crash problem with Half life

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Oct 17, 2009
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Ok well i installed Cs16 v35 digital zone.. and then i installed esfb123..

And i played spawned bots,etc.. and then i felt like installing the exc and bigpack 8.4.. so then i installed them both.. got on.. played around as i was playing about to go ssj4.. on goku the dragon came,etc, and i went to fly for the cell's game arena boom then i "crashed". and then i didnt feel like waiting for it to load again.. so i went to bed, and got back up.. then i tryed to play and when it was loading cell's game night.. it crashs, when it loads up some.. it crashs =[.... so can any 1 help??..

and also i reinstalled it and still same, but im doing this again. but this time im reinstalling the hole thing to see if it works.. but still help me..

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