1. N

    esf mp3 playlist

    the esf music wont play ingame. i checked the options menu and i have the mp3 volume all the way up, so i dont know what the problem is.
  2. sstrunks9914

    teen gohan esf transformation mp3..

    its been a long time since ive posted here :D but anyways im finally getting back into esf but i wont be able to play it for a while until i finish the repairs on my dell, but there was this transformation sound i wanted to listen too =o could someone upload the gohan ssj transformation (the...
  3. Growler

    Downloading Music from Youtube as MP3

    There are a couple songs I want to download from Youtube as MP3s... but don't know how to do it. Any ideas?
  4. D

    Mp3 for esf. I took an original dbz song and added techno,and changed the tempo. hope you guys like it, I hope it can be uploaded onto esf.
  5. L

    ESF 1.2.3 Mp3 Player

    How do you use it??? I pressed F8 and a yellow box popped out and it says songname but i dont see the list in it and when i click the play button i dont here anything..... i tried editting the playlist.txt to by placing the path of the music and putting .mp3 in the song name but when i return in...
  6. Mkilbride

    Ingame MP3 player questions*

    Now I've added some music. Sounds wonderful by the way. I was wondering, is there anyway to make it so it's on "Shuffle" by default? I know it's simple to do ingame, but I'd rather not have to think about it when I play. :P Also, is there anyway to get it so the effects from the game can...
  7. Dzamija

    Using the ESF MP3 player in HL/other modifications?

    Is it possible? I'd really like to use it in other mods like CS or The Specialists, since it's pretty lightweight and easy to shuffle through. So before I download ESF again, can anyone tell me if it's actually possible, and if so, what must I do to make it work?
  8. wheres_

    mp3 players

    I need an mp3 playing program with play listing capabilities, I've had enough of winamp and itunes and all that junk- I want something like the VLC or pidgin equivalent of an mp3 player. Something basic and efficient. Thanks guuuuuuiiiiiisssseeee.
  9. wheres_

    MP3 player.

    What's a good new mp3 playing software, that hasn't sold out massive like winamp and doesn't have 238 features you don't need? I'm looking for basically VLC, but for audio and with play listing abilities.
  10. Spunky

    Napster Opens MP3 Store

  11. DJ-Ready

    Do you use the ESF mp3 player?

    So I was asked to make a poll to see how many of you use the ingame mp3 player ... And here it is ;P
  12. M

    Post Your MP3 Player

    SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB MP3 Player
  13. vinay87

    MP3 Player in-game song selection?

    Would be nice if we could add songs in-game, instead of quitting, adding and starting again. I dunno if anyone even needs the mp3 player. Just my opinion. Kinda need songs when playing with bots.
  14. D

    mp3 player help

    is there anyway of getting the mp3 player to play for openbeta without changing the folder name?
  15. Deman

    iPod vs mp3 player

    My girlfriend's been thinking of purchasing one and is having a hard time deciding. I know very little about either because I don't mind stuffing my portable CD Player into my pocket. Anyways, what's the deal with both? I assume that iPods require iTunes while MP3 Players wouldn't require...
  16. A


    hello i am new here my name is Anil. its been a while since i have had this game, directly installed 1.2.3, i tried using the mp3 player by pressing f8. nothing seems to come up, once i edited one of the text or ini files in the folder, then when i pressed f8 during game play the player did come...
  17. M

    MP3 Players

    Can anyone recommend a good and affordable MP3 player? I currently have a SanDisk Digital Audio Player that stores up to 1Gb of music. I'm staying away from Ipods since I think they are over-priced plus a few people I know are always having problems with theirs.
  18. vinay87

    How do you use the mp3 player?

    lol, I havent ever used the ESF mp3 player.... I tried it, but i guess you have to put the songs some where.... anyone know how?:confused:
  19. D

    mp3, Madonna mp3

    I all! Thank you for your site. It is wonderfull. I found a new mp3-archives, may be it will be usefull for you :-) Sincerely Yours, Diana.
  20. T

    Dragon Ball Z mp3's from the show.

    Im looking for DBZ mp3's right from the show, like the title screen music in ESF, the installation for EVM, the title screen for EVM, etc. if anyone knows where to get them, id be greatful.