1. J

    Can't change page file size?

    Well, here's a pic of my problem. As you can see, I've changed the page file size to custom size, and then specified 1500mb for both maximum and initial size. Now, when I apply this, it asks me to restart my PC for the changes to take...
  2. F

    ESF website- Clans Page

    Well I was thinking, ok, enough of ESF the game for now. Everyone posts about that. But remember on the old lay out (though never updated it still had it) there was a clans page. Well I was thinking, hey why not have a clans page, with websites to go to. That way, 1. It promotes clans, 2. It...
  3. Suh Dude

    Unknown// Page...

    Im really sorry what I said on my other page. I feel so stupid. So sorry guys. You guys aren't really noobies....but, I never said you guys were newbies. Well, anyways....i did this for a request For Ran-D .... ( I really dont have the .PSD for this one for some reason..) Help could...
  4. imkongkong

    god gundam's post on esf page

    maybe instead of trunks being ussj in the jacket, make him take off the jacket
  5. S

    The trunks model on the front page.

    I don't suppose it's gonna go in with 1.2.1? ...I know they're planning to redesign and improve the graphics for 1.3, but are they going to package what is (or seems to be) already done? Or do they want it all in one shot? I guess it's down to a matter of style..
  6. D

    Hey esf team have a question about the web page.

    close it plz
  7. K

    my dev page

    hey guys im sure some of you belong to if you can please visit my page thanks :yes:
  8. NinJa HunteR

    I need help from an Esf-World Page Admin...

    Hi, I'll be very grateful if someone helps me with my problem... I Just can't enter Esf World pages ( , ) When i try to enter the "loading bar" shows like is entering but after Secs shows the famous error: "Page was not found". :( -I...
  9. Z

    New map on front page

    The map on the front page looks very good any comments that you guys would like to share?
  10. Linda

    opm------yay (old) comic page!!!!

    opm------CLICK FOR FFX WIP!!!! ummm.... i didnt know wat else to put up cuz technically i dont do much graphix cept for really simple stuff cuz i got bored of fiddling with the effects in PS, so heres an old cg i did last month. at least i think it was last month it looks totally diff from...
  11. C's pic on front page

    maybe a dumb question but what is that pic of on the front page with the vegeta looking at the big blue explosion thingy??
  12. Cold Steel

    the new map. (main page)

    It's beautifull, that's all i can say. And i like the halo idea aswell. 3 thumbs up :)
  13. Hash

    About those swoop pics on the main page...

    Those swoop pics on todays update, I swear that a few days ago there was an update containing those pics, but within the course of the day, they dissapeared along with the update, and now there back again. Just wondering if those pics really were up for a very short time, or if I have a...
  14. KarrdeKNR

    Group fanfic (read the first page please if you wish to participate)

    Ok. Seeing as everyone likes Magus' lil fanfic, I got to thinking, why don't we have a little something that everyone gets to participate in. First, a few rules. Reading the rules is mandatory. 1. ALWAYS follow all forum rules. Especially the swear filter rule and the double posting rule...
  15. S

    HHey You Guys See the 2 beam attacks at the very top of the page?

    Can anyone make those sprites as blue and yellow attacks?They look so much cooler than any other one that I've seen and besides they make good yellow and blue attacks. Also what programs do you guys use to make sprites and soundpacks?
  16. D

    Cant Find the Character Model Download Page

    Yo if anyone can help me could ya send me a link to the page where i download the character models
  17. Cold Steel

    Melee on main page.

    I saw differences in hitpoints, but i didn't see the pl increase on the pics, will there no longer be pl increase with 1.2 melee then? EDIT- i ment pl increase. :p
  18. L

    can i have baby vegita

    can i have baby vegeta and ssj baby vegeta if checked everywere stickies and search i alrady did a post but no one ansewerd humpzor did but they didnt work plz thanks can i have vegeta ssj4 also i found it but no files i it send to this e-mail and tell me if u do send them so i...
  19. Z

    goku ssj

    here it is i put alot of efot in this and soem friends helpt me with it cous i usualy do proportions wrong ty to = fingerbonenail and kaiosin{ww}
  20. T

    goku and vegeta

    check dis out... i made it a while back but i decided ill like to show it to yall