1. D

    New game option

    I think there should be a new game mode called "REAL MODE"which makes the health of the player high above 500 but power is gained 10%less
  2. K

    generic beam right click projectile option

    i just thought of something! in the show aside from throwing standard weak "generic" beams ( i dont know where u guys got genetic from ) they would also throw equally boring ki blasts. im not talking about the renzoku (sp?) balls that are allready in for most chars. the attacks im talking...
  3. C

    1.2 option for melee

    in 1.2 will it be possible that when u attack somone from behind you can still send them flying instead of just having him turnaround and you start to melee. I mean if you get socked from behind your gonna go flying pretty much no matter what. Also will pl make a difference in the melee. Will...
  4. D

    Option to change starting Ki lvl

    It seems to me that it can take a long time to get enough kills to be able to transform. I think there should be a setting where you can set how much Ki everyone will start out with when they join. Some times my friends and I dont feel like working up to the transformation and we just want to...
  5. Synth

    Video Card Option

    Hello Forum, you might know me as the loser no one cares about. "But" i was wondering what kind of options i had with my video card. I have a 750 mhz AMD Duron Proccessed ( you can laugh all you want :p ) Compaq Presario with 64mb of memory. My video card right now is a 32 mb Nvidia TNT2 (...
  6. Pain

    option to get away

    when you are blocking in a block struggle and you are winning, there could be 5 options. 1) the way it is right now, you deflect it back. 2) you have the option of charging your own beam and forming a PS with that guy. 3) the beam stops for a second so that you can get away or it tele's you...
  7. Goten-son

    new spirit bomb option

    well as we all know Goku uses spirit bomb to kill buu on the kaioshin planet and while he throws it he goes SSJ, well i was thinking that once u get ur PL high enough maybe u can hit asscend before u throw the spirit bomb and then u turn SSJ and u can throw it with more damage influicted (DUH!)...
  8. Goten-son

    New ESF bot option

    ok well heres my idea, well for one option on the bot we could set it up so it plays like us and we can test and see how vulnerable we are when we play on servers. But it would be set up like this, it would be added to the list of options on the bot when you want to add one, then it asks a...
  9. X

    My router doesn't have any option to forward ports

    I'm having trouble forwarding a port because I'm using a belkin router and theres no option to forward ports. there is a place where i can enter trigger ports and a public port but I really have no idea what that is talking about. O_O
  10. Optional

    Texture Application Tool - Align To Option (Intermediate)

    If you read the Valve Hammer Overview, then you should know a bit about it. But, I did not mention the Align To World and Align To Face options. Read this if you already read the Hammer Overview tutorial in which I showed you how to blend textures or already know how to use the Texture...
  11. Goten-son

    Random MP3 option

    I searched for this and came up with zip, any way There should be an option so that the mp3 player plays random mp3's. I can't tell you how annouying it is to me to play ESF and have the same order of songs playing. And remodifying the playlist just gets annouying any way, there should be an...
  12. D

    Can someone help me out with something in 3DSM?

    OK...I want to import a model w/ skin into 3DSM....lets say...the Marine from NS as an example. One problem: When I import the file (.3DS file) it only shows the smooth shaded version. When I go to the "Edit Materials" option...and choose the 'Marine' skin, it STILL doesn't work. Does...
  13. Ace_69

    Model Programs

    I'm looking into making my own models, can anyone tell me where to get some programs on the net? Thanks.
  14. Silver.Nikan.


    Hi i've got a question, Where can i download aura's for ESF? I've searched Google but cannot find anything.... I need this kind of aura's: - SSJ Aura - SSJ2 Aura - Electric Aura - Big Aura Can someone help me please ?? ( If there are errors in my post , i'm dutch ;) )...
  15. Tassadar

    Majin Trunks

    My 3rd edit, it little more complicated than the others. A little more than a recolor, I drew the M on his forehead obviously, recolored his sword and sheathe. Also took off the patch that said capsule corp and replaced it with an M. Heres a pic. This guy actually took me about an hour and a...
  16. D

    i dont have the option of dballs...

    i went to the advanced options in creat game...but it doesn't give me the option of using the dragon balls...whats up with that?
  17. G

    My Nice Wallpaper

    Ok!!! it's time to show my latest wallpaper here you go! ^_^ Crits are welcome. :laff:
  18. D

    Ahhhhh!!! Ms3d Problems!

    Ok, i started workin on a model yesterday...but for some reason today, the only way that i can make polygons are by using BOX, SPHERE...etc. I cant use the FACE option..and connect 3 vertecies...well...i can, its just that it doesnt DO anything. The program THINKS it made a polygon...cuz when i...
  19. MysticVegeta


    Does somebody made a Tapion model??
  20. Nuttzy

    SAMUS model (need animator)

    SAMUS model RELEASE #1 ignore the rest of this topic, i finished it as far as im going to get it you can find the model at the link below, its a mdl and its ready to go, not perfect, BUT it turned out pretty near perfect as compared to its "prototypes"...