1. P

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix [Spoilers?]

    Go on laugh, I could not much care for all you pittyfull Hp-haters who have never seen picked up a book before, let alone a hp one..... So anyone who did read the book, what did you all think of it? I think it was really cool... someone post so we can talk about it, rawr. ^_^
  2. S

    ms3d/3dsm question

    does anyone know if there is a way to export a model from ms3d to 3dsm WITHOUT losing the bones for animation? because if not i'm not going to learn animation, but if there is i'll try
  3. DBZFever

    Some help with this model plz

    Hey, i am making a model, it will not be released, its just for my learning purposes, i have the back, side, and front done. I was just wondering how to connect them all and make it 3d, please please please do not tell me to read a tutorial.
  4. Mr. Satans

    Just Wondering If...

    Is it possible (in Milk Shape 3D) to take an image and put it on one of the views (cept for the full 3d view) in order to "trace" something in the image? It would making modeling alot easier.
  5. Black Saiyan


    when im compliing in Silkshape i get this error ************ ERROR ************ unknown bonecontroller link 'Bip01 Spine' how do i fix it
  6. Cold Steel

    i need help with adding a skybox.

    I can't figure out how to add a sky. I can't find it in the texture library. I tried searching for them in every esf folder there is. Am i missing files or am i dumb? Could someone respond quickly so i can finish my map.
  7. L

    help me in milkshape

    k i finally got the hang of modeling and im working on a face... it looks really good but in the 3d veiw (on smooth mode) it looks all black with little lighting.. its the same under the flat shaded mode... im i doing something wrong in the program? the model does look good so far.. dont got...
  8. shinigami

    My attempt at a Pro :/

    Didnt get it done the way I wanted but oh well. Didnt come out horrible though. I need to re work it.
  9. C

    New model is finished(pics here) : Saitoh

    Hi guys, i've just finished a new model,here it is pic of him : http://www.macalester.edu/~aislam/Anime/KENSHIN/saitouglare.jpg pic of the model : http://www.geocities.com/cedelling/saitoh.jpg (flat shaded version) Tell me what ya think (it's GEOCITIES,so paste the link in...
  10. -Dark Shadow-


    where do you get it from and is it to make models?
  11. A

    A German Esf Page

    Ok my english is so bad but i try to make it good :) Ok i am a great fan from esf beta and we play it every second And now i start the project.to make a german esf page! is that a good idea? i think so we have much more players !not only english ssj :) but i need a little bit help to...
  12. TehMuffinMan

    >>>frieza saga goku!!!<<<<<

    thats right, here he is, goku! copy the images into your browser to see the wonder! www.angelfire.com/apes/kick_ass/gokufront.jpg www.angelfire.com/apes/kick_ass/gokuback.jpg and what youve been waiting for, The file!!! www.angelfire.com/apes/kick_ass/goku.mdl hope u enjoy it. and if u...
  13. S


    Ok i made a map called esf_paradise, where are some mountains breakable/destroyable. theres only ground plate destroyable too. now i wanted to play it. ok i started it and begun at one of the spawnpoints. then i charged a kamehameha at the nearest mountain, it hit but the mountain didnt get...
  14. P

    how to draw manga

    this site will help ppl ALOT, give it whats helping me :D Click here! maybe someone can make this a sticky? would be handy if ya ask me
  15. P

    n00b att mapping!

    Hello ive just started att doing ESF maps, and i will be greatfull if anyone could give me any advises!?
  16. F

    Pleaze help me out!

    I made a start on a new esforce map. This is my fist map ever and i have some problems. - I can play my map in wordcraft but not in esforce. - I can't see the beans i put in. - I readed the F.A.C but i don't get the add model part. - Are there any special think i have to do in order to...
  17. G

    Milkshape and Gmax

    I only have the free version of GMAX and luckily it won't expire, but my milkshape is going to in lik 9 days or something, please can someone tell me where to get some GMAX tutorials i saw some for 3dstudio max and its not helping AT ALL!! Also if there are no tuts can someone at least tell me...
  18. T

    im new....

    um i was wonderin wot program u guys would suggest i use to edit/make a new map for esf , i havent done it b4 , du need to know programmin? and also wot du use to edit character models?