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Mar 23, 2004
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A Naruto Spin off. It is the same time, same place, diffrent people, diffrent story. Enjoy. I posted here because there is a lot of fan fic fans and fight club fans here.

here is volume one and two of the story. Now be nice this is my first and second go at writing something like this :D

The Kunai flew out of the hidden leaf Nin's hands. As the sharpened blade struck the wooden roof next to the mystery shinobi, he leapt into the cold night air and screamed, "Kirigakure no Jutsu." Suddenly the quiet village turned battleground was covered in a thick fog, impenetrable to the human eye. "Mist concealment Technique, eh?" Koikaze, the leaf ninja, called to the mist. "For how long did you think the petty technique would hold me at bay?"
"Long enough," replied the mystery ninja.

Koikaze span around to the direction of the voice, only to see more mist. Koikaze could feel his heart beating in his chest. Fear had embraced his heart and this new fear wasn’t a kind mistress. As a small wave of panic flushed over his body, He realised that not only could he hear the sound of his heart beating but he could also hear the rhythmic beat of footsteps on roof tiles, moving away from him. Swallowing a large dose of courage, Koikaze sprang into action. His speed was almost unparalleled in the academy but even he had trouble catching this mystery shinobi. Seeing the silhouette of the mystery ninja ahead was an adrenaline boost that spurred him on. Koikaze pulled a conveniently placed shurikun out of his weapon pouch. He let the weapon fly. Slicing through the air it curved towards the target. The shurikun sliced the mystery shinobi just above the ear. Not enough of a hit to cause any real damage to him but just enough to make him hurt. As the ninja buckled slightly in pain Koikaze saw the bandanna like fore head protector slide off the mystery mans head.

As Koikaze took the next jump to get to the next roof he saw a charm placed neatly on his landing spot. The explosive sticker that just might lead to his downfall. While in the air Koikaze realised that the ninja never buckled over in pain but only feigned the injury to place the charm. Another Flush of warm panic flowed around his body. His short life flashed before his eyes, only 17 years old, a fresh Genin out of the academy. All is family and friends were each thought about in a matter of nanoseconds. After the initial wave of panic still burning in his mind Koikaze looked ahead to the better ninja only to see a smug smile. As soon as Koikaze's foot touched the next roof the charm started to burn. And an explosion could be heard through out the town…

Two days later, a groggy and somewhat pained boy awoke in a white room. Looking around Koikaze wondered where he was and if he was still alive. Convincing himself he was still alive he looked about the room, and at himself. He saw only minor burns and cuts all over his upper body. Turning to his right he saw a bunch of flowers with "get well soon, luv Misora" written on a card attached to the stalk. The rest of the room was relatively sterile. A nurse looked in through a window in the door and Koikaze could hear her shout, "Doctor Isha, come here please." A Dark haired woman walked into the room, with the cliched white coat and stethoscope Koikaze could only assume that she was the doctor. "Good morning, Koikaze. How are you feeling?" she asked.
"I've been better," He replied bluntly, obviously not in the mood for theatrics.
"Well, I'm Doctor Isha. I've been monitoring your recovery the last couple of days. I heard that you took a rather nasty fall. But luckily you only have relatively minor injures. The worst of which is a large cut across your eye, which is lucky your eye was closed or you may have lost it. And a rather large bruise and lacerations to your side."
Almost instinctively Koikaze touched his eye and felt large bandages above and below his eye; also he stroked his side which he found very tender to the touch.
"By my calculations we should have you out of here by tonight," She finished with a smile. "now if there is anything else I can do for you, just ask." Koikaze shook his head and she left the room.

Koikaze wandered alone out of the hospital doors. Then suddenly he was assaulted from nowhere. Still jumpy from the ordeal he nearly attacked back, but luckily he realised in time that it was his girl, Misora. Misora kissed him, Then asked, “Are you Alright?”
“Yeah pretty much”
“I saw where you took the fall, It’s pretty high. You look a lot better than I thought you would.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Dousatsu is looking for you.”
“Really? Where is he?”
“Um… I actually think he is at the park.”
“Okay I should go find him then. You wanna come?”
As they walked towards the park Misora slipped her arm around Koikaze’s side but he cringed in pain. She backed off and just held his hand.

Koikaze spotted Dousatsu from the distance sitting on a swing easily to small for him. Lying next to him was his trademark bow staff. With the two ends wrapped in kevlar he would light them on fire when in battle, Koikaze guessed that Dousatsu thought that the extra visibility was out weighted by the staff’s ability to inflict some burn damage. As Koikaze and Misora climbed the last steps onto the plateau that was the playground Dousatsu stood up and threw something to Koikaze. He reluctantly caught the object and then winced with pain, as his free arm was the one with the wound under it. Looking down at the object he realised what it was; The fore head protector of the hidden village of mist, a Shinobi village in the water country. “The Hokage wants to see us later tonight,” started Dousatsu.
“Oh, hello to you too Dou, how are you, me? I’m fine, just a little wounded.”
“Yeah hi, but yeah Tsunade-sama wants to see us at eight o’clock.”
“Okay, you think it’s about the other night?”
“Definitely, do you know what he wanted?”
“No, but when I saw him he ran so I followed, then he attacked me, so I knew something was down. But he got away so, I dunno what he wanted.”
“Okay. Do you wanna meet here first?”
“Yeah, At about quarter to eight?”
“Alright, I gotta go but I’ll catch you later.”
“For sure”
As Dousatsu Walked off Misora said, “I better go too, Should I come as well?”
“Yeah if you want”
“Awesome, I’ll see you later then,” She finished with a kiss on the cheek and ran off.
“Bye,” Koikaze almost whispered to only the wind.

Feeling better equipped for walking out at night than last time, Koikaze was laden with all his weapons. Dousatsu and Misora were already there when he climbed the stairs. Dousatsu already bored and throwing a rock up and down in the air. But then suddenly before any greetings could be made, a familiar silhouette pushed past Koikaze, sprinting. Koikaze yelled as he realised who the silhouette was and what he had in his hand, “Dou, He has the scroll of heaven!” As the warning was made Dousatsu threw the rock that was in his hand and tripped the Shinobi with an excellent throw to the ankle. Koikaze ran around the other side of the park to block his escape. And while drawing his katana said, “Remember me?”
“Yes, I think its time for some introductions. As you already know I’m from the Mist village, but do you know who I am? I’m Sorudo.”
“Ah, For once my reputation hasn’t proceeded me. But soon you Konoha Dog’s will know of my power, Mizu bunshin no jutsu”

As he finished 3 water clones appeared around Sorudo. Getting ready to fight Dousatsu pulled his bow staff off his back and layed it on the ground. Then yelled, “Katon te-kaji no Jutsu!” And as his hands lit on fire he touched each end of the modified bow staff. At the same time Koikaze bit his thumb drawing blood and wiped it down the blade of his katana then screamed, “Katon Kaji bure-do no jutsu!” And sprouting from the blood the blade of the katana caught on fire. Running in from both sides’ Dousatsu and Koikaze leapt into battle, slicing through the water clones, reducing them to steam. As all three of the water clones were destroyed in the fray, they turned their attention to the real Sorudo. But he just stood there and laughed as Koikaze sliced through him and reduced him to steam. “Another Clone…” The two Shinobi surveyed their surroundings and both looked at once at the silhouette in the distance. Just as they saw Sorudo he said in a passive but some how sadistic tone, “Don’t worry boys I still have a surprise for you.”
“Help… Me…” Misora’s voice was heard. Koikaze span around to see Misora held by a water clone with a kunai to the jugular. “Leave her out of this you sick bastard,” yelled Koikaze.
“Keep you head, Koi. I’ll take the one over there, you go save Misora,” whispered Dousatsu.

With the sounds of Dousatsu’s fight as background music, Koikaze walked forward, Katana tip dragging on the ground behind him, lighting the grass as he walked. And with a look of pure hatred in his eyes said, “Give her to me.”
“I suggest that if you want to ever see her again, you let me be.”
“No, Give her to me.”
“Come any closer, and I’ll kill her”
Koikaze stopped in his tracks and dropped his sword, which instantly stopped burning. But whispered under his breath, “Kontan kujiku fukyuu kurayami no justu.” His eyes turned totally black, all his chakara holes and chakara pathways began to glow red. He grabbed his hair as if to pull it out and fell to his knees. Tears began to roll down his cheeks and he stared at the sky and screamed a blood curdling daemonic scream. Misora started to sob; she knew what this meant. Koikaze looked directly at Sorudo, fear melted his heart and he started to tremble. “Wha... What’s this?” Sorudo asked, but his question fell on deaf ears. Koikaze’s teeth mutated into fangs and with another blood curdling scream Koikaze fell to the ground and slammed both his fists into the ground. The ground itself seemed to quake. Reaching for his sword Koikaze looked back up at Sorudo and said in a now raspy voice, “Give her to me.” Sorudo trembling dropped his kunai and Misora fell to the ground, all his wounds from the previous fight had closed over; leaving nothing but feint scars. Confidently Koikaze walked towards the now speechless Sorudo. As they came face to face Dousatsu flying through the air yelled, “Katon Housenka no jutsu.” And fired 3 flame balls at his version of Sorudo, only for him to evaporate into steam as the unquenchable fire hit the water. Dousatsu turned from the evaporating puddle of water to see Koikaze grab the cowering Sorudo by the throat. With a sudden rush of adrenaline Sorudo clawed Koikaze in the eye. Screaming and holding his eye, Koikaze lost his grip of Sorudo’s neck and his sword. The blinded beast which Koikaze had become writhed on the ground in pain. Sorudo smiling yet again pulled a kunai out. Then started to walk towards the injured man. As if sensing his movement Koikaze looked back at Sorudo with his blinded eye long enough for Sorudo to see it heal back over. “What are you?” Sorudo asked.
“Your Demise”

Koikaze reached for his sword. Using the blood running from his eye he wiped his sword across his face, licking it in a sadistic motion. Then whispered, “Katon Kaji bure-do no jutsu.” The sword burst into flames. Rolling to the left as Sorudo threw his kunai at Koikaze, he dodged the blades and started to run towards his enemy. Sorudo pulled a kunai and a short dagger out of their holsters. Koikaze jumped into the air and with a downward swipe motion assaulted Sorudo. Sorudo strafed out of the way. Koikaze’s burning sword was stuck in the ground, so Sorudo ran in for the attack. Using his stuck sword as a pivot, Koikaze tripped Sorudo over. As Koikaze stood up, he quickly and fluently pulled the burning sword out of the ground, stood over the stunned Sorudo and drove the blade through his heart, lighting Sorudo’s clothes on fire. With the death of Sorudo, Koikaze’s techniques faded away and then with a more human scream that was cut short he collapsed into unconsciousness. And along with the battle the flames subsided.

Yet again Koikaze awoke in a sterile room but this time with Dousatsu leaning back on the chair beside him. “So… you used it,” Dousatsu said.
“Used what? I can’t remember anything after seeing Misora grabbed by Sorudo.” Koikaze requestioned.
“Kontan kujiku fukyuu kurayami no justu,”
“Really? Was it cool?”
“To a certain extent, but I don’t think I’ll sleep properly for a while.”
“What happened? Wait, is Misora alright? And did we get the scroll of heaven? Did the Hokage say anything?”
“Misora’s fine, a little traumatised but she will be right. We got it back. And Tsunade was grateful that we kept the scroll of heaven out of the mist’s hands. And you, stay still. Apparently if you move too much you will be in a lot of pain. I’ll go get you some chow you must be pretty hungry, you’ve been out for days. Oh, and I’ll go get Misora.”
Dousatsu winked as he left the room, and left Koikaze alone with his thoughts.

Darkness surrounded Koikaze. Irrational fear strangled his heart. The only sound was his beating heart and his heavy breathing. The perpetual silence was broken. A single tear washed down his cheek as he could hear Misora’s screams coming from an unknown direction. He dropped to his knees and screamed, “Where are you! What do you want? if it’s me, let her go! Just let her go….” Falling further toward the ground he began to sob. Suddenly Misora’s screams stopped, they were replaced with a familiar laughter. Out of the shadows walked an impossible man. He was supposed to be dead. Sorudo looked through Koikaze’s eyes and embraced his soul with fear and hatred. Sorudo laughed, then pulled something from behind his back, Misora’s severed head. “No! You hiretsukan” Koikaze screamed. Tears started to stream down his cheeks. Calmly Sorudo said, “Look her blood is on your hands now.” Koikaze looked up from his weeping and saw his hands, covered in Misora’s blood.

Koikaze Screamed. Covered in cold sweat and actual tears running down his cheeks, he looked around franticly. Familiar scenery surrounded him, his bedroom. Taking in a deep breath he glanced down at his hands, there was no blood. Falling backwards, tears still streaming from his eyes, shaking and shivering as the hot sweat turned into an icy chill he whispered into the calm air, “Thank God.” Still shaking from his dream he quickly clothed himself, fear making him add his kunai and katana to his ensemble, and went for a walk. ‘It… It was so real,” he thought as he walked down the dark street. Running his fingers through his hair he leaned up against a fence and slid to the ground, sobbing. Lying in the gutter he stayed in his disturbed state till the sun began to rise. The warm rays slithering their way up his body, Koikaze was aroused out of his state of limbo and standing up he began to stumble home.

‘WATCH YOURSELF.’ read Koikaze’s wall. The message was menacingly carved into the wall, obviously by a closely abandoned kunai lying on the floor. His room was over turned. The window was smashed; broken glass lay almost hidden amongst the array of clothes that were spread over the floorboards. Scenes from his dream flashed past his eyes. His eyes began to drop and all he saw was Misora’s blood, stained on his hands. Fear ripped his eyes closed he tried to run from the vision. Cautiously reopening his eyes he looked at his hands again, only to find the blood had disappeared. Not entirely sure of what was real and what was part of the surreal, he began to walk to the Academy. When he reached the academy he saw Misora sitting on the swing. Seeing her, his heart lifted and he ran to her and held her in his arms. Taking a step backwards fear overtook his face and he dropped to his knee’s and started to sob. “Chikushou! Koi, Are you okay?” Dousatsu’s voice penetrated Koikaze’s sobbing. “Wha… Where… Am I?” Koikaze looked pained and disorientated. “Where’s Misora?”
“Probably at Home,” Dousatsu answered.
“Huh? She was just here, wasn’t She?
“Uh, no. Look we have a mission let’s go”
“Okay,” Koikaze reluctantly agreed. Dousatsu helped him up and they both started walking to go collect water for the well, a typical Genin task.


Feeling the fatigue from filling the well, Koikaze rested against the wall. As the sun went below the horizon, Koikaze was engulfed by the darkness. Starting to slowly walk home again his eyes began to deceive him in the darkness. Silhouette’s of daunting figures swiftly passed through alleys, across roofs and through gardens. Noises began to steal his attention. Paranoia began to set in. Then he noticed carved into the wall beside him ‘I’m here.’ Koikaze’s eyes began to dart around the alley. Walking a few steps forward he noticed another carved message. ‘Sorudo is back for revenge.’ “Sorudo?” Koikaze asked out loud. “Yes, Sorudo,” a familiar voice replied. Once again an impossible man walked out of the shadows. But this time producing no horror from behind his back. “No! You can’t be real. You’re dead. A hallucination.”
“Oh but I am,” Sorudo said as he grabbed Koikaze by the throat. “Is this touch not real? Is this pain not real? Are your fears not real? What defines real for you?” Sorudo increased the pressure on Koikaze’s neck. “Ahhhh! It has to be a Kontan kujiku fukyuu kurayami flash back it’s the only way! The only way!” Koikaze screamed. With a swift punch to the stomach Sorudo stoped Koikaze’s screams, going tense physically but limp in the eyes of Sorudo. The pain roared in his abdomen and blood trickled down his lip as he began to realise the difference between the real and surreal.

Quickly freeing his arms Koikaze crammed seals together and yelled, “Katon te-kaji no Jutsu” Hands bursting into flames, Koikaze roared and pushed his hands into Sorudo’s chest. Screaming as his flesh burnt and began to blister, Sorudo lost his grip on Koikaze. Gravity took a hold of Koikaze’s body and he hit the ground and recovered with a backward roll. Before Sorudo could regain balance after the searing pain Koikaze leapt at him and placed a clenched fist squarely into Sorudo’s solar plexus. Sorudo was thrown backwards into the alley wall. Recovering faster than Koikaze anticipated Sorudo leapt into the dark night sky and rained down kunai onto Koikaze. One kunai sliced right into his eye, passing right through to his frontal lobe, whilst others impacted with other parts of his body dealing nearly equal amounts of damage. Sorudo laughed as he stood sideways on the wall abusing chakara to fuse himself to the wall. Koikaze’s body hit the dust and exploded into a haze of smoke to reveal a garbage can lined with three exploding charms. “Kuso! A replication!” An Explosion of fire flooded the alley, spewing forth smoke in every direction. Barley able to protect himself a slightly charred Sorudo fell off the wall and on to the ground. As he recovered Sorudo rolled onto his back to see Koikaze fall from the sky, sword drawn. With no time to move Sorudo could do nothing as Koikaze’s sword penetrated his skin and re-wounded his chest. “This time I’m not going to pass out, this time I’ll make sure you die.” Koikaze spat. Sorudo’s breathing heightened and quickened. Koikaze just twisted the sword through his heart. Sorudo screamed, shuddered and lost control of his body. Koikaze left his sword in Sorudo’s chest and stood up. As he wiped the blood from his face his eyes closed for a brief moment only to reopen to see his sword stuck in the ground with no body to accompany it. Confused, he slowly began to piece together what had really happened, It was all in his mind. With the realisation of what had affected him a searing pain flooded into his mind. He dropped to his knees and screamed, “Get out of my head!” And along with the realisation of what had really happened the auto immune genjutsu caused by Kontan kujiku fukyuu kurayami was dispelled… He was free, till he slept again.
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Some of this is interesting. But, suggestions:

It's lacking detail. I don't know what -any- of the characters look like; remember that not everybody can see your characters.

The dialogue feels a bit rushed and also undetailed. Take time to describe tones of voice, and even minor movements of the face and body. It can add a lot.
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ok thanks for the tip... ill try and add more detail like that in my next one.

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