT, took me 32 hours from my life) http://forums.hollowinteractive.com/HOOD/o.../piccolo(2).jpg...
  9. S

    Finnished DBZ HOOD Piccolo

    well it's been 2 weeks i think i can post now and i'll start off by introducing the nicely done render of my piccolo model (skin is in the works) and i have learned how 2 animate so i wil so costom animations for piccolo (takes a while) and i have started a master roshi WIP c ya...
  10. Trunks_rox

    Piccolo Duplication

    At the start of DBZ Piccolo Duplicates to train so what if you could make a bot clone. Tien can also use it to. and cell could make cel.jr's
  11. T

    Piccolo's special melee sug.

    Have you seen Dragon Ball Z episode 222 where Vegeta performs his Ultimate Sacrifice ? Anyway, Piccolo kill Babidi with one hit and Babidi goes into 3 pieces. I think that attack would be nice in ESF or EVM. Just select that attack, charge it, go near the enemy and release it. Damage should be...
  12. S

    Piccolo Wip

    My New Piccolo Wip since the trunks model was to complacated (and no 1 liked it) so i did another low poly model
  13. L

    A new Piccolo transformation

    In 1.3, he could have 2 transformations. Sync with Nail and Fuse with Kami. He'd be a much popular character... And more people would choose to use him more rather than the normal saiyans.
  14. L

    How Piccolo could be made into a better character... And Trunks, what's up with that.

    I personally, think Piccolo should be better than he is. That's why I have come up with the idea for Piccolo to have regeneration capabilities, like he does in the series. Something similar to Buu, how he can regain hp. Except he could meditate instead, like in the similar position of his...
  15. S

    piccolo and cell

    Shuld piccolo and cell have buus auto life reg? cuz cell and piccolo can do it but my idea is to make it like it drain all your energy and bring your life back so you need to get time to charge
  16. C


    *IDEA* We all know that piccolo in esf is pretty lame and his pl is even more lame so the only way to make him good is to add more attacks. I was thinking off makeing him a new attack,The attack is to make his hands like a beam. You know wen his hands keep going foword and his body is...
  17. hoot

    Piccolo power level

    A thought i had when thinking about my fav esf character. I would have to say cell mainly because of SPC. Piccolo also has this but IMO not many ppl use him because of his cruddy pl. I mean cell also has 1.5 multiplier(excuse my spelling) but he gets other cool attacks. My suggestion is that...
  18. C

    Clones For Krilin And Piccolo

    *A GOOD IDEA* Hello all got an idea,We all know that in dbz Piccolo and Krilin have the "tripel thecnic" that makes 3 of them. So my idea is to add this but with a little change,We shuld put it but you play with your char and the other 2 Krilins or Piccolos will just fly around and will be...
  19. C

    Piccolo's stun animation

    I haven't found anything with search so i posted it: After Piccolo gets prepunched and the players put in/dodge the arrows, there is the wrong stun animation for piccolo. It looks like he's prepunching very slow O_o
  20. samurai^Kurai

    Piccolo 1.2

    i am working on a anime mod for esf 1.2 and wanted to ask if i am allowed to edit the 1.2 piccolo because its one of smos models