1. »

    My idea for a Main Menu (ESF)

    Hello, in this small post I wanted to teach you my little idea of a main menu for ESF, I hope you like it. -Main Menu: I also took the trouble to make a "Map Selection Menu". -Map Selection Menu: I hope you like it and I would like you to leave your opinions in the comments. I...
  2. IFlip92

    Photoshop Edit Help!

    Hi guys, I wasn't sure where to post this but here it goes. I found this awesome picture that I would love to make as my main wallpaper except that there's some gay pretty boy in it that I have been trying for ages to turn him into just a figure of a man. My photoshop skills are well...
  3. Aurum

    DBZ Aura on Photoshop

    Hey guys, I'd like to know guys if you like this image I made with photoshop, I made the aura. I know it's kinda crappy but it's the first time I used Photoshop, I was working with Paint.NET and I decided to 'upgrade' with my software. Please count that I am just a noob with Photoshop. ^_^ I...
  4. ESForever

    All the POTW are edited with photoshop? facebook By JPEGsnoop
  5. Mkilbride

    Anyone with some elite photoshop skills? Got a request. Can you photoshop some blood onto his sword and him holding Osama Bin Ladens head? I'd appreciate it. It's for a contest.
  6. Dzamija

    Making t-shirt in Photoshop, need some help with size.

    Basically, I need to know the size of the image that's supposed to be printed on the front and back of an XL shirt. In inches, cm, mm, pixels, doesn't even matter. Does anyone know the correct measures?
  7. B

    All Photoshop artists click here!

    My sister wants a 22" by 8" 'poster' I guess you could call it that says "My Life Be Like" (i guess it's a song?) in a graffiti like text. I would do it myself, but I haven't worked with photoshop for so long I forgot how to do pretty much everything. Anyone who takes on this task is kick ass...
  8. Sicron

    Photoshop CS5 review, oh my, I think I just came

    So we had this post a couple of weeks ago with the new Content Aware fill, well, here's an entire review on some really nifty new features, the new 3D features seem very interesting as well: I...
  9. Chakra-X

    Sol, a try at a more tonal style of digital painiting

    I enjoy digital paint because of the lack of mess, cost, and convenience of having everything you need on a screen. However, I've done mostly cell shading and not any "realistic" types of shading, so I decided to color in my character Sol in his new design with this style. Inked on paper...
  10. Fusion

    My photoshop stuff

    This is my first image made in Photoshop :D
  11. The Deco

    help - Selective cut on Photoshop

    Hey I want to ask if theres a selective cut in Photoshop. If there is what does it called? Selective cut = Something from a picture I want to copy I ask this because I want to copy the aura from this picture, precisely cut.
  12. Eon

    basic photoshop crap

    So uh, yea, I kinda got bored and messed around with photoshop after reading a few tips and tutorials and made just a planet, real simple, but figured you guys might want to see it, or not.
  13. The Deco

    How do you enlarge sprites with photoshop 8.0?

    How do you enlarge sprites with photoshop 8.0?
  14. The Deco

    Photoshop question

    I want to ask how to make something in photoshop in a blazing, edgy way, NOT SMOOTH. (If it helps like the super Kamehameha Gohan move in budokai 2 and 3 last minute) Thanks :smile: And you know how to make a beam like effect that if it has blazing...
  15. True-Warrior

    All My Photoshop Artwork...It will only let me post 8 @ a time :(

    I know yall might dislike them but I like 2 mess with photoshop in an abstract way instead of it should look right 2 u heres my work...done most of it for ppls what ya think...crits are very welcome <---kinda looking forward 2 it
  16. LionHeart

    I need a guy thats good at photoshop

    Can anyone make me in photoshop a news desk pls? I need it for a project. It doesn't have to be very complex like this one But circular like it, and I don't need any background just the desk. Something like this would look good, it has...
  17. G

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 HELP

    I just downloaded this and i dunno how to make Sigs and all that, can someone give me a tutorial, i am new to all this making Pics thanks, Also how do i get in the CRAZY texts ?
  18. M

    Photoshop Question - Bringing Out Color

    I remember seeing something on this but how do you bring out a specific color in a picture with Photoshop? I know you can mess with the hue or colorize settings but it doesn't give me the effect I'm looking for. I guess it has to do with editing the channels but I'm not entirely sure.
  19. J

    Problem with using text in Photoshop CS2.

    Hey all, having a problem with photshop. When I type anything even with a simple default font like Arial, it will all be in capitals, no matter what. No, caps lock is not on. It just all is in upper case no matter what in any font. This only happens in photoshop, it works normal in paint. I am...
  20. elcor

    brushes for photoshop

    hei hi friends , i can get brushes in 3d for photoshop i like much , i am very good with photo i like the visual efect if any know tutorial for me and i make my first video of dragon ball in youtube see i now make more films and i like much 3d max i...