Tell me please a site where I can upload pics free and without login.
  2. owa

    Vb Forums. PM Viewing. Admin Option. Help.

    Hey, I'm curious. I have Admin options on another forum, and I'm wondering how you can check peoples PM's. I know oyu can, but I'm not sure how. If someone knows please help. Its Version :2.2.8 or osmthing like that.
  3. Jonesdaniel

    Long Hair SSJ Trunks

    Are there any models out for ssj trunks, where he has long hair (like when he was fighting cell) thanks for any help provided in advance ;)
  4. A

    High Quality Models Option

    Hi... I've Found Something Wrong With This Feature... Might Be that They Didnt Make High Quality Aura Models.. So When You Click On High Quality... And You Transform... You Can't See The Aura Or Special Effects. So If Anyone Has That Problem Same As I. I Hope This Helps.
  5. V

    i need an adult gohan soundpack

    i need an adult gohan sound pack:cry: :cry: :cry: post it here please:cry: :cry:
  6. Es_Trunks2

    PSD to BMP

    how do i make a adobe photoshop image be a BMP (PSD:notice: BMP) its already itno indexed colros now how do i make this a BMP image? **EDIT** Hey plz dont move this to fanart or artwork it isnt its about skinnin so dont close/move this mods :p
  7. A


    how do i deocompile it
  8. U

    Extra option in block struggles

    In the Majin saga, Majin Vegeta fires a generic beam which Goku block struggles. Goku is losing the struggle (Vegeta is already transformed, and Goku is not) but he isn't locked into the struggle. With an obvious effort (cost in ki) Goku manages to flip himself around the blast, which flies...
  9. X

    Will someone ever make an Android 17?!

    Come on God Gunamd and DakD get to work and stop slacking off! LOL j/k, sorry still hyper... but seriously.. When will you make Android 17! :| or will someone else be kind enough to make one? :P EDIT: Transformation for a Super 17 model would be nice too.
  10. eminence

    Question about Sig Quality

    How are you people able to maintain such a high quality on your sigs? On the one I'm currently making, whenever I save it, and then open it again, there's weird dots everywhere and the picture isn't as good as it was before.. So how are you guys able to maintain such high quality? BTW, I'm...
  11. M

    can any1 make me a grown up gohan

  12. Wuying Ren

    battel damage question

    Why is everyone making batteldamage models ? O_o Look at this It is realy good ! But it whould be better if it is without batteldamage. But that is just my option
  13. M


    I'm sort of a newbie but i'm sort of not I'm not exactly sure where theis goes so i'm posting it here.(i'm a newbie to the forums but not the game.) I have Adobe Photoshop so i'm thinking of skinning. I dont want any tutorials, i just want to know how to open files that aren't photoshop...
  14. C

    About putting new mdoels in ESF

    I was wondering,if it was possible to put models for ESF ingame,competelly new models,with new animations etc.. Thanx for answering
  15. suicidal_maniac

    Newber Sigs!!

    I made two new sigs for all the newbers out there. This is an alternative to Dudemans sigs. If you like use them. I made one for ESF and one for anyother forum. Feel free to use either one without giving credit to me. To use these sigs put this in your Signature option in your User...
  16. owa

    Photoshop 7 Help!

    Hey, Well I'm tryign to make a character thing like the one for Red sayin (well not liek it my own made up character just somthing like SPiN| Created) you lal know what I'm talking about right? its I guess you could say Redsayin's Mascot :p But ok I wanna know if there is a way to make a...
  17. M

    Need Help

    Im new to modeling and im using milkshape3d. I saved my model in .ms3d and dont know how to convert it to .mdl Can anyone help????
  18. Q

    Man Do I Feel Stupid Asking This

    ok i feel really stupid asking this question because it is such a basic thing. I figured since it had to do with photoshop i could post it in the art work forum but if that isnt the case then just close the topic or w/e. Anyways i was wondering if there was a really good way to cut something out...
  19. OneWingedAngel

    Modeling And skining

    Ok i have milkshape and paintshop pro. first thing how do i put a skin on my model(s)? and what do joints and face do in milkshape? and doeas anyone know were to get a craked (hacked) version of milkshape. Also How do i make somthing a .mdl all mine are .ms3d please help thanx bye
  20. SierraSonic

    Energy Drain & Flying Option

    I think that holding any attack, other than the spirit bomb, should cost as much energy as flying or turbo activated, but only turns on when holding an attack. Kind of making sure people just don't stand there flying and holding an attack waiting for a person to pop up and fire a fully loaded...