1. I

    Torrent as a Download option?

    When the Final is released, will be available for download via Torrent? I have a very weak connection so thats the only way I could download large finals without it canceling out randomly after several hours an making me restart from scratch =/
  2. Critical_Error

    Option Two.

    I heard on the grape vine that the team is going to go with this option. I know that this question has been asked to death but now I feel like you guys could actually answer it, if you do go with Option two and choose to release the game in phases is it possible for you to give a rough...
  3. S

    A option to grant power to someone else?

    Maybe adding a feature so you can go is heal mode. Like when someone is inside a power struggle they can stand next to him and press a key. They will then give him KI when he needs it. It would be cool :P Or something like this: Dende's healing power
  4. K

    Trans option

    I like how in tenkaichi you can press a certain button and transform into ss1, ss2 or ss3 at will. if you have enough power I hope you can press the trans button and get a option of trans you can turn into Rather then tranform 3 times to get ss3 . Also a real working scouter would be cool .One...
  5. M

    Invading Burma an Option?

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20080510/wl_time/isittimetoinvadeburma;_ylt=AvDzy6lpq.RhYkZ01jWuzYms0NUE
  6. john_volkov

    Flaming option

    you can make this more like an option here goes when you ar an low hp 25 or under your ki pool will be verry verry slow this way you can't run anymore you can use more attack on the oponet since you have low ki drain,to keep this balance the stamina drain will still be the same
  7. KidMan

    High-End Graphics Option

    I feel that 1.3 should have an option that allows you to have high-end graphics if you want or not. High-end meaning the farthest the half-life engine can go. I think this would be a great idea because you can make sure people who don't have the best computer, can still play the game perfectly...
  8. Sandstorm

    Alternate Language Option.

    Like the character list files, perhaps a language list file? The reason I ask is because, it's tacky seeing funimation's terrible translated names... Best examples would be "solar flare," "spirit bomb," and "galic gun." Perhaps add either an alternate language mode with the attack names...
  9. D

    option to remove/edit crosshair

    well this is basically for myself it wont really alter the game but i find its really fun to play without a crosshair and its kind of annoying to replace it with an empty file after every re-install (which i have to do often) so i suggest that you can edit the crosshair to have different...
  10. B

    a considerable melee option

    I think that somebody with equal or more power over another character should be able to fly up behind somebody and hold them so that another member of the team may unload a certain attack upon them,( like when goku held radditz so that picollo could perform the special beam cannon) but if they...
  11. Ravendust

    Self Damage Option

    Have you noticed in the show how characters never damage themselves with their own blasts and exposions? I think ESf should be like this, firstly because if you've charged a powerful attack and somebody teleports in your face rather than moves out of the way then you can't attack them, or if...
  12. Silent_Bob

    Sensu Bean Option

    This will probably get put down quite violently, but I was wondering if in v1.3 it could be set so that the saijans get a raise to their power level after eating a sensu bean at low health. But to make it fairer they would have to be under 10 health for a while, or some such condition like that...
  13. A

    Server option, saving PL

    donno if its been suggested before, if so i appologize.. j/w if u guys can add a thing similar to the warcraft 3 "mod" to CS.. where u can like type "save pl" or somethin and the server will save your power? if this would make it unfair for the host, how bout making one of the official ESF...
  14. I

    New feature to Real goodevil teams option

    to make it quick and simple: the evil team gets a bit more PL the good team gets a bit more HP its that easy.....we likes? i know i do
  15. sayan master

    vacuming option for cell...(woh i'm on the roll)

    yo everyone i ope ur not tired of all the bablyng that i say here but i thik i say some good stuff here and there :laff: well what i mean at this "VACUMING" thingy is that as cell can vacume enemys and charge his powers it shuld be in the game well here it goes maybe cell shuld have an...
  16. K

    new option: Hiding Power!

    Maybe there should be something like "hiding power"? I mean like "Turbo" but in other way! You decrese your power, but your ki is regenerating while you hide your power, and you can fight while your ki regenerate, but your character would be much less powerful! I would love to have such thing...
  17. KuBaN

    Blocking an Option in Adv. Melee

    Some type of block function for advanced melee could be implemented. Just a quick elaboration: --Holding the block button will toggle Block, releasing it will disable it (indicated by something, a "B" above the arrows maybe?), and while holding you input the correct direction as you would...
  18. Punio4

    Transformation cvar or option

    Will you be able to set in the options how much pl frags bring, or starting powerlevel in %? I'm asking this because it sometimes takes more than half an hour for let's say vegeta to transform... It gets kinda boring... And a nice option in Bid for power: you could start the game with your pl...
  19. jp

    Grabbing option

    What about a grabbing atack. it works like this, you select the grabbing atack and when close you are close to your enemy, press fire, and then you grab him, just like the swing atack. But instead of trowing him (please excuse me for my bad english), you smack him into a mountain, or the ground.
  20. M

    Buu candy option fix

    (got the basic idea from here: http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=39785 thnx dude... lol!!) buu will eat diff types of stuffs each time he use his thing on his head... but istead of seeing in the candy menu types of candies... we will see options like *)Absorb Victim's Health...