Group fanfic (read the first page please if you wish to participate)

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Dec 7, 2001
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Ok. Seeing as everyone likes Magus' lil fanfic, I got to thinking, why don't we have a little something that everyone gets to participate in. First, a few rules. Reading the rules is mandatory.

1. ALWAYS follow all forum rules. Especially the swear filter rule and the double posting rule. Once you've posted, you have to wait for someone else to post.

2. Post splicing. To guarantee that you don't write something, and post right after someone has posted, thus messing things up, copy what you've written and go back and check the thread to make sure nobody else has posted. If a splice does occur, only the first post will count.

3. As a follow up to #2, don't camp the thread. Don't just sit there and wait for ppl to post and then jump on it. You just posted a bit ago. Let others have a chance at it.

4. Editing is not allowed. Maybe you thought of something you'd wish you'd done after you posted. Oh well, once you hit post, consider it final. Allowing ppl to edit things will cause difficulty, and it kinda takes away some of the fun.

5. Exception to #4. You may only edit a post to correct spelling/gramma mistakes.

6. NO COMMENTS ALLOWED. No posts other than stroy posts are allowed here. If you want to comment on something or discuss an idea, do it via PM.

7. New to the game? You are required to read EVERYTHING that has gone before so you understand the story.

8. Regarding characters. You are allowed to create as many new characters as you want, but lets keep the major characters to a sane amount. You can make as many minor characters and mooks as you like.

9. Post length must be at least 1 paragraph, but no more than 2. This isn't a one word stroy, but I don't want you to write a book either. I'll define paragraph as pretty good sized block of text as you need to start a new line and indent every time a new character speaks or has thoughts.

10. Last rule, and it's important. This is NOT DBZ. Keep things reasonable. I don't want posts that tuirn this into DBZ or posts that are just stupid. Nothing on the order of 'Character X is at crucial meeting, decing the fate of the world. "Damn! I crapped my [email protected]@1111 Suxorz!" He exclaimed to the world leaders."

11. Technical details. "XXXXX" -> Speaking. 'XXXX' or Italics -> thinking. Any of the three can be used to emphasize something ie That 'thing'.

Follow the rules, and it'll be a lot of fun for everyone. I'll start us off (though no promises on how well I can start us off ;P ) And no making fun of the character's name ;P It's a name that was created a long time ago by a friend before HL existed :p


"Hmmmmm. Let's see... Two clips... one in the hole... surrounded. Perfect." He smirked to himself. "Still... It's better than before..." 'The name's Tarsis. Tarsis Xen. Or at least that's what everyone calls me anyway. Never had a real name to call my own. But names really never held much for me. Just words. Words to give meaning to a face, a smell, a position... even a target. I'm what you'd call a drifter. Never knew my parents, not that it matters. Was I abandoned? Who knows. I suppose it's as good an explanation as the next. I just live day to day doing whatever it takes to move on. It's not that money's the problem. It's just the simple fact that no matter where it is I go, I don't really care to stay for long. Once the job is complete, I move on. But I suppose all of that changed back then didn't it?'

7 months earlier...

"So mister..."
"Mister Xen. You're sure you can complete this task?"
"You've seen my credentials. I don't believe further explanation is required."
"Of course. Forgive my asking. The first 50 million yen has already been transfered to your aco****. The other half will be transfered upon confirmation of the completion of the task as per the agreement."
"Very well. The target will be eliminated before the sun begins to rise." Without further comment, he turned, and silently departed. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

(See, it's that easy!)


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