1. BankaiHyrainmaru

    Steam and half life 1 downloads

    Where do I download Half Life 1 and Steam?
  2. Prozac

    Forcing AA in half life modications

    Does anyone happen to know how to do this? So far I've not gotten this to work. (or even know if it's possible to begin with)
  3. SG_SSJ!

    Can somebody give me Half Life?

    Well... my mother dosen't has a credit card so because off that i can't play esf... can you give me half life pls? (my steam acount is songokussj470)
  4. R

    Half Life engine or specifically Half Life

    Greetings, so I've decided to take a shot at ESF and was wondering which version of Half Life do I need to play it? Being the cheap bastard that I am I'd like to know if I could play ESF with Half Life - Blue Shift which costs only 4 euros instead of Half Life which costs 8?
  5. B

    Pet Peeves / things that happen in your daily life that piss you off

    So, I was bored at work today, like I am everyday, and I was like "hmm, I should make a post on the ESF forums so people can post what pisses them off" so i did. Now post. For me, most of the things happen at work. Here are a few things I can't stand: 1. When customers in drive thru have a lit...
  6. N

    Dbz for life??

    Well I was just wondering what u guys will do after finishing esf 1.3? Will u start making esf 1.4 or something? Will u guys continue to make mods on dbz or try something else? Like pokemon, justice league, x-men or may be harry potter.
  7. T

    crash problem with Half life

    Ok well i installed Cs16 v35 digital zone.. and then i installed esfb123.. And i played spawned bots,etc.. and then i felt like installing the exc and bigpack 8.4.. so then i installed them both.. got on.. played around as i was playing about to go ssj4.. on goku the dragon came,etc, and i...
  8. G

    Can i play Esf open beta final without Half life 1 on steam ?

    hello! . I have an problem... i cant get half life... i havent the posibility to buy it... and i'm whodering.... if i can play with a regulary half life on valve.. (not steam).. I tried before to install esf.. and i succeded ...finally;but after i chosed the map i added a bot and i started...
  9. Killerx20

    ESF mod INSIDE Half Life

    How would I go about putting all the characters or just one character inside of Half Life to say play as Vegeta and go through the single player story of Half Life? And to have all the attacks and being able to power up and such.. Not just changing my player model. Any help will be much...
  10. Tsunami

    What's your life in 4 clicks?

    Clicky clicky! I am an itchy midget who likes to smell coke junkies.
  11. Z

    Will ESf work on Half life 2

    I was just wondering does EsF work on HL2?:-/
  12. D

    My Life Update (from an old esf staff member)

    Hello everyone! It's been such a long time since I've visited the site and I still can't believe this mod is going strong. I use to be apart of the team back in the day....probably a good 6-7 years ago. The mod has really improved since I've last seen it and I just can't believe how much of a...
  13. S

    I bought Half life for this!

    xD, Gotta love it, not very much ECX users though, i'd like to test some of it's content =/
  14. Killface

    Ducks LIKE water? My whole life is a lie!
  15. B

    Half Life 1

    By Half Life 1 do u mean just straight up Half Life 1 or can it be:Counter Strike,Counter Strike Condition Zero,Counter Strike Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.I dont have Half Life 1 but I have those.I have seen other mods that say Half Life 2 and I have Counter Strike Source and it would work.Can...
  16. K

    half life 1

    i have the first half life 1( non steam) i brought it a few years a go i tried to play it but it don't work so my friend in school said to ask the people can i barrow their steam account so i can down load so i came to ask i wont steal account im no noob PS:i dident torrent down load...
  17. D

    Esf half life 2 mod

    Hi all just woundering if anyone knows about ESF doing a half life 2 mod as that would be very cool as people using steam these days tend to be purchasing for HL2 and CSS as they have great mods like Insurgency ??
  18. N

    Half life two (Sorry if its allready been suggested)

    Is it possible to make this compatable with HL2? Because i'm a HUGE fan of dragonball, and the other series, I just feel a little bad that i can't play this because i don't have Half Life As it said in title sorry if its been suggested.
  19. SS4 Gogeta

    Mars methane discovery hints at presence of life
  20. J-Dude

    Crysis vs Half Life 2

    I got a copy of Crysis for Christmas this year, and just finished the game last night and have decided to reflect on it a little. Crysis played a lot differently than most games I've seen, to both it's benefit and detriment, though usually more to it's benefit. It let you choose your own...