1. Mkilbride

    First Person Pokemon Gold released. Download:
  2. RavenTrunks

    Smite. Third person MOBA Closed beta keys. I currently have 2 beta keys to give. If anyone wants one let me know here and by the end of either today or tomorrow ill pick 2 at random to give, assuming more than 2 wants one.
  3. Mastasurf

    Epic Rant!

    Maybe it's just me, but the online gaming community seems to always pick one catch word to describe something that is good and then ends up overusing it to a point where the word loses all worth. Most recently epic has become the preferred catch word for the Internet masses. I'm here to say...
  4. A

    In ESF:ECX RC2 online, i see my third person view from the right of my character.

    usually it should be the back, correct? so how do i fix this. (it obly happens online)
  5. H

    oldest person in the world she claimed that she's 120 years old....I wonder is she for real?
  6. Dule

    Describe the last person who posted here

    i saw this thread on many forums and its realy fun , u need to describe a person who last posted here , but u only can use 3 words... hope u'll like it and i hope this game doesnt exist here already if it exists delete it mods pls ;) :D Enjoy :)
  7. Razorix 22

    1st/3rd person bug

    When u switch from 3rd person view to 1st person view, u can't go back to the 3rd person view. The only way is to disconnect from the server and reconnect.
  8. M

    The Person Above Me

    I was looking through the Twilight Half-Life forums and I notice this thread game they had going. Well, basically you say something about the person who posted before you. For example, someone who posts after me could type: Then the next person: And so on.
  9. FF|Thundgot

    ban the person above

    No, its not literally. But the next one posts can for example write: "Banned for using the word literally" Its just for fun, no ban for real :D
  10. N

    First person spec improvment

    I think the title speaks for itself. As it is right now, you get to see what they see, but have no info on things such as ki, weapon selected, PL, etc. I think their personal HUD should show up when spectating them first person at least, if not in all modes. I realize it's nothing big...
  11. Kaination

    The most loser person you've met?

    Heh, this happened to me just today. I can't stop thinking aobut it so I thought I'd share. Anyways -- So, I was at the Lan center (its new) and they dont have Counter-strike set up there. They have it on two computers, so I walk up and ask the manager which computers have CS. The...
  12. Skyrider

    First Person View Suggestion

    Before you are going to reply "There is already a First Person View with the nice shiny F4 button". I'm afraid this idea is more differently. Everyone knows that there is a First Person View in ESF, but it is not 100%. What do i mean with that? If you go in advance melee for example, it...
  13. Kaination

    First person action, baby ;)

    What I'm thinking is when you go into first person, have it so when you swoop, an animation of hands come out in front of you, or when you charge an attack, you can see the glow on the right side or something. And when you enter Melee, you can see an animation of hands :D Simple, but would...
  14. A

    help for most stupid person

    ummm well i havent played this game in like a year or 2 and i cant even remember how i had the dragonballs working then but right now i have tried everything i could find on these forums and none of them work. i simply cant get dragonballs in my server and i would like some pro help please thx...
  15. DiebytheSword

    Enter the person above you into the King of Iron Fist tournament!

    For those of you who have played Tekken 4 and 5, they give an entrance bio when you play story mode on the home versions. Using their cheesey style of story telling enter the person above you into the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Example: Hibiki Kensaki . . . Once a talented...
  16. I

    New person; old questions

    Hey, I'm entirely new to this scene here, so if I may, I'd just like to ask a few questions that have still be confusing after I read a few threads. 1. There is no alternate way to play ESF online other than Steam? If there is, how do I go about it? 2. Which version will I need of Half Life...
  17. Mr. Phonso

    Nickname The Person Above

    simply nickname the person above, but try to make it make sense lets get started... :notice:
  18. B

    Refuse to Swing Person!! Read ON PLZ

    Hi PPL!! I have been playin ESF for couple months now and i have not played it in a week or so.. Anyway!! I started playin a couple days back and it will not swing the person when punchin them!! Meanin when i hold down right click when punching it will not hold there arm or there leg and start...
  19. H

    the dumbest person u ever seen/met!

    omg do i h8 this guy... he is dumb.. and a ****head and even ***!! dont beleave.. ? REMOVINATED srry for this pic. and srry if i gave u an heart attack :p P.S u cant see his ARSE or what ever and its no porn just a stupid classm8!! so if u give me a warning then a 50 % warning and not...
  20. Brim

    The Who was the first person you talked to from the forums outside of the forums Thre

    So yeah, I pretty much explained in the title what the thread is about, who was the first person for you to talk to outside of forum posting from the forums? Mine is teh Magus. After posting in a thread about how well mannered he was, and how I'd like to have a match with him, he IM'ed me on...