1. P

    milkshape or 3d max

    i wanna start creating some models not really for games or anything just for practise i was wondering which is easier to learn 3ds max or milkshape3d i already got 3ds max n ive done a few tuts in it i just get bored of reading the tuts i always refer back to them if i get stuck tho...
  2. OubliezJe

    3d Milkshape

    Is milkshape free? what is teh newest version? and how muc is it, or will someone give me the site? ivwe .ooked in google but cant gfind it
  3. S

    Read this if you use Milkshape 3D!

    Ok, Laheen found this out in Ms3d. Ever had problems with selecting a specific line of vertexen which you couldnt select in the back front or any other viewpoint. have you ever dreamed of beeing able to select vertexen in a the 3d viewport??!! well now you can, click your 3D viewport hold ALT...
  4. M


    I am bone assigning a new model(the one Dendza Made - F4_100%) and I want to know if there is a way to mirror the bone assigns I did on the left side - to the right side... so I wont have to assign them twice! Im sure there is... it seems just too stupid for me to do again exactly the same...
  5. micfiygd


    where can i learn how to use milkshape and get it?
  6. S

    need help with milkshape 3d

    k i have made a little gt goku with tail saved it as ms3d but can't export as smd file becaz it comes up with this error (found vertex with ivalid bone assignment, model not exported) what do i do?
  7. D

    Free Milkshape where you can save work...

    Do someone know where i can get MilkShape free. I allready found one... But in that cant i save my work... And that's not cool then i'm trying to learn how to use it....
  8. Goku SSJ3


    can anyone tell me if there is any way to get ms3d full on net?! cuz i alredy have gmax, but /me dislikes it and its hard and it sox...
  9. M

    A small milkshape Question!

    I tried to export an smd file of some ms3d file a friend of mine sent me long long ago what i am trying to do is compiling it but its too complicated!!! (bah) and I get this messege: vertex with invalid bone assignment! Model not exported! anyway help about this issue would be...
  10. P

    Ahhh Milkshape Problem: Last time I swear

    how come when i put my model on view point or 3ds exported from milkshape so many faces are missing? is it really like that? ahh!!
  11. P

    milkshape help: linking vertices

    ehh how do i link vertices together :) on milkshape
  12. P

    Milkshape Help:Mirroring

    i want to know how to make a exact duplicate of that and use it on oposite sides of the model making them attached what am i supposed to do thanks in advance
  13. M

    Milkshape question

    Hi all i got a question about milkshape3d. What will i do? - i want to edit an existinf esf model What did i do? - i opend milkshape - i decompiled a normal hl model (Tools --> Half-Life --> Decompile normal HL model) - i selected the model and than selected all 4 choises like...
  14. Denz

    Milkshape erorr

    When I start Milkshape 3d 1.6.6a (registered) it shows me this :(what shall I do:(
  15. C

    CantSkin in Milkshape on Win2k

    Everytime I go into the texture coordinate editor to skin, I just see a blank screen; within the texture coordinate editors window. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know a solution?
  16. C

    Nice Milkshape Tutorial site

    I got the link from checking the tutorial section of the Milkshape site. This is the only site I've seen with video tutorials. The site has video tutorials on modeling, skinning, bones, animating and compiling into HL .mdl's. I...
  17. Suh Dude

    Milkshape Test Render

    Yes its this thread again :). Milkshape can be use like bryce and ects stuff :). Heres a pic of using milkshape creating spike balls :) And this final pic is when if you edit it with photoshop...and it does damn look good ;/
  18. F

    Milkshape 3D???????

    :rolleyes: hey everybody!!!!!!!!! my interest in nmodeling is growing higher and higher and i downloaded v1.6.6a and v1.6.5 but i had a great dissapointment when i found out that it's not free if anybody that wants to help me cause momentanely i don't have enough money to...
  19. PuRe SaiYan

    how do u change colour in milkshape!!??

    Hi all, I was wandering if someone could tell me how to change the colours of a model in milkshape 1.66 or whatever it is... Anyway, an example of what i want to do is i want to change the colour of goku's suit to light blue instead of orange and keep the dark blue inside shirt. Thanks..
  20. Super Duper


    i want to get into modeling using this but i dnt want to pay. could i get a registration code from one of you who has it.