1. Otpidarp

    Silly situation, Please Help Me!

    Guys, its my bad luck that I forgot my Steam password. I made a new account and I wanted a new Half-Life CD from the shop. Unfortunateley, there wasn't any Half-Life CD left, but I did see a Counter-Strike CD. So, I just want to ask that will I be able to run ESF's final version using...
  2. Spunky

    CPU Survey

    If you'd like the opportunity to help ESF, please download CPU-Z, then save a report to this thread. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Download CPU-Z. 2. Install CPU-Z. 3. Run CPU-Z. 4. In the 'about' tab, click "Save Report (.TXT)". 5. Save the report somewhere easily accessible, like your...
  3. D

    Help skill

    Hi all.sorry when i combat online...a lot of people do a combo...and after.. catch me and put me i can do this?
  4. G

    fatal error with open beta 1.3 final

    FATAL ERROR with 1.3 final FATAL ERROR MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed. can someone explain? i played ESF 1.3 with bot , then fatal error is appear. how i to do ? i like to play ESF 1.3 with bot
  5. M

    How to trasform ssj?

    Help How i can trasform in ssj?? pls help!
  6. sub

    Human line 'nearly split in two' To sum the article up for those unwilling to read it, there was a period in time in which humans existed in isolated groups for a period of 50,000 to 100,000 years. During the late stone age, technological expansion and population...
  7. Rikmaru

    Beam Line Damageable

    if possible...make the hole beam line damageable =|
  8. L

    2008's line up of Super Heroes.

    Remake of HULK : Iron Man : Batman Begins Sequel : Which one are you looking forward to the most?
  9. M

    Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line

    Anyone gotten their hands on this yet? It was released about two weeks ago, its a (stand alone) mod for Freespace 2 based on BSG (the new series) Anyway since I'm a big fan of the show and space sims in general, I've been having fun with it, its only a demo, but has four campaign missions...
  10. T

    Story Line DBZ Offline

    How can I play the storyline from DBZ offline???
  11. T

    line effect for basic hits

    I think it would look really nice if we could add a special effect to basic melee hits. Heres a pic borrowed from another thread so u can get an idea. not sure how to post pic, but here is link to the thread 3rd pic down...
  12. Wolf Devil

    Walk the Line

    "You look like you're going to a funeral" "Maybe I am" Well, today I got to see this great movie. The minute I saw the previews for it in August right before seeing "The Brother's Grimm," I knew it would be a FANTASTIC movie. I had no real grasp of who Johnny Cash was, other than loved by...
  13. Arsenovicius

    what connection do i need to play esf on line?

    :laff: i have 1.2.2 and i whant to play it on ******* line! but ... i dont have :paper: adsl :paper: tell me thnx and vegeta rules
  14. KidMan

    Pick up line Thread!

    So the best and worst ones you know. hell just say some. Funniest one I know of is this: My love for you is like diaherra.... I just can't hold it in!
  15. S

    Story line?

    I seem to remember in the 1st ESF interview, the team were talking about possibly creating a story line to the game in the very distant future. What does everyone here think? Should there be a story line mode as well as a multiplayer mode and if so, what about a co-operative story line, eg. 2...
  16. R

    NEWERS sig - Critz! (I dont think this is over the line..)

    Alright... well my other one was denied because the women were to revealing ;/ :S :S ;/ So heres my new one, surely this one is okay? What do you think of it?
  17. Luca Blight

    Playing Off Line

    Is there a way to do this?? I mean, I've looked and maybe i'm not looking hard enough. But I read you can do this and I sure cant seem to find it. :scared:
  18. MinesSkylineR34

    Kenshin Indy...again

    better...? crits? EDIT: blended kenshin in a bit
  19. N

    [WIP] Sephiroth Skin (Nuttzy Base)

    My first skin using Nuttzys base model. i think i will use it as sephiroth.
  20. I


    i made this picutre in paint... to me it sux but its just to give yall an idea of what one of the main characters would look like in the manga im coming out with... I can do 100xs better than this in photoshop.. to bad i dont have it anymore