1. N


    ESF should be a mmo.
  2. sub

    Notch's (creator of Minecraft) next game will be an mmo set in space This has the potential to be very, very cool. It's a space game that will have the usual stuff like space battles, mining, trading, and whatever, but each spaceship will feature a 16 bit computer that controls the entire ship. In what I think is a clever next step from...
  3. Viper

    World of Darkness MMO

    While many thought the game is dead and burried, especially when they laid off people working on it, World of Darkness is very much alive. Though there aren't any gameplay trailers out there, the "graphics" test released a few weeks ago looks pretty good. More about it here...
  4. Mkilbride

    Elder Scrolls MMO announced.,news-14481.html So far all my friends are crying the end of a great series, what is your thoughts? I don't have any on this matter.
  5. Mkilbride

    THQ shutting down in 2014. Warhammer 40K MMO going down as well. They've cancelled all their 2014 games and have shown interest in selling their company to Asian developers. Dawn of War II started the fall, and Homefront completed it.
  6. Z Power

    [Guide] How to play the Dragonball Online MMO!

    After seeing a few people asking for it, I have decided to make a simple guide about it. Initially DBO was only available for Korea, and to play it, you needed a legit KSSN (Korean Social Security Number), thus restricting most outsiders from playing. Today however, Taiwanese DBO open beta...
  7. Suh Dude

    A Michael Jackson MMO... ... :-/
  8. Deathshot

    Loggest Time Spent Playing an MMO.

    Seriously... This game isn't that good...
  9. TehMuffinMan

    Finally, a proper MMO

    Looks pretty epic for an alpha two years in development
  10. The Deco

    a Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy mod with FPS features but is actually some king of MMO?

    WTF? you guessed it right! There is such a mod, and ridiculously, its free. Good news - its still being worked on and very active. Bad news - Because it is such a huge mod and like a lot of other mods, I believe it will end up being abandoned for the favor of college and such for the...
  11. J

    NARUTO MMO is nothing compared to.....

    this project now thats something to look foward to
  12. J

    NARUTO MMO is nothing compared to.....

    this project ... sorry i cant post on the naruto fourms so i did it here lol
  13. RavenTrunks

    (MMO) Star wars: The Old Republic

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  14. Deathshot

    FusionFall Online ( Cartoon Network MMO )

    I have tried it out and its pretty damn fun. I mean the characters are Cel Shaded and anime style. The Gameplay is ok. Its pretty fun.
  15. M

    Nasa mmo?

    Source: After a quick Google search to confirm this, I came across this site -
  16. Damaera

    MMO Character Showboating Thread

    Since you guys are too lazy to make the thread, I'll do it. Now stop plaguing the "Nice game screenies" thread with your WoW screenshots and post them here, along with all your other MMO character screenshots.
  17. Suh Dude

    Runes of Magic (Free MMO) Runes of Magic looks really good for a free online game. I'm downloading it as I post this here. Basically there's 6 classes: a Warrior, Scout, Rogue, Priest, Mage, and Knight. From what I'm reading, I guess if you join a guild you can fight for land...
  18. S

    Warhammer 40k MMO confirmed Sounds pretty exciting to me, wasn't so keen on the fantasy MMO since I think WoW prettymuch nailed the fantasy MMO, but I'm rather excited at the 40k mmo, that and I always preferred the 40k world, even though the fantasy table top was probably...
  19. Hibiki

    KOTOR MMO : This time it's for reals WHAT EVER COULD THE GAME BE?!
  20. T

    Dbz mmo

    Alright, so I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this, but it said DBZ related stuff, so here it goes! (Im extremely sorry for the length of this post, but it really has some great stuff. If your a big fan of DBZ this is worth the read.) So I was playing some ESF recently and I had an...
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