1. DiebytheSword

    So, who missed me while I was dealing with real life?

    Checking in, having time to do stuff again is nice. I might stay a while. Also I did not forget I have an unfinished fight club round. I'll try and hammer that out this week while I'm on vacation. But that's enough about me, what's been going on with all of you?
  2. DarkVegetaESF

    Have i missed Anything?

    I checked the ESF Market a couple of minutes ago and i want to buy smth but i dont have enough money,how do i raise them or maybe,how do i get more,and what does the steal option do's?:confused:
  3. Damaera

    Missed an update? Click here!

    **Note to Skyrider and other staff members: I will be managing the news in here, please do not touch this thread. Missed an update? Can't find the correct thread for the update? Feel free to look at this thread to find what you're looking for! ESF :: Update #1 Hello, ESF fans! Welcome to our...
  4. S

    Hand helds - missed oppurtunity?

    I dunno if this idea already exists somewhere in the world, but it certainly doesn't exist here, but here goes. There's a few games that I want to play on the PSP or DS. However, not enough for me to ever justify purchasing either platform. Chances are, I'm never going to get to play these...
  5. Brim

    Games I missed?

    So since my other thread has gone awry I figured it would be best to start a separate one in this forum. So the last computer I had was a real crapper that could barely take on Warcraft 3 (integrated graphics and 256 mem) Now I have a Radeon ATI mobility x1300 128mb and 1gb memory so I can get...
  6. Soulz

    Tournament, u missed the sign up!

    Tournament - u missed the sign up yet u want to participate in one. as u know the tournaments are open to all. just post here if u wanted to participate in the tournament but missed ure chance for that last one. people that are in the previous tournaments will be asked if they wish to...
  7. E

    Missed beta signups

    Damn, I was away on vacation for a week and when I come back I found out that there was a signup for the ESF 1.3 beta. Is there any way I can sign up now?
  8. SailorAlea

    Uncut DBZ-What You Missed

    Since most, if not hardly ANY of you have never seen the original season of DragonBallZ, or the beginning part of the Frieza saga uncut, I thought I'd take some snapshots of the things they cut out of the series. These are from episode 5, when Raditz goes byebye. This is from...
  9. Baaja

    3DS Max 4

    How do you open an hl .mdl model in 3dsm4
  10. Suh Dude

    Neds Veggito

    well i tryed Zerierths Tutorial and its coo crits credit ned
  11. M

    Maybe I missed something.. (need help with bots)

    Strange, I installed bots (the ki bot) exactly how it said, but I do have one problem. I can't get them to fight me! They just stand there and warp away when I fly towards them! So all I can do is beat up on them, which gets boring after a while... Am I using the wrong bot? I thought this...
  12. Imp.GuranGa

    Dabura ( esf )

    I'm making a Dabura for ESF here is a pic :laff:
  13. M

    Ozura Model !!!!!!

    We at Dragonball Warriors are maing a Ozura here a pic check it out From the Front http://www.dignity4life.com/esf/models/oozaru01.gif From the Side http://www.dignity4life.com/esf/models/oozaru02.gif
  14. Marauder

    Specter's Wallpaper Thread

    Wp thread ok, so i wont start floding the forums with threads, ill make one ^.^ here is my 2nd wp, i will post more when i make em^^
  15. Packed Lunch

    a goku model

    i remember seeing a goku model with the symbol on the back/front,and yeh trying to find it, and yes tryed search didnt find it ;p, or i missed it :O.
  16. K

    Bojack or Super Android 13

    Who do you think should be but into the game i think bojack but android 13 is cool
  17. Abrophis

    Could Someone make a Chibi Goku Model

    When someone has a Son Goku Model from the Normal Dragonball. Where Goku was a Child could say where i could download it?
  18. catfish

    Otherworld arena, Kai's planet

    These are some suggestions for maps - because i suck at making maps maybe I'll just suggest some ideas to the people that are fantastic at making them. * Otherworld arena - where Goku fought Pikkon. If it's already in ESF i missed it. * Kai's Planet - This could feature the lake with the...
  19. MONXver2.0

    ESF lava pit

    I'm no mapper , but I think this souldn't be here. o_o Just in case you missed it. :)
  20. The Taco Man

    something you missed on the answer thread

    hey guys, i want to ask a question that wasn't answerd in the Unoffiacal Beta 1 Answer thread In the manual, it mentions "Perfect Transformation PL" What does this mean?