1. Prozac

    Mech.. mod?

    Apparently groovy has been busy, and ported mechmod from hl1 to real life. Those graphics look amazing. from: to: GJ team!
  2. Skyrider

    Mech Mod :: Water Quality extremely high?

    This "Alpha" mod for Half-Life 1 has an extremely high water quality, and makes me wonder how they did that. In game, it looks like the Half-Life 2 water system. Anyway for this to be implemented in ESF?
  3. G

    Mech mmrpg?

    Does anyone here know any MEch mmorpg's? i search the web an di couldent find any =\
  4. S

    Mech Mod

    is Mech Mod a halflife mod or halflife2 mod??? 'cause it doesn't really works with halflife on my computer, and in says it's a half life mod ....but on the , i put my mouse on the Mech Mod thingy, it says it's a halflife2 mod?? what the helk??????
  5. G

    Mech WIP

    Greetings. I was browsing the net looking for mech images to get ideas for a model, i came across a few well designed mechs that i liked, however, i couldnt decide on what one to model, so i thought i would redesign all of them into one mech, i got my ideas for this model from the game RF...
  6. G

    My First Mech Ever

    Also the first thing I actually tried to draw, and first "submission" to the Artwork forum. I seem to remember someone saying this forum wasn't too active, and because I like to see awesome pictures I decided to practice (omg crazy idea, no?) and maybe we can add life to this forum. I want to be...
  7. Enix

    Little mech dude

    started it about 2 days ago, working on it every now and then: at about 1260 polys now...
  8. Growler


    Inspired by Mechs done in OC by Skiwan, I decided to create my own :P This isnt even close to done, started it like 10 minutes ago. Im still going to clean it up, detail it, then color it. How do u like the outline so far?
  9. R

    Mech Ray. Part 2

    The saga continues.. Bout 75% done, some other perspective renders later.
  10. G

    mech concepts

    well i can't get any crits in mechmod...but this is a samurai mech concept i am working is only one siode of the character...(because i suck at symmetry and im also drawig the otherside as the back of the mech i need help on the head because it looks too can you help me?
  11. Guru_San

    me Mech Mod sig..

    if yo a member there u prob seen it... quick work -SaN
  12. R

    Mech RM-1301

    for people who dont browse other forums besides esf
  13. I

    Jehuty mech Sig request

    hello..can someone make me a cool looking ZOE: 2nd runner sig? with the Mech Jehuty on it? it hsa 4 forms: Jehuty Jehuty Ver.2 Damaged Jehuty Naked Jehuty it doesnt matter wich form. if you must know i'd prefer the normal Jehuty or the ultimate form....Naked Jehuty. thnks in advance...
  14. Yui Sakura

    Mech Design - Back view

    Well this is my design for the mech i did a few days ago. Its just some concept art for mechmod ( Hope u like it.
  15. Yui Sakura

    Mech Concept

    Heya everyone Think this is my first time ive actually put something up here Its a concept of a mech for Mechmod, ( ^^) Hope u like Sorry for the file size. Its about 250kb or so.
  16. grOOvy

    A Mech related idea...

    Um, ok I am starting a mod with some friends of mine... and I am making this thread to ask the public's opinion. Note: This is not advertising as no links/information is given - this is just a public question, I am well versed in the forum rules. --- Ok here's the idea. Supposing there...
  17. A

    My edits!

    Instead of multipule edit threads, im gonna show/releae em all here.. Heres the first taste! GOnna uplaod in a bit, (got hw)
  18. B0Bmaster40000

    Mech Models!

    ive taken up a little project to make a full mech model replacement for the characters. I think its a cool idea, and i hope you guys like it. Here is a screenie of my WIP mech krillin. I still have to skin the mech part.
  19. A

    Megaman Model!

    Its to replace vegeta. We didnt do Megaman X, we kept it old school. Its for vegeta. its all animated,skin is done, except for the ears, wich aregoing to be re skinmapped :rolleyes: well.. maybe not.. And then shijing is gonna do sounds and sprites, while I do the trans :)
  20. A

    Shinobi's BACK!!!

    Thats right, me and Shijing are making Shinobi for beta 1.1 so he can use his sword. Heres his head. ANd BTW, Do you think spiderman would be a cool model. We can make his beams look like webs so he will be able to "Web" jump in 1.1 (Beamjump):laff:
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