1. L

    Need help with mdl animation

    hey there i have a little problem....i got a model which shall open itself but well........blender doesnt really do animations in 3ds files... so i have 2 3DS datas which i need in a mdl file and both shall do a animation.the first one shall turn itself around the other one. no big deal. so...
  2. Wolf

    QC File issues while trying to compile a mdl.

    Its been a pretty long time since i've attempted to compile my own mdl. I lack the SDK's from steam do to my internet, downloading 1gig would take me a few days and i'm under a monthly limit out here, so i'm having to do a QC from scratch and by hand. Anyways, I'm using GUIstudiomdl to compile a...
  3. EvolutionX

    MDL Viewer

    Hey guys. I need Half Life 2 Model Viewer, i try google but nothing.. so if you know how can i view .mdl files of half life 2 than tell me.. Thanks in forward.
  4. Zero12

    Something wrong with my esf

    Well i have a error when i start a server it says error couldn't not found models player evolution podium.mdl can someone help me:(.
  5. K

    Trouble with .mdl files

    Sorry if this was asked before, I searched the forum but didn't see anything that would help. I'm using esf 1.2.3 and ecx_rc2. I recently tried adding a SSj3 Brolly I found online, I've tried two copies of this btw. Both times I install all the files to Core\Plugins\CX...
  6. Otpidarp

    How to create an mdl file?

    how to create an mdl file :confused:
  7. KYnetiK

    Solents Aura .mdl

    Does anyone by chance have a copy of Solents custom aura for 1.2 that they could upload? Ive just bought a new PC and my backups arent complete >_< No luck finding a working link for Solents aura, and when I do its a munted WIP aura. Your help is much appreciated, cheers guys!
  8. KYnetiK

    Aura MDL 1.3 --> 1.2

    I was getting bored of Darksuns 1.2 aura, and thought about transplanting the aura from the open beta into 1.2. I simply copied the aura.mdl and aurabend.mdl from one /models to the other. After testing, i notice that the aura doesnt flip upside down when swooping. So after examining the mdl...
  9. I

    3ds to mdl

    How to complite in MilkShape 3D model from 3ds to mdl(smd) can someone giwe my tutorial of something ?? :P
  10. ciarkol

    3ds to mdl

    How to complite in MilkShape 3D model from 3ds to mdl(smd) can someone giwe my tutorial of something ?? :P
  11. T

    how to make mdl file?

    How using milkshape crate mdl file?
  12. Holmisen

    goten mdl

    i have loking but i dident foud any goten mdl. this site was one i found. and this its a good mdl but when i do any Sprites he looks so crap )? where ca i found a realy god...
  13. J-Dude

    How to import Half-Life .MDL files (3DSMax)

    Hello, I've been attempting to import Half Life (specifically ESF) .MDL files into 3DS Max simply for the fun of seeing the models in this form and their inner workings. So far I've found a plugin that imports HL2 models, but did not recognize the ESF models as valid, telling me that "Version 10...
  14. D

    .wrl to .mdl

    is there any one who knows how to decompile a wrl file to make it a mdl file? i want to use the transformation aura as my turbo aura thanx in advance greetz Diablo :devil:
  15. Mr. Phonso

    first low poly character mdl

    hi, this is my first ever low poly charecter model apart from the chess peice and monitor models i made, once again for this new model i followed a tutorial...(as i always do b4 i ask for help :rolleyes: ) so enjoy and C&C please!
  16. P

    How to get a model (mdl) into Milkshape

    Ok so I got the trial for 30 days, and I wanna make a preferrably goku/trans type model, and I need a good base to start with, but I have no clue on how to export something from .ms3d to .mdl or vice versa, I'm such a newb to modeling, but I want to learn
  17. Blademaster

    MDL error

    when ever i open an MDL file for ESF and all half life crap it always comes up with an error like this archive is ethier damaged or is an unknow format but for like jedi knight i can open them so.. do any of you ppl know how to fix it if you do plz post thanks:D
  18. U

    Turn sma into mdl

    Ok ive read the stickys so you can forget telling me that ;D because what im doing is litterly taking a piece of a model player and turning it into an object, I took scuba diver mld and deleted everything but the tank and tried to save it then it said I need bones so I made a join going fromt...
  19. P

    .smd into .mdl - help

    It is very simple question, but i don't know how to convert .smd file to .mdl! Please help me!
  20. J

    mdl import/export plugins?

    does anyone know where to find an mdl import (most important) or export plugin for 3ds max 6?? i cant find one with google, in the stickies or...anywhere...just wandering if anyone knows lol. thansk :)