1. sub

    Fidel Castro returns from seclusion to warn of nuclear war in Middle East

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/13/fidel-castro-on-cuban-tv-middle-east-iran-us Thoughts
  2. Damaera

    test for guyrider!

  3. H

    should we go to the war with russia, china and enitre middle east?

    http://ukpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5j_dufAI0nmPQJFZ9CzWresvTVyKA i am so fury about this. they went too far!!! i guess it's time to let out all we got to punish those evil axis nation. they gone too far this time. if we go for war most of muslim state will supporting iran and china...
  4. csr8566

    the OTHER war in the middle east

    the war between the radical Palestinian's and Isralie's. please 18+ only *link removed* if anyone else looked at this....did you just stare and realize that "i've never felt so ignorant in my life"
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Battle for Middle Earth 2

    Anyone have the game? I played the demo on the xbox 360 and I didnt think it was too bad. Nothing I feel like paying 64 dollars for, but not bad. THough on the xbox you cant make your own heroes, pc version > xbox
  6. M

    Battle for middle earth 2 expands?

    The game gets bigger and better in a expansion pack? I love it a new faction, new old faction units, the create a hero mode will be useful now, can't wait! http://pc.ign.com/articles/721/721305p1.html
  7. M

    Battle for middle earth 2

    Who's got it so far? I love this game, i loved the first one, the customize your own hero thing is awesome, currently i use a uruk custom hero that has the abilities to burn buildings to the ground, due to using firebombs, or oil spills, its great. My other hero is a custom wizard, with a...
  8. D

    mmm.... battle for middle earth II

    yes it's coming soon...it's looks truly amazing...im dling one of the 70mb vids from ign of what it's really like... who else is with the hype on this one?
  9. G

    I now the basics now teach me some middle class stuff

    teach me intermediate stuff i know the basics
  10. B0Bmaster40000

    A Song From Middle Earth

    LMFAO! :laff: This is the worst song I've ever heard. How lame is it. Some people should not be alowed to write songs...or sing...or record... http://www.west-of-the-moon.net/servlet/ReadGenPoetry?poetryID=9 go there and download the song to listen.
  11. S

    LOTR the battle for middle earth!!!!

    OKAI GUYS!! GET READY FOR THE BEST GAME EVER!!! SOON BEING RELEASED!!! ONLY SOME MONTHS LEFT!!! and YES, i am talking about the legendary pc game!! Lord Of The Rings : The Battle For Middle Earth!!! i am really looking forward for this game, i have been following the progresses in this...
  12. KilledWithStyle

    When switching melee to off in middle game...

    When you switch melee off in the middle of game, the melee still exists if they dont switch thier attack. Example 1: I decide everyone does beams, I switch melee to off and BOOM. A noobie just refuses to switch off of melee and uses it untill he dies by a beam. Example 2: (I did this...
  13. N

    first art

    tell me what you think for a first time.
  14. Escobar

    Under Siege

    Well i havent showed you guys much lately cuz umm im not sure y but heres a little something i went n finished while i waited for dakilla to do the brushing, but i was a bit bored, but the collab shud be much better than this vesion anyways tell me what you think...
  15. N

    More of my GFX

    Here's an original idea of mine - Booting up my sig :) one of my fav splashes, Akuma trapped in my ice renders :) And my latest, a battle against my friend Enjoy.
  16. S


    Good ol' Vesuvius melting Pompeii and smothering it with ashes, hope you all enjoy it. Click here
  17. M

    another map and questions

    sup peeps, i just want to know how to make something rotate, like a fan and also make something being able to move looking like the wind is blowing. off topic (i think): the map i was working on, tournament, im not going to be able to finish that for a while. ive completely redone it but...
  18. Sicron

    Clan Logo

    Well i have a Clan called EBF (earth's best forces) NOT FOR ESF but for AAO (America's Army Operations), and i made a logo for that just asking for crits (ow and please dont talk about bad quality pics, cuz i know, i cant find better) Just want some crits about: is the overall good? and those...
  19. grOOvy

    ESF Real Life Mural =)

    Welcome to the ESF Real Life Web Mural! \o/ Ok, I've been collecting pics from forum users, IRC users, Beta Testers, Team Members and Forum staff (everyone, heh =P). And this project is basically a 3200x2400 sized mural, which contains real life pics cut away and put in nicely into one huge...
  20. Wangster


    well, since i got my new weed tree, ( made topic in offtopic ) i made a lil pic about weed, not done yet, wat ya'll think? Pic removed by Wangster, *dunno if i can post it, any mods/admins that can give me permission?*
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